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  1. Too Many Rules

    That's one of the best ideas I've heard so far! Give that man a trophy!
  2. TWS- Sad

    It breaks my heart to see that, I have so many great memories of that place both as a driver and a spectator
  3. Talladega

    I don't, I'm too busy watching good racing or working on my own car
  4. Talladega

    If the racing is good, you don't need all those bells and whistles
  5. Any new info?

    Just call it a safer barrier, that way you won't have to use the N word lol
  6. There's no way they would let Lemons run there.............that would be cool though.
  7. Aug 17th will be a sad day in motorsports

    Man I miss Speedvision!
  8. Dan Weldon

    RIP Dan............
  9. Texas race tracks ?

    There is also Eagles Canyon, Motorsports Ranch in Cresson and Houston, and Texas Motor Speedway has the road course that the SCCA still uses.
  10. Practice

    I plan on being out there this saturday. Anyone else?
  11. SoundRacer V-8

    I'm gettin one for my smart car!!
  12. Naskarts Questions

    A complete kart ready to race costs about $3000 to $4000. The tires we run are spec as of last year, the Maxxis HG3, cost less than 200 dollars a set and will last you several races and still be fairly competitive. We run 110 race fuel, which I usually buy at the track. You can rebuild an engine for a few hundred bucks, and a new engine (Honda GX270) will cost around 1500 to 2000. The nice thing about the karts is that you don't need a big expensive trailer or hauler. Some guys just use a pick up. The chassis are not offset, they are the same chassis that alot of indoor kart tracks use. We do run Some road courses. We will be racing at the kart track in Katy this year as well. I believe if you come out to kyle and turn a few laps, that you will get hooked, they are alot fun.

    I'll take a large. Thanks mike.
  14. Does anyone need a GS270 head

    Hey frank, what is your number? I still need to get a helicoil. Your in leander right? Robert #27 Naskart
  15. Does anyone need a GS270 head