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  1. so youre saying theres a chance?<sarcasm>

    If it can be done in Kansas, it can be done in Texas. Just wait until Nick wins the Mega Million lottery.
  2. Races cancelled May 1

    Maybe we could try Darrell Waltrip's vortex theory?
  3. IMCA - Stock Car

    That's one good looking car. Someone needs to snatch it up for this season.
  4. GCRS at Houston winners

    I don't think it's so much that they want you to quit, I think it's more they haven't matured enough to keep their emotions in check. I have not one problem of someone coming up to me after the race and talk about it. To be out on the track with a 3400 lb. weapon and intentionally take you out is just something a child would do. Racers need to be mature enough to keep it together on the track and mature enough to discuss it in the pits. After you're in the pits and you still have a disagreement then a mutual decision to fight is okay with me.
  5. I-37 Weekend Preview- Johnny Torres

    I've watched you race many of times at Corpus Christi Speedway. You held your own pretty well.
  6. GCRS at Houston winners

    Crap like this is one reason I quit. If you're not mature enough to keep your emotions in check you shouldn't be behind the wheel.
  7. bristol

    Very well said Mike.
  8. bristol

    I think we'll be able to gauge today on how it will look. I saw parts of the first practice and part of the second. NASCAR should have an idea how it's going to go with the cars having been on the track and should make track preparations to adjust. At least I hope they do.

    I remember Charlie St. John. "Let's talk about the weather"!!

    Congrats to Allen. I really like the way explains the weather. He makes it where even an old fogey like me can understand.
  11. If I am mistaken about the owners comments then I apologize. It just seems to me in a post on Lonestar Speed Zone that the owner had said he was going to reopen and not sell. At my age I cannot recall everything as clear as an 18 year old.
  12. I agree. Especially on more than one occasion when the owner said he would not sell it. Even appeared to be angry that someone would say that.
  13. Well, there goes my hopes of it ever opening back up. I hope the seller got a pretty penny for it and a clear heart and soul.
  14. Mark Chrudimsky photo

    I recall him racing at Corpus Christi Speedway. He seemed to be giving Greg Carlucci Sr. a hard time. I was amazed he was that young then.