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  1. HOT May 7th

    After a few weeks of weather setbacks, the forecast looks great for Friday Night Under the Lights at Historic Heart o' Texas Speedway. Regular racing program and a Demo Derby!
  2. Looks like Texas race fans have it good again

    All of these dirt tracks are in great hands. Pretty exciting to see this happening around here and I think it will only get better.
  3. Revved Up Mon 5/3 6p

    Feel free to check in! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVAJ_r4QFQSZK2DDXLFJuCw
  4. HOT rained out 4/16/21

    Good rain Thursday and more to come today have forced officials to cancel Friday night at HOT. Bak at it next Friday!
  5. CBS Sport Compact Race April 10

    The Sport Compact race produce a finish that has gone viral. Dylan Kowalik and Taylor Stewart who happen to date had a finish that was wild. They talked with Revved Up Tuesday here is the video and their thoughts.
  6. GCRS at Houston winners

    I am all for great rivalries, we need more of them. But senseless tearing up of equipment is not needed don't care about the division. Want to wreck people, find a demo derby.
  7. GCRS at Houston winners

    Weather attempted to spoil the fun but as it was put Denise May looking from above cleared the sky and dried the 3/8 mile Houston Motorsports Park as the Gulf Coast Racing Series launched 2021 in front of a great and energetic crowd. Race Winners: Eco Stock: 76 Will Planter NASKARTS: 23 Corey o' Donnell Lone Star Legacy: 73 Drew Simental NASCAR Super Stock Stock: 00 Beau Bukowski NASCAR Outlaws: 7 Chris Schild NASCAR Pro Modifieds: 21 Jason Marshall NASCAR GCRS Trucks: 48 Jake Wright GCRS is back at HMP May 29th for Texas pavement racing action. GCRS brings Mobile Int'l Speedway back to life with race day on May 1st. First GCRS 2021 Truck Tour race is the HMP event on May 29th.
  8. Pics of Corpus Christi Speedway being torn down

    FF to about 30 minutes in Greg Carlucci Jr joined Tuesday.
  9. Houston Motorsports Park 11620 N Lake Houston Pkwy 77044 c'mon out and see us should be a fun night of racing.
  10. bristol

    Of all times was ready for the 11 to lay the bumper on the 22 but he didn't. Hell he had a built in excuse with the dust.
  11. bristol

    My thought is keep this car as "the dirt car". Develop it and make it better. No need to waste the equipt since they have them Ain't no way that new car could do this lol
  12. bristol

    That was a good one for sure. See what happens next.
  13. bristol

    Guys cmon this track is not a dirt track. You haul all this sawdust, unnative dirt in it will not cooperate when laid on this surface. Eldora would have been a great choice hell even CBS, Texana, STS, 37 at this point in a flood happening there but they cannot sustain what all is in this mix. When Cup rolls in it's much more than the track itself. The windshield? These are not dirt cars, these are what this series races. Why not a regular dirt windshield? Take a look at all of that stuff sitting on a dash and under it on a cup car and truck I do that think having that covered in dust and mud is conducive to the cause. That shit is worth way more on one car that I (and most of you) earn in a year. This is not a dirt series did you see what the King Petty said? Give is time, Mother Nature remains Undefeated.