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  1. Busy year but it should be fun at 4 awesome tracks.
  2. Tyler would be in a lot better shape in the points if he wouldn't have had to set the night out the night before.
  3. Good choice, but I'm sure it was a tough choice to make. Congratulation Owen it is good to see your hard work recognized.
  4. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    Yellow line rule needs to go away or put it into play at all tracks.

    Seating and who owns it.
  6. NASCAR race at Cota

    COTA is OK but CUP on dirt it's Bristol baby.
  7. Big paydays at TRP this Sunday, Sept 6

    What a night last night 198 cars in the pits and an awesome fan count.
  8. Shady oaks speedway

    He has all the exotic animals next door.
  9. http://dcrst.net/results.html
  10. Best South Texas Racing Action May 30 2020 Pro Division # 57b Dawson Fisher Sportsmen Division #00 Waylon Scheidt # 22c Couy Moore #555 Brian Benedict # 57 Dawson Fisher
  11. well is

    Fixed an oil leak on one car and started them both up. We can only hope to get back to some form of normal.
  12. Thank You

    Thanks go out to the crew at Texana Raceway park for a fast track for practice last night.The place looked amazing Owen Pittman said the help has come from everywhere and he was working on more improvements last night. Looking forward to the season.