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  1. Starting to see improvements

    Rodney looking from the street maybe the overgrown grass and cement plant in the parking lot may make it look bad but its not as it seems . When the harbor bridge is complete the concrete plant will be gone and area cleaned up . I go to the track several times a week and I can tell you that it wouldn't take anything but a little bit of clean up and time to be a raceable track . People paint their own picture looking from the fence . Don't get me wrong there would be work yo do but the track and facility is not a "junkyard" .
  2. Super stocks @ HMP

    I agree with Hunter and we have been wanting to race with the CTS rules if we can get back to real SS cars . As long as rules and work schedule allow we would be there . #28 Monroe Motorsports
  3. Starting to see improvements

    Hitech I wasn't saying Richards post was negative I was simply stating that the track is not almost gone as he posted all he had to do was look around the dirt piles and concrete trucks and see its all still there but you didn't have the capacity to see what I was trying to say !!! You know my number if you want to discuss anything else As Far as people having passion for the track well I grew up there just like many people and would love to see it open and pits full of cars and stands full of fans waiting for some of the best car racing I have been part of but for the moment we all have to wait .
  4. Starting to see improvements

    Richard Ford I WAS talking about your post ! Ok your post says " looks like its almost gone " but from what I see and look at its still all there ..... You must be the guy that doesn't look around the tree to see the lake ... you just assume because you only see a creek that the lake is almost gone but its just out of site . JMO lol Richard My parents started taking me to CC Speedway when I was a baby and I had the opportunity to race there for many yrs and I hope one day to be able to race there again one day . If not I'll sit in the stands and watch the next generation of drivers race .
  5. Starting to see improvements

    Richard Ford what is almost gone ? The only thing that has changed is that the parking lot and part of the pit area are being leased by the company doing the concrete work for the new harbor bridge . The track , concession area , restrooms , stands and so on still remain and are more than useable .
  6. Lets have some fun

    San Antonio CC Speedway CTS Five Flags Rockingham
  7. Tech

    Glad to hear tracks are doing good tech .... a long time coming
  8. Results?

    Damn Let people enjoy Easter
  9. Mel that's the car we picked up from Miltons yrs ago and cut the cage out of and built a CC Speedway street stock . A lot of yrs on that cage
  10. Corpus Christi Speedway on the auction block

    John you are correct . My dad started taking me to the track when I was about a yr old and I have only missed a year or two from then on . CC will always be my favorite track and if there comes an opportunity to race there again I will be there to help get the track ready and get my old ass in a car to race too . I have made great friends and some enemies out there but that's what makes it fun too .
  11. Corpus Christi Speedway on the auction block

    NO Sir I am not !!!! I just gave my opinion on what I have seen over the last three years being around the track a LOT . At the same time Cody you and I talked and you know its not easy to run a track/series without car count .
  12. Corpus Christi Speedway on the auction block

    John you are correct ....They own it and can do with it as they please . If a driver lets his car sit and not race it does he owe the track owner an explanation ? NO its his car ..so it works the same for tracks . John if more racers were like you and supported the track it would probably still be open but I have seen the lack of cars in all classes and wouldn't open up and spend money only to have very low car count . JMO
  13. Corpus Christi Speedway on the auction block

    I'm at the track with the new owners .. Dan and Kandy Monroe
  14. Corpus Christi Speedway on the auction block

    Nick I know Taxmans identity has nothing to do with the facts as they were days ago but things change . I was just stating how Taxman makes up a name to hide his identity instead of using his real name . He has a lot of opinions of what Kandys motives are ..... maybe just maybe someone made a mistake and corrected it too ... JMO But it doesn't matter any how because the track is owned by the Monroes and will be after tomorrow too.