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  1. Race car trailer

    That's a good looking trailer
  2. No registration fees for cars coming from tracks that got rained out.
  3. GCRS at Houston winners

    Alright Guys let's drop this. Everyone has an opinion on driving styles. Let's not start an argument.
  4. GCRS at Houston winners

    bump and run is part of short track racing. Also drivers misjudge the move. none of this on the first action demand a fight. if you are racing and looking for a to fight you need to find a different hobby.
  5. CBS Sport Compact Race April 10

    it was a great finish
  6. bowman

    he drove a great race. I was also Happy to see him win.
  7. 04/02/2021 Mitchell Clement picked up his second TOMS Touring Outlaw Modified Series feature win of the season at Heart O Texas Speedway Mitchell Clement, No. 32, was the TOMS Modified feature winner. By Don Cook Blogginisracin.com Heart O Texas Speedway (Elm, Mott, TX) April 2 (Friday) Heart O Texas Speedway, in Elm Mott, TX, hosted the TOMS Touring Outlaw Modified Series! A solid field of twenty-four Modifieds were in the pits. Along with the TOMS Touring Outlaw Modified Series, were the IMCA Southern SportMods, IMCA Stock Cars, Outlaw Street Stocks, Factory Stocks, and Jr. Limiteds. Next Friday, April 9, HOT will host the Gordon Woolley Classic featuring the Elite Non-Wing Sprint Cars! Check out all the exciting racing action from Friday night below! TOMS Modified $1,500 Feature Winner: Mitchell Clement, No. 32, from Bonham, TX, picked up his second TOMS Touring Outlaw Modified Series feature win this season! Mitchell won at Southern Oklahoma Speedway two weeks ago. Wesley Veal, Chris Morris, Cody Simpson, and Derek Scott Jr., top five. Hardy Henderson, Wendall Bolden, Chris Huckeba, Rowdy Day, and Colby Smith, top ten. Josh Landers, Troy Landers, Kevin Rutherford, Bo day, Jim Knight, Skip O'Neal, Ryan Veal, Wayne Melton, Shawn Gammage, Chris Gallien, Cody Leonard Mike Dillard, William Gould, and Casey Huggins, rounded out the field. Twenty-four cars started the feature. Vesley Veal, No. 11x, had a solid second. Chris Morris, No. 94, had a strong run for third. Troy Taylor, No. 56, TOMS Modified that recently had a complete makeover after nine years! TOMS Touring Outlaw Modified Series next race is Saturday, April 10, at Grayson County Speedway, Bells, TX. More info, go to: www.touringmods.com To view a video of the TOMS Modified feature, click below: Sport Mod Feature Winner: James Hanusch, No. 777, had a big night! This was thee first of two feature wins! Brandon Geurin, G.W. Egbert IV, Damon Hammond, and Taylor Florio, top five. David Lege, Chris Cogburn, James Guyton, Pat McGuire, and Gage Fuller, top ten. Toby Grissom, Mitchell Dabney, Jason Hubbert Sr., Billy Gould Jr., Chris Kilgore, and John Rodriguez, rounded out the field. Fifteen cars started the feature. G.W. Egbert IV took the second spot. To view a video of the Sport Mod feature, click below: Stock Car Feature Winner: Kevin Smith, No. 57, was your feature winner! A.J. Dancer, Kenny Merritt, Travis Norman, and Doug Lorenz, top five. Jeffrey Abbey, Jason Batt, Dustin Mooney, Joe O'Bryan, and Benji Kirkpatrick, top ten. Thomas Hall Jr., Tomas Hall, Markis Harcrow, and Allison Morris, round out the field. Fourteen cars started the feature. Kenny Merritt took the third spot. To view a video of the Stock Car feature, click below: Street Stock Feature Winner: Getting his second feature win of the night was James Hanusch, No. 777! Wade White, Greg Andrews, David Khoury, and Cody Daniel, top five. Trey Votaw, Tommy Kirkpatrick, Jeff Williams, Erica Bates, and Kristin Boytis, top ten. Charles Melveney, Shane Gaston, Kalen Stone, and Eddie Thompson, rounded out the field. Fifteen cars started the feature. Erica Bates, No. 37x, finished ninth. To view a video of the Street Stock feature, click below: Factory Stock Feature Winner: Shannon Dulock, No. 47, was your feature winner! Ryan Hopkins, Cameron Starry, James Schoenrock, and J.D. Nino, top five. Jeremy Oliver, Greg Hammitt, Shelbi Baker, Michael Guenat and James Hammitt, top ten. Derek Cates, Mike Land, Ty Marecle, Jon Grobe, Brian Johnson, Trevor Hudson, Joe Fuller, William Dean, Michael Bowles, Eric Tomlinson, Jerry Pittman, Clint Howard, Michael Hall, and Allison Morris, rounded out the field. Twenty-three cars started the feature. Ryan Hopkins was a close second. To view a video of the Factory Stock feature, click below: Jr. Limited Feature Winner: Corbin Willett was your feature winner! Trevor Cogburn, Jeff Bauser Jr., Mason Warren, Wyatt Sexton, Brady Gerik, Hope Gaston, Daphne Batt, and Colton Abshere, rounded out the field. Nine cars started the feature. To view a video of the Jr. Limited feature, click below: Next Friday, April 9, Heart O Texas Speedway will host the Gordon Woolley Classic featuring the Elite Non-Wing Sprint Cars plus a full race program! For the latest information, go to: www.heartotexasspeedway.com Stacy Kolar is the OFFICIAL Photographer for Heart O Texas Speedway! For all your photo needs, see Stacy at: southernsassphotos.com To view a photo slideshow from Heart O Texas Speedway, click on the link below: HOT Photos www.blogginisracin.com Posted at 10:24 PM in Local racing | Perma
  8. Street stock

    The gray one is a good car
  9. bristol

    That's because they ran it during the day. We will see what they do for next year when we return to Bristol on dirt.
  10. bristol

    I'm going to guess that you are not a fan of dirt track racing. That's ok because I saw a good race with them learning as they went. This will make it a better show when they do it again next year.
  11. Jesse James had all intentions of bring the track back. the city of Austin and TCEQ shut it down. they would not approve permits and said that the pollution and noise was unacceptable. and yes I know its next to an airport. Jesse James did an interview years ago where he described what happened and why the reconstruction of the track halted. also Its is said to see the track torn down. But I have always said if they are not going to run the track it should be torn down. this way we racers are not hoping and hanging on to the idea that it will come back. its a harsh take but its my take. there are not many tracks that sit for more than 5 years that come back. San Antonio, mountain home, and 281 speedway are all examples of this. most of the time the owner of the property has no want to run a race track so that's why it is closed.
  12. bristol

    Rodney I bet the new car will be more like a rally car on dirt