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If you could host a NASCAR race at any track other than any current track on schedule. Where would it be. Name 5 tracks:

1. South Boston

2. Kern County Speedway

3. Five Flags Speedway

4. Tulare Thunder Bowl---let's see them navigate the dip going into turn 1

5. Williams Grove Speedway----Martinsville on Dirt

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1. Kern County would be awesome. I think it was built with hosting the trucks in mind after Mesa Marin went away.

2. Five Flags would be great too. I saw the ARCA series there and it was a good ahow.

3. Any of the 1-mile dirt tracks still in existence.

4. Oswego NY - fast place lnown for Super Modifieds and Asphalt Mods. I think the heavy cars could get around there pretty well too

5. Hickory - bring an old track back in the fold.


Honorable Mention - Trucks at SAS

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WHAT ???? Nobody mentioned Circuit of the Americas ???? HA HA HA HA HA !!! Can you believe that guy had the audacity to blame the poor attendance at his F-1 race on the scheduling of the F-1 race in Mexico City right after HIS race last year? If not for him and his poor treatment of Tavo there would be no F-1 race in Mexico City !!!

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