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  1. Bristol Dirt Nationals

    Hadn’t seen it mentioned it so I’ll do it; the Bristol Dirt Nationals are running live all week on the racexr.com streaming service. I downloaded their app (onto my TV, can watch it on pretty much anything) and am watching the 10th 13 car IMCA Stock Car heat race of the night live. It’s $39.00 for a month (re-occurring if you don’t cancel) and their tech support is excellent. The racing is pretty amazing; I expected it to be a mess but these racers and track staff have it dialed in. They’re running 3&4 wide and the late models are getting ready to go; well worth the price.
  2. Pics of Corpus Christi Speedway being torn down

    Support your local dirt track; travel to the only asphalt track currently running.
  3. If stock cars had evolved would we be better off?

    "Sorry guys but the biggest reason why it won't work is because all of these cars are sheetmetal. None of them have frames on any strength anymore. Yes, you can roadrace them because they don't condone contact and contact is inherent to circle track." Most modern cars aren't much different than a Camaro; a unibody with a front stub. I know a few people that have circle track raced full unibody cars without issue. It's certainly a different deal but not a deal breaker. "IMHO, you want to fix Sat night racing, body the cars to appear modern. I can't think of anyone young or old, that doesn't prefer the sound of a V8 over anything else. Second, each class needs its own look. Hate to say it but when Super Stocks look like late models, it's confusing to the uneducated." The cars I'm talking about are all V8 powered and this would be a great way to maintain a true differentiation between classes. "Cost containment is the issue, tires are too high, shocks are insane and crate motors are always under question, pit passes are tough while payouts haven't kept up with rising costs of racing. " I agree completely and that's the point of this to a large degree. People are buying professionally built Hobby Stocks, thats insane. Stock cars in local classes need to be coming from wrecking yards not chassis shops.
  4. If stock cars had evolved would we be better off?

    Second gen Camaro's are unibody with a subframe, most modern cars are exactly the same. I knew a guy that raced a Lincoln Mark VIII (Unibody with no subframe) with no issues, we can get around that I think.
  5. If stock cars had evolved would we be better off?

    This is what I'm talking about...in the 90's guys where running G-bodies but for the most part stock car racing never advanced past that. As soon as carbs went away most guys just threw their hands up and said "thats it I'll keep my 80 MonteCarlo" but guys my age have zero issues tuning and working on these modern cars so why not try them? When CTS was running strong a buddy of mine decided he wanted something different and built a Lincoln Mark VIII. The car ran as a Grand Stock and with a 264 CID DOHC V8 kept up with the other cars and won a feature or two. There is no reason the modern cars couldn't have advanced alongside the older cars they just didn't
  6. If stock cars had evolved would we be better off?

    I'm talking more about stock car specifically; RWD Sedans ranging from CUP to local Hobby Stock level cars and what they represent in relation to modern street cars. I grant that younger people are more into other things but THAT is what I'm speaking to. If local short tracks where running cars kids had grown up with maybe kids would be more interested in Stock Car racing than instagram?
  7. If stock cars had evolved would we be better off?

    Halo classes tend to have less to do with street cars than maximum performance; Outlaws, Top Fuel, F1, etc. I'm talking more specifically about stock cars and what they represent. I guess the question is would stock car racing specifically be better of if divisions from NASCAR down to bombers had kept advancing with RWD Sedans vs what we have now? As far as tuning the cars and keeping them running my shop works on everything from '29 Chevrolets to 2021 Porsches, I'm as comfortable with a Quadrajet drilling idle bypass holes as I am dialing in idle air flow with a laptop and HPTuners so I can speak to that more than most. I don't think there's as much difference there as one would think. Most guys work with specialists to setup their cars; suspension guys, carb guys, etc; a modern car would be no different and I don't think it would be inherently more complicated.
  8. So backstory; sending my daily driver truck for paint work and I needed a beater to get around town in while it was gone. My requirements where 4 doors, RWD, V8 (or a really good V6), sporty, reliable, new/nice enough my wife would drive it and cheap. I had $3-4k to spend because again this was just a temp car. My list of possibilities? Q45, M45, M35, LS400, LS430, 550i, E430, Crown Vic, TownCar, Marquis, Caprice (LT1 Era), Charger, Chrysler 300, 1st gen CTS-V (they can be had in that range if you look), V6 CTS, STS and some cars I’m sure I’m forgetting. I ended up with an 80k mile, 05 STS V8 with zero real needs for less than my budget. I like it so much I bought another ‘08 with more options but a bad motor and I’m building a Northstar V8 with some performance parts for it. These cars are incredibly cheap to buy, ridiculously cheap to modify and can reliably make as much power as a healthy 350/351/360. So why are we limited to guys racing 35 year old cars no one under the age of 25 has ever seen on the street? With so many options why did we stop advancing with the evolution of what the public is driving? How hard would it really be to form a class where the requirements are must be fuel injected from the factory, must be 4 doors and can not be a “performance model” (no V series caddies, no AMGs, no Ms, etc). The average 35 year old Mechanic (my age) is much more comfortable with a laptop tuning injector rates than a screw driver dialing in a 500 Holley. I think it would be much easier to get younger people into circle track racing if they gave a damn about the cars on the track. What am I missing here?
  9. Any update on the racing facility in n NW San Antonio

    That persons exists and so does the business model; it has to be someone willing to look past what the past offered. The fact that Texas is building club level kart tracks, building/expanding world class road courses (more road courses have been built and upgraded in TX in the last decade than any other kind of track and they are the most expensive to build/operate) and tracks like I37 are thriving is a sign that racing isn’t dead but rather that specific ways of doing it are. The days of a paved circle track running 3 classes every Saturday night and being a viable business are gone. The days of fans paying to see 13-14 G-Bodies chase each other around a half mile track are gone. I will tell you part of the reason SAS sits right now is that it was proven very difficult logistically to pave the infield (which would allow for much more varied kinds of racing). With the right mayor and city council, the right money and the right vision SAS would be viable; tracks much worse off and in much worse locations have been brought back...but a track that integrated road racing, AutoX, drifting, RallyX and events (think Christmas Lights, Concerts, scholastic competitions) into its initial design would be much easier to make viable.
  10. Any update on the racing facility in n NW San Antonio

    Sounds like a lot of fun! I get the feeling my generation may have missed the golden age of that kind of racing; going to support our local dirt tracks and try some road racing coming up to see how that shakes out.
  11. Any update on the racing facility in n NW San Antonio

    No offense taken at all; I’ve learned you’re typically pretty much spot on with your assessments. The foundation of these projects is difficult; investors say “see what kind of support is out there and we can make educated plans from there” but as soon as you reach out the person who is doing the reaching is on the hook so to speak. As you well know there’s a ton of time to invest in these projects and it’s easy to get drawn into spending a almost uncountable hours on them. My oldest is starting in a kart this year I picked up a TAG kart for myself so my days of having time to chase after asphalt circle track dreams is limited...I’m going to focus on using what we have an enjoying the packed dirt tracks.
  12. Any update on the racing facility in n NW San Antonio

    Misunderstanding, Reb wasn't referring to me or the ACM project...Apparently Shelma from that Scam had a "James"... Whoops! Thanks.
  13. Any update on the racing facility in n NW San Antonio

    The previous owner of ACM had every intent, the will and the money to back up the projects he was working on before he passed.