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Corpus Christi Speedway on the auction block


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241 Flato Rd, Corpus Christi TX 78405-4204

Sale Type:
Sale Date: 1/3/17 10:00 AM
Account Number: 7430-0004-0020
Assessed Value: $712,770.00
Est. Minimum Bid: $31,330.44
Status: Scheduled for Auction
Sale Information
Sale Number: 10
Book Number:
Writ Number:
Cause Number: 2015DCV-4793-E
Court Number: 148
Judgment Date: 8/26/16
Legal Description: ROBLEX INDUSTRIAL AREA BK 4B, 19.86 ACS more...
Property Type: REAL PROPERTY
Class Code: F1
School District: West Oso ISD
Struck Off Amount:
Struck Off Date:
Sale Notes: No notes available
Additional County Info
Sale Location: at the South Door, 901 Leopard Street of the Courthouse of the said County, in the City of Corpus Christi, Texas
Sales are typically scheduled for: 10:00 AM
Notice of Sale will typically be posted on or in: Corpus Christi Caller-Times
Payment must be made by: cashier's check or money order
Payee: For more information, contact the officer conducting the sale.
Bidder Registration: For more information, contact the officer conducting the sale.


Wow !!!!!

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well back taxes I think is the min bid ..sad deal contrary to one might think I have known dan for well over 40 plus years and yes have had our push and pulls . I have always been friends regardless ..hate for this to happen .cc has been a very large part of the mccains life going back to the early 60s . hope it stays a race track .

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No, but I hope somebody with good intentions does. Given the super inflated value that the Nueces County Appraisal District has it assessed at, I'd imagine its on the radar for several groups.

If someone wants this property, do not let it go to auction. I suggest they contact Monroe and an Attorney TODAY. You can have it pulled. And the Tax Office may offer a payment plan.

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That's true, Sam. We have no clue. All we can do is report what seems official - and the tax lien and published auction notification seems pretty official to me.


But if you have insider information, I'd be more than happy to post for you.



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