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  1. The SRX Race

  2. https://apple.news/A8nDSM3BDTXu760wcGAmpTg
  3. time

    I concur. The annual Snowball Derby is almost always the best asphalt Super Late Model show of the season! I've seen three so far ... and they all produced first-rate entertainment!
  4. time

    "**** Your Feelings" ... "No More Bullshit" ... "Make The Liberals Cry Again"... This was the collective intellect y'all tossed in our faces for four frigin' years! How about you tRUMP republicans cry us Biden democrats a frigin' RIVER! Take a seat and try to take notes. It's our turn to dig us out of this GD nightmare... (Sorry Nick, Nuff is Enuff.)
  5. time

    I'm pleased for everyone in America today. It doesn't matter who you voted for now, we are all Americans. Let's unite once again and focus only on the future. Our kids (and their kids) are depending on all of us!
  6. time

    No, we're the lucky one's on the other side!
  7. time

    OUR votes will dictate the outcome of this election! His law dogs can (and will) argue the final results, but in the end, OUR votes will matter & will be counted. He can keep barking all night @ the moon ... but that ain't gonna change reality here in America! Stay patient & keep the faith y'all. It looks we might learn the outcome today?
  8. time

    What Biden said is ... he would stop giving money to the oil industry, rather than close it down entirely: “We’re not going to get rid of fossil fuels, said Biden. We’re going to get rid of subsidies for fossil fuels.” I have no problem with that. We should be investing in alternative forms of energy. That helps create a cleaner environment and additional energy resources. That's what our futures will need in order to survive.
  9. time

    I voted two weeks ago for genuine leadership in America ... because the last four years has been nothing but a nightmare!
  10. Fans in the Stands?

    I'm watching the F1 race this morning from Portugal and notice the stands look fairly full of fans. That's the first time I've seen that amount of attendance at any sporting venue since pandemic restrictions were enacted. So it made me wonder if the area speedway's here in Texas are allowing 100% facility attendance ... or are they still restricted to 50% (or less) attendance like other local entertainment venues are?
  11. Hailie is one quick chick behind the wheel. At first she was too aggressive. Now she's learned to temper her game with a balance of patience and aggression. NASCAR viewership will increase if she can deliver the goods. I wish her the best.
  12. Congrats sir. And yes ... continued appreciation to Nick for providing us with this long-standing format!
  13. 10/4. It might fit our hauling needs? Tx!