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  1. I think it may also say a lot about the current promoters we have now at these tracks. I have only been to Cotton Bowl so far this year. But it is a first class facility and it is run very very well.
  2. Unofficial HMP results, 4/3/2021

    Hope they had a big crowd. It's a nice place. I bet it was looking good in the springtime.
  3. GCRS at Houston winners

    Yeah I am not sure what really went on. I had to leave town for work and wasn't able to make it. So unless I read it on here I have no idea what really happened. But I have seen plenty of it in the past there. But sometimes they get sent to the back of the field. With that choose cone they use there a guy can sometimes work his way back to the front pretty quick though.
  4. GCRS at Houston winners

    I was wondering how things went. I wasn't able to make it, and don't do the bookface deal to know what is going on there. Sometimes you can end the punting in the pits though
  5. Friday night was a fun night. And when the 17 moved up the track it was all over with. Nobody really followed him. The 49 and the 83 stayed down to the middle and bottom while the 17 was hauling the mail up on the cushion.
  6. It was a good night last night. When the 17 moved up off the bottom he immediately took off and went to the front. Something happened after the race as well. I hope they are ok.
  7. In my point of view, you are missing the trade off. The things that you would like to do to bring in a younger fan base, i.e newer style cars with current technology. Would be great for that younger generation. But for guys my age, 55, I could watch it due to the fact that I am a race fan first, but it certainly is not my preference. So guys your age, which is younger, you grew up with that style of car and technology, you can work on them, and I am sure it comes natural to you because you grew up with electronic devises. Guys like me wouldn't be able to find the button to turn the computer on. That matters to people. The front wheel drive eco stock class that you see at HMP and at these dirt tracks now are fun to watch, but I can assure you that is not what drew me to that event. I hope to be at the World of Outlaws race at Cotton Bowl in a couple of weeks. Tell me how that class has not only survived, but thrived year after year after year? There has been some evolution, but it is largely the same as it was many years ago. There is a balance out there that works. Some tracks find it, many others don't.
  8. ARCA Daytona

    Congratulations, has to be a proud moment for you and your family.
  9. hello

    I am in the Houston area, and it’s been rough here as well. Long stretches without power. But this to shall pass. Hoping for good weather for the World of Outlaws show at Cotton Bowl next weekend.
  10. Seasons Greetings

    I to hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. And also grateful for this site. My social media presence is very limited. I get the majority of racing info from right here.
  11. Five Flags

    Thanks, I think maybe the last 20 laps or so he dropped of pretty good. Or maybe he was in that last lap mele.
  12. Five Flags

    The scoring tower won last night, we'll see if the tech shed wins today. I didn't see where Ryan finished, he ran around the 5th or 6th spot for most of the race but I think he may have faded at the end.
  13. Five Flags

    They just sent Nasse to the rear for turning Pollard