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    Actually a year but not keeping score. No boss, no schedule, no timeline, NO MONEY 💰
  2. COTA

    I feel the same way 100%

    Fix the barn and paint it, Fix the gate to the pasture and paint it, Re-concrete or asphalt layover the driveway, trim trees in back half of pasture so they can be mowed under, remove ALL thorn trees and underbrush. Is that enough? Good thing I'm retired
  4. From "Ridiculous Rides"

    Interesting craftsmanship and car builds, please give the video a look as you'll be surprised (as I was) I Build Tiny Cars Out Of Old Fridges RIDICULOUS RIDES 1.mp4
  5. Happy Birthday!

    Man Nick, you are brutal!!!!! Happy Birthday my friend!!!
  6. He did really well (like top 5) at Kansas until that restart pushed him back...John Nemechek almost wrecked him plowing through up the middle
  7. If you're interested, watch the dirt removal LIVE on this link. They've already moved about half of it looks like....View Mon-Fri Daytime https://share.earthcam.net/bristolmotorspeedway/bristol_speedway_project/bristol_motor_speedway/live
  8. I-37 Speedway updates 4/24/21

    Thanks Nick and Hi-tech for your usual honest answers, I appreciate your experience and knowledge. How many more want to “share experiences “ along this line?
  9. It appears that 25 years ago the fans lost their collective rockers https://youtu.be/4bkXM_TzUB8 https://youtu.be/ICi3kIzSIZg https://twitter.com/nascarman_rr/status/1167213445017739264?s=10
  10. I-37 Speedway updates 4/24/21

    Back in the early 70's when I started racing that was how it was (and probably now too) . People in racing are always helping out a fellow driver with a part and I've even had welding done at the track by competitors ....that's what the "racing family" does for one another. Probably why its my favorite sport. Question for Nick: Do competing teams help each other out at the NASCAR level like they do at a local track? Please answer and elaborate on it if you will. Thx
  11. I-37 Speedway updates 4/24/21

    Just pretend you are Slick Yoemans in the Red 24 Thunderbird.......you’ll be fine Hi-Tech
  12. I-37 Speedway updates 4/24/21

    I enjoy Rebs reports and read them all. What I'd like to know is when I'll see Mr Hi Techs car in a race at I-37?
  13. GCRS at Houston winners

    Radical: I agree with you 100%
  14. GCRS at Houston winners

    I'm with you Mr Hi-Tech.....Drama is one thing and there's always plenty of it to go around at every race and every track. Fighting is entirely another and that's not why I go see a race. Racing isn't about who can beat up another person(s) with a tire iron or whatever is handiest to use. Its about the car that crosses the finish line first
  15. I’m glad you liked the video and recalled some good memories from it Hi-Tech