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  1. COTA

    This was the most incredible event, not only in motor sports, but any even, that I have ever attended in my life. The place was sparkling, well attended and just simply amazing.
  2. bristol

    Yes sir Mr Rod, noone could have run on that track yesterday. WIndshields or not, it was too muddy. Could you imagine the drivers getting slimed without a windshield? That was not a solution at all. You are correct, these are cup cars and trucks. Removing the windshield would require doing something with the ECU system which is vital to these cars. Then do something different to the cooling and air ducts. At some point, it is not a cup car any longer. The had already run dirt cars during the week. This was the attraction, running cup cars on dirt. The idea just did not get cooperation from mother nature. Nascar put a lot of time, effort and money into this. It is not over, there is time for this to at least be a good show.
  3. bristol

    Whiteaker is a very solid driver. I doubt he has a PR guy, but that is who gets the recognition, the guys with PR guys. Most of the time, the Press will only write negative press on a driver so they can get some hits on their page/site. They dont report much about good old boys just racing. I know the guys with Billions of dollars requested this Bristol Dirt fiasco, I hope they learned their lesson. There could have been racing on the pavement yesterday. When there is that much money on the line attached to television, dirt is not the answer. Unreliable, dusty and muddy. And why Bristol?
  4. Stealing Toyota Tim's Theme

    Holy Moly, what a finish at the Xfinity race at Phoenix. Lets see what today brings, more of the same? Lets hope so, this is awesome to watch. The texas guy even finished 7th. Great run
  5. If stock cars had evolved would we be better off?

    I understand a lot of what you are saying, but 4 doors? OUCH, that is like dating a fat girl man. Trust me, everyone knows the old muscle car look that are on the road today with modern technology, the Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers, etc. I am just not for that much change, just like i do not like boys going into the bathrooms with girls. You gotta draw the line somewhere
  6. But the Nascar life is so much more than the 3-4 hour race. You get in your RV that you bought from Camping World, load up the family, the dogs and the grill, head to the venue on Thursday. Set up in the camp ground, grill some burgers, drink some beer, watch the races, load back up on Monday and come home. It is a 4 or 5 day event that you can do as many time a year as you want. I would rather do that than go to any dirt race, but to each his own. Dirt is not my deal, but enjoy it while I enjoy the other
  7. Yes it sure does. The money will not end for Nascar, it just goes up and down. The money ends for me and you when they bury us. They money is for the people after us.
  8. Yes, it does sound stupid, but that is what it is. The TV deal is about $8,000,000,000 (8 bbbbbbbiiiiillion). The tracks get 65% of that, 25% goes to the purses and Nascar gets 10%. The deal goes for 3 more years. With todays business model, they may be the next Netflix. That is how the market is now, that is how to reach fans. It may be stupid, but billions of dollars pay bills. Who knows, maybe they will give these dirt tracks money to show their factory stocks.
  9. Nascar is stepping up to the plate. Marcus Lemonis is certainly doing his part and is giving back to the racers and crews. His Sponsorship has netted him big time and he is giving back. Who said we need fans in the stands? Things are booming man
  10. Nascar

    Marcus Lemonis stepped up to the plate again. This guy is a blessing
  11. Daytona Road Race Ending

    Awesome, remain at the dirt track where you feel right at home. Leave the upscale Nascar to me
  12. Nascar

    Marcus Lemonis and his Camping World, has grown to be one of Nascars largest supporter. He is helping left and right and even was pimping for help for Texas over the past few days. He solicited vendors for water and also helped Grant Enfingers sponsor, (Champion Generator) out by ordering an ungodly number of Generators to be delivered to his stores in Texas. This may help Grant sell more races since he is only scheduled to run a partial season. In addition to countless added cash prizes for crew members, he also helped Kyle Busch establish distribution of his Rowdy Energy drink at all of his Camping World Stores. This guy can pimp products man, he is a genius
  13. Daytona Road Race Ending

    Yea, he runs well used parts. Hopefully some of this new blood coming in may acquire a few of his charters. Things are booming in Nascar, no need in running garbage cars. The show is for TV, they look good, but pure junk
  14. hello

    The price gougers are out there because there are too many people that do not plan for the worst. Most everything was readily available prior to this very predictable blizzard that blew in. We were good to go for a couple of weeks without Elect or water. We were lucky enough to help many neighbors 9for free) who didnt plan well. Water and firewood were at a Premium later. The huge cases of baby wipes were also very popular.
  15. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    99% of the cup drivers bring money to the table. The only question is who did not? We were drunk back in the day and believed talent was the ticket. Who cares if it is Daddy's money or XYZ corp money? Bring the cash., It is good for the sport