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  1. so youre saying theres a chance?<sarcasm>

  2. so youre saying theres a chance?<sarcasm>

    Theres no place like home theres no place like . THANKS looks like a nice track
  3. so youre saying theres a chance?<sarcasm>

    so where is that track.
  4. Races cancelled May 1

    just load up the kitty litter ...
  5. Races cancelled May 1

    Dang weather two racenights in a roll canceled here .. . maybe we should sneak a race in with out mother nature knowing about it ..call it practice ,.. missed races last week with correct parts not showing up .. now every track is on our list .... even abilene is not out of the question we want to race ..
  6. WITH TRACKS FINALY WORKING TOGETHER AS MUCH AS THEY CAN THAT HELPS ALL .. . it would help us out alot if someone some where could keep this rain awaytill monday .. sun shines on weekends the track isnt racing and on the weekends we want to race ... this would be two in a row . not what the track needs to start the season .. ..... no rain out no rain out no rain out ..
  7. I-37 Speedway updates 4/24/21

    HAD A COUPLE OF TEAM MATES IN A FOUR CAR TEAM .. i built three cars the same way as close as you can get them .. set them up just like my car we had the same motors i built them .. and the other two kept telling me i didnt give them what i have and funny they helped with everything .. so one of them kept it up till i told him you race my car next week and ill race yours .i smoked him that night racing his car .that shut him up ..he went no faster in my car ... just never know what goes 0n behind closed doors with nascar teams .. its known a new driver will get the try this new stuff ..
  8. I-37 Speedway updates 4/24/21

    i already tried that .it didnt work out ,,even tried to be rick rapp . that didnt work out also .. so i figured just trying to be me I WASNT SO BAD i won races i could handle a car . i didnt wreck others maybe moved a few ..i never wrecked my own cars ..i could not afford to .handme down parts was all i could afford and made them work alot of time .. ONE driver who battled everynight came over to my car wondering if i had another carb .a big race that night and i broke off every bell housing bolt except for one .. i was going to run one lap and pull off so i offered him my carb ... we changed them out my junk for his he didnt realize it was one of his junks he gave me i made it work .. .well i didnt pull off after the first lap car was running so good with his carb i finished the race 3rd i passed him with his carb he didnt like but he liked mine . so we traded ..so you never know
  9. I-37 Speedway updates 4/24/21

    well we had a little issue with one cylinder going on the run ..and not in the motor . ,could have raced it but unless everyone pulled a plug wire we would have been just a tad slow ...wet track would have been great for that .. ordered parts early enough to make both nights at i37 . GOOD PART NUMBER BUT RING MAKER DECIDED THEY WOULD SEND THICK RINGS no memmo from them on the change .. that took us out of the weekend show .boy those drivers lucked out lol ..wasnt fun sitting home we looked forward for those two nights .. as for me personaly behind the wheel only in my truck and its slow ..just like me .. but but if you have a car and want me to drive it .i will .. Drive it i said the racing part would have to come later ..
  10. I-37 Speedway updates 4/24/21

    i think reb is getting realy skinny nick .. HE HAS BEEN MAIL BOX WATCHING FOR YEARS . looking for that check that no one has sent yet .. POOR MAN IS STARVING .
  11. I-37 Weekend Preview- Johnny Torres

    THANKS BUT ARE U REALLY TALKING ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE ..LOL you must be old TO REMEMBER ME ....EITHER I WAS PURTY GOOD AT IT OR EVERYONE AROUND JUST SUCKED .. ID SAY THE LATTER ..its still fun for the most part still alot of work and i say work because the older you get the less your body lets you do . so its work just to get the body to do something i dont think i could ever walk away .and i have tried every winter to walk away .that last for a short time ..
  12. I-37 Weekend Preview- Johnny Torres

    BACK at the first practice they had jesse made me get in the car first i knowing i am not going to do any justice in the 7 car .. but just a feel for things i may find .. the tech man stuck his head in the window telling i could not go out on the track i wasnt the driver .lol .. johnny looked through windshield and said just a warning the car ahead of you is 100 percent rookie first time out .... i looked at him and said so am i .. i had never taken a lap on that track ever in that car or any car .. i think that was the slowest i have ever been on a track i did no justice i think the tech man said something to jesse about just how sad i looked .lol .. jesse said watch him at sts .. ... 28 years or so out of a car with just a few races or practice here and there a racer it wont make me .. i still have the drive i still know what i am looking for i can tell if its the car that crazy or me i still know if i could just get a few million more practice laps and half that behind the wheel in a race i make do something good .. .. i havent lost the drive to win just the drive to keep it between the lines safely .. .you really never know just how hard it really is to be good on a track once you climb back into one after all this time .. and on dirt at that .. these drivers racing as hard as they can have me beat by a mile alot is going on in that car .. .. i think what johnny is doing will trun out great for dirt track racing .. he may be a racer and most dont turn out good managers of tracks but he seems to have the best in mind and does not use its my way or the highway attitude or even show his dislike for someone he does not really care for . a good promoter lets that all go .s i hope him good luck .and sadly we wont make the friday race little issue with getting right parts for our motor . but if things work out saturday night we might be on fire for us THAT IS 8 CYLINDERS FIREING OFF .. this week we could only talk 7 into wanting to race one went to canada for a vacation i guess ...
  13. bowman

    BEEN ALONg time i stood up and screamed get out of the way .. i sitting watching the boring race knowing one of those two ahead was going to win .. i thought if they could get a yellow bowman would have a chance ... worked out ,, he races silently just like terry did he is not flamboyant just like terry wasnt .. he just goes out and does what he can and when its time to show up he does .. i am not looking for another terry but you cant help noticeing it ..
  14. No Luck in Corpus

    . least we got some laps in last night .. KEPT hoping it would sneak past us .....
  15. CBS Sport Compact Race April 10

    i am a fan now .. i saw two racers giving thier all . i didnt see anyone trying to take the other out that race would not have lasted that long ... those are the best races . boyfriend girlfriend so what .if you are a racer you race hard no matter who is around you .. i never gave my brother any slack and if i was racing my son he would not get any either ..i am there to race and win if i can .. that person racing me is just another racer i have to beat .... i like their attitude . we dont want to take one another out . but cant just sit back because of it .. looks like two drivers with a good future ahead of them ..the thing about those cars they race it teaches u to slow down and find a way to get that little extra knowing those cars are not designed for that ..that will go along way in thier future ..