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  1. Announcers beware

    Since I'm retired and in no fear of retaliation from employers, I find it MUCH easier to speak my mind ...gotta be careful nowadays
  2. Me too but I'm much more at ease with it now than in the past.....I guess I'm older now and can handle it better
  3. Hi Tech, the next time you drive by there snap some pictures of it and post them.....please!!
  4. Lost Speedways Season two trailer

    I think this is from 1987, not 1997 as title shows...good times here it appears
  5. Announcers beware

    I read this earlier today on Reddit and the post had been removed by Twitter. Good for the announcer for standing up for being an American 🇺🇸. I guess this racetrack doesn’t say a prayer before the race either, heaven forbid (pun intended) . I fondly remember our own Nick Holt giving prayers before races and they were great and heartfelt too.
  6. Current list of TX Race Tracks?

    I ran at both Yello Belly and the speedway next door that was at that time called "Thunderdrome Speedway" (not Thunderdome) in 1973. Both places were wild wild west even back then. I can still see the spectators at Yello Belly with big stacks of one dollar bills betting on each race . Probably with 20's today
  7. Lost Speedways Season two trailer

    I noticed it too but I got no comment . I think Nicks barbershop has been closed since March of 2020 due to Covid so I’m holding to that theory. I can’t believe Nick hasn’t chimed in to justify this observation
  8. Lost Speedways Season two trailer

    I went to TWS in I think 92-93 after it reopened. A Japanese group bought it and made a $6m investment in it. Chump change today. One thing I remember is that they repaved it. The first race was an ARCA race that Eddie Bierswhale (botched spelling) won sponsored by Splitfire Sparkplugs. I recall kesilowskis dad (bob) ran a good race until he broke in a Chrysler. HC Bailey in the 36 Heinz catsup car was there too. Finished well too. Top 5? The second race was a Winston West race won by Darrell Waltrip. Big rainstorm after and took 3 hrs to exit parking lot, if not mistaken TIDA ran a late model race prior to both races on the road course consecutive years. Many good memories there, I still have that left at least LOL 😂
  9. eric

    They’ve been making some really bad calls lately. The fiasco at COTA running in the rain and now this deal. At the start of the race you could see water droplets on the car cam. You’re running slicks, how’s that gonna work? You have spotters NASCAR, what for if they don’t tell you the conditions? IMO I’m thinking NASCAR gave KB a free pass due to their lack of a decision to stop the race
  10. Wildest Trailer Race

    I thought so too! Glad you found it entertaining as I did
  11. eric

    I have no faith in them either Hi-Tech
  12. eric

    I read some scuttlebutt today about parking him a race, loss of chase points and a huge fine. For someone who allegedly makes $17M a year, that’s pretty unprofessional. Tuesday is the day it’ll all become clear. Let’s see what he gets
  13. Wildest Trailer Race

    I've never seen anything in my life like this. Much respect to whoever cleaned this up after the race. Nice to see a packed grandstand too.
  14. eric

    I watched the entire race and the "wrecks in the rain" at the start was insane but I can't get past Kyle Busch running into the back of the pace car with his window net down. At least when they interviewed him he had the good sense not to mouth off and chose his words (very little said) wisely. I as well was happy to see Eric win as well. He drove smart, hard, tough, and deserved it.
  15. Jet Powered Amish Buggy

    Any comments on this one? It would be neat if it went faster but a jet powered engine? Why even bother?