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  1. $1333 Showdown

    I forgot to mention a large 22 car E-Mod field. Class put on a good show and there are several female racers and many 18 and under that do a great job. Hats off to the E-Mod class!
  2. $1333 Showdown

    Great racing and a well run show at STS ! Track was fast and racy both nights so hats off for track prep. Always good to see Whitmire win. He and Maupin put a ton of distance on the rest of the field. Factory Stock , as always, never fails to put on great racing. Great job by Temple staying cool after losing the lead to Torres and racing back to the win in the closing laps. The best part is they raced hard and clean which to me is much better than shoving one out of the way. Great job by the STS staff , all the drivers and race teams!
  3. so youre saying theres a chance?<sarcasm>

    I-70 Speedway Hosting Open House on Sunday, April 18 – I-70 MOTORSPORTS PARK (i70motorsportspark.com) That track looked fast for the WoO.
  4. From STS Facebook the speedway has cancelled the races for May 1 due to heavy rain forecasted for the weekend. Opening night is FRIDAY May 7 with the 1333 Throwdown Sat May 8. Also the STS race is off the schedule for May 15.It should be noted I-37 Speedway in Pleasanton dropped their May 8 race to not conflict with STS weekend and STS dropped their May 15th date and gave it to I-37 for giving up their May 8 date. I know on this site for many years it was bemoaned that tracks could not or would not work together. Standing O to Johnny Torres and Steven Whiteaker Jr. for getting it done.
  5. After reading about races around Texas and seeing what the South Texas tracks have shown Texas race fans have many great tracks and racers to choose from .Tracks have already delivered some great events. I-37 and Texana here in South Texas had good shows and great crowds and South Texas Speedway will surely deliver their opening night May 1. So race fans find your closest track as your home track and check area tracks schedules for special events you can travel to. You won't be disappointed!
  6. I-37 rained out for tonight, April 23....

    They are racing tonight 4/24. I believe races start at 6PM . Kart track decision will be made at 1 if they run or not.
  7. GCRS at Houston winners

    Thankfully that doesn't happen as much as it used to.
  8. fun .

    Ah yes , the ticket lady! I love the atmosphere at TRP. So laid back , relaxing and fun.
  9. fun .

    You are right about how the trimmings are done at TRP. No fly can get at them. The racing was entertaining and pretty physical. Tell you what the racing for positions 6-10 in the Sportmod feature was one of the most intense racing I'd seen! Battled the whole 20 laps like they were racing for the thousand. The Factory Stocks were great all night, heats and feature. This class is the best class of the night more often than not at most tracks. Good car counts , great show. Great job Texana Raceway Park!
  10. Schedule change

    Yes it is. Should bring a lot of Sportmods and Factory Stocks. Hope to see Faulkner.
  11. bristol

    (14) [HD] Tony Stewart Funny Post-Race Interview Talladega 2012 - YouTube I really miss this guy
  12. bristol

    When 24nomo said gimmick one popped in my head . Have a competition yellow with 15 laps to go at every race. That would make the race to the checkered exciting every race and give all the wrecking , noise , metal crunching and sparks anyone could handle. And you would never know who would survive , uh , win!
  13. Schedule change

    Just saw on STS Facebook page they are not racing on April 3.
  14. bristol

    And they will be doing it again next year.