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  1. Top Hat Signs and Designs Night

    From a spectator point of view it was a great night of racing. Lots of three and some four wide racing. 130+ cars and around 30 karts ! TRP delivered once again!
  2. I can handle pictures and videos of the demise of the tracks I grew up with. You can always refer back to them and relive the memories. What I find hard is actually going to the location. I was in San Antonio for a meeting few years back and had 4 other co-workers with me. It was the first time I'd been back to San Antonio since SAS closed. After a day and a half of exciting sales meeting my co-workers couldn't wait to get back home but I had to stop by SAS on the way back. I parked by the pit gate and was surprised by the waves of emotion by what I saw. Memories were rapid firing through my brain to the point one of the guys had to shake me out of it.I get a funny feeling going past the CTS site even though I didn't go there much. When word came that CCS was getting torn down I won't go by there at least not now although I am only 7 miles from it. I rather remember the way it was for me for all those years than a pile of rubble or a wrecking yard.
  3. Announcers beware

    If only more would stand up to the "woke" crowd. I'll leave it at that.
  4. Announcers beware

    Iowa race track fires PA announcer after rant against 'folks' with 'darker-toned skin color' (msn.com)
  5. Announcers beware

    Racetrack Fires Announcer Who Told U.S. Anthem Protestors to 'Find A Different Country' (msn.com)
  6. eric

    SRX sure was fun to watch. I see Marco Andretti getting out of Indy cars and into stock cars soon. Also that Francis kid was impressive.
  7. eric

    No penalty to Kyle Busch for bumping pace car at New Hampshire (msn.com)
  8. eric

    I didn't watch the race but listening to the broadcast on youtube Hamlin said it was raining from the start of the race. Busch should not of hit the pace car and should be punished. But NASCAR needs to revisit rain procedures. COTA should had been called much earlier and looks like they waited too long on this one.
  9. Camping World NHRA Drag Racing Leaving Houston Raceway Park (msn.com)
  10. Thanks Texas Teams

    Thank you!
  11. Thanks Texas Teams

  12. Strangest Things in NASCAR

    One of my favorite strange NASCAR event was Juan Pablo Montoya running into the jet drier during a yellow.
  13. larson

    Larson is simply the best thing going , right now. I bet the dirt guys are glad to be rid of him. Hats off to Hendrick for getting him back to NASCAR.
  14. The SRX Race

    Deegan was a last second replacement for Tony Kanaan as well. Bestwick is a great announcer. They all are really good now especially since DW is gone.
  15. Just saw on southtxspeedway.com the June 26 date has been cancelled.