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  2. STS Season Opener

    Link to Official Results: http://www.southtxspeedway.com/profile/schedule/results.aspx?r=376812&rt=sch
  3. STS Season Opener

    Factory Stock Feature Winner 21G Steve Grantz
  4. STS Season Opener

    Factory Stock Feature Top 5 1. 21G Steve Grantz 2. 55 Monty Chamberlain 3. 13 Johnny Johnson 4. 21R Eric Ramos 5. 21B EJ Gilpin
  5. STS Season Opener

    Grantz and Chamberlain pull away. Johnson holding off Gilpin and Ramos.
  6. STS Season Opener

    Temple spins on the restart. Grantz inherits the lead followed by Chamberlain, Johnson, Gilpin and Leonard leading the way 12 down.
  7. STS Season Opener

    Top 4 separating as there is an intense battle for 5th with Johnson, Leonard, Ramos, Gilpin and Aguirre all there. Up front, Hessong using the high side to get 2ns but top 4 nose to tail halfway. Hessong breaks now entering 1 and coming to a stop in 2. Temple, Grantz, Chamberlain, Johnson and Gilpin top 5 just past halfway.
  8. STS Season Opener

    Caution out for Carlucci as he slows down the front stretch. Temple, Grantz, Hessong, Chamberlain and Ramos back into the top 5.
  9. Appears to be a very well built safe car. Unfortunately , as good as the car looks its not what they are looking for on asphalt in Texas( late model bodies) That's why I left asphalt to race dirt.
  10. STS Season Opener

    Temple and Grantz take off but Hessong and Carlucci power through the field and Chamberlain settles into 5th after getting stuck on the outside. Caution out for Gordon's spin in 4. Trying to work in the fluid from Dear's car.
  11. STS Season Opener

    Temple with a great start but will have to do it again as Rachui rolls to a stop on the backstretch. 1 complete so Temple will lead Grantz, Chamberlain, Ramos and Dear to the green.
  12. STS Season Opener

    Factory Stock Feature Lineup 99 21G 55 21R 15D 747 25R 13 4 34 9C 7 113 21B 47 29 35 741
  13. STS Season Opener

    Sport Mod Feature Winner 91 Craig Oakes
  14. STS Season Opener

    Sport Mod Feature Top 5 1. 91 Craig Oakes 2. 96 Jared Maupin 3. 101 Tanner Whitmire 4. 03 GW Hessong 5. 5R Ray Doyon Awesome run for Whitmire from transfering from B Main and those top 2 physical but good.
  15. STS Season Opener

    Whitmire up to 5th and Hessong catching the leaders. Top 3 putting on a show.
  16. STS Season Opener

    8 laps remaining on the restart.
  17. STS Season Opener

    E. Oakes finally settles into the lead then breaks going into 3 and 4. C. Oakes, Maupin, Doyon, Beaver, and Hessong top 5.
  18. STS Season Opener

    Scary moment for N. Oakes as he launches over Laven and the infield tractor tire but able to keep it going to safely pull off. Meanwhile, Craig and Edward Oakes have spent the entirety of this green flag run side by side. Maupin right on their bumper halfway. Doyon hanging on to 4th and Beaver leads the second group in 5th.
  19. STS Season Opener

    Jennings dead in the water on the restart and the field piles in behind him. Relatively minor damage all things considered. They're taking time to get the Lineup realigned as cars were all over turn 4. Looks like C. Oakes, E. Oakes, Doyon, Hessong, and Torres is who they have at the front right now.
  20. STS Season Opener

    Jennings leads the way after our first caution followed by C. Oakes, E. Oakes, Doyon and Hessong.
  21. STS Season Opener

    Sport Mod Feature Lineup 91 26 66 5R 14 53 77R 03 96 3G 000 184 90 12R 148 BD1 30K 28M 15 21 33JP BD2 5K
  22. STS Season Opener

    Pure Stock Feature Winner 127 Jerry Walters
  23. STS Season Opener

    Pure Stock Feature Results 1. 127 Jerry Walters 2. 88 Steven Whiteaker III 3. 71 Shane Sturtz 4. 7 Brandon Skinner 5. 88E Emma Hendricks 6. 66 Shawn Carpenter 7. 07 Frank Sanchez 8. 39 John Wayne Wilson 9. 18R Chris Vincent 10. 510 Carl Buchanan
  24. STS Season Opener

    Wilson and Buchanan come together hard on the backstretch, Wilson pulls off. Walters, Sturtz, Whiteaker, Skinner and Hendricks top 5.
  25. STS Season Opener

    Walters and Wilson nose to tail and separating, Sturtz alone in 3rd, Whiteaker 4th and Hendricks 5th.
  26. STS Season Opener

    Complete restart as Whiteaker spins to a stop in 4.
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