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  1. Well, HT, you know the old saying about hammers. "If you can't fix it with a hammer, You need a bigger hammer." Happy belated birthday. Had one of those myself a couple weeks ago.
  2. 1951 Langhorne National Open

    Great idea PA. If we can't watch or attend racing right now, lets watch some good vintage racing. Any of you who have been on here long have probably seen it. I've posted it here before. But it's some classic stuff. I first met Jud when I was 6 years old. He and his brother (our next door neighbor) stopped by with a race car to get my dad to make some timing adjustments on the car. That night my dad took me to the first race I can remember attending, as we watched Jud win the feature at Oak Hill Downs just southwest of Austin. In this video, Jud drives Foyt's sprint car in a USAC race some years later. Enjoy.
  3. Hey BB and H'T. Thanks for posting. Don't let your guard down. I think it is way too early to start opening things up. Now even the med professionals are warning against what could come next fall. Remember the 1918 H1N1 flu virus came in three waves, killing 675,000 Americans. It may lay low during the summer, then come roaring back. It was still around through 1919. Stay safe!
  4. RUSS Robert Mullins ROMCO

    I just want to say thank you to Robert for his Romco Super Late Model Series. Robert, you put on some incredible shows for us. Thanks so much. I as a fan followed your series all over the state. I'm sitting here with my Romco SLM cap on even as I type this.
  5. VIRUS

    Got a call from my son little bit ago. He's a director at KEYETV42. Travis and Williamson counties going on lock-down as of this morning whatever that means. We are already on lockdown at my place as far as I'm concerned. Burnet and Llano counties out here by me currently have one confirmed case each. Currently 86 Travis, 14 Williamson.
  6. VIRUS

    We're good, at least for now. Here's something to think about. How many door handles do you touch in a day's time? How many other people have touched that same door handle before you arrived? How long, if ever has it been since that door handle was sanitized? How about the steering wheel of your car or truck? The gear shift lever, the turn signal lever, the brake release? Have you sanitized any of those? Think about it. Trust me, it's going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better.
  7. And so it begins

    all it takes is one ------- and then they go back home and take it with them and the sh#t spreads exponentially. ------ and that doesn't even include what they leave behind for the locals to deal with.
  8. Found this the other day

    Here ya go -----> https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/1918-pandemic-h1n1.html
  9. Found this the other day

    I like it that we can get on here and poke a little good natured fun at one another every now and then. Me and my good friend, 'ol H/T have been at it with each other on here for years. Right now though, maybe we all need to pause and take a little closer look at what is going on around us. I get the feeling there are quite a lot of people out there who are not taking the threat seriously enough. Let's take a look at what happened in our world in 1918. Then, as now there was no vaccine for a particularly pesky little flu virus that was going around. The problem is there is no one left who remembers what happened. It COULD happen here again! I came across this last night on the net. It will be in my next post. Take a look.
  10. And so it begins

    Just remember H/T and BB, the briefer your bikini at the beach be, the greater your chance of exposure be.
  11. not racing related

    Apparently far more people are flocking to Texas than most of us realize. I know when we built this place up here in Burnet County 15 years ago our next door neighbor down the road and his wife were California refugees. Ironically, he turned out to be Kevin Harvick's cousin.
  12. not racing related

    My Inference from her remarks, HT is of all the people she'd seen this morning, I was the first who actually IS from Texas.
  13. not racing related

    THE SCARIEST THING I'VE HEARD LATELY ………………. This morning I spent 2 1/2 hours waiting simply to renew my drivers license in Marble Falls. Finally, my number was called out and I went to the designated Licensing Clerk. I handed her the filled out form, my expiring license and my Pass Port. She looked at the documents for a moment, looked up at me and said, "Oh , you're from Texas!"
  14. daytona

    As one driver once said, and sorry I don't remember who it was, he said "We've got Daytona behind us. Now the REAL season can begin." Lot of truth in that statement.