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  1. GCRS at Houston winners

    I believe you are referring to the action between my son (#22) and the 89. I drive the 52 (and 55) and can assure you guys that it was good hard racing. (No grudges, yet.) Yes, watching the video the 89 drove deep down into 3 and spun the 22. Halfway through the race my son had made a helluva pass on the 89 and the 89 tried to make a move and it didn't work, and spun him. Unfortunately, the 'all involved' rule applied and they were both sent to the back. The only comment about the last lap incident was that it WAS the last lap and there wasn't a green, white checkered to settle it. Now THAT would have been interesting. It was all good in the pits (between the drivers) after the race. The 00, 22 and 89 are within hundredths of one another. That will always make for exciting racing. Quite frankly, 3-10ths covers the class. I had fun racing side-by-side with the 12. The 52, 12 and 44 were three-wide for 2 laps. Clean racing. The class has gone through some gyrations but 'The Best is Yet to Come'

    I had a great time bringing the 55 back out for the Super Stocks. She's slow but was stored for over 2 years; just glad she drove up on the trailer after the race. More importantly it was great to be part of a class that had one of the best car counts of the year! Great progression guys! And, kudos to my son in the 22! Car was badfast! Many, many thanks to Gina and her team!
  3. working on bringing back the 55 this weekend...
  4. TSTRS - Car Counts

    I would also add that I have two (2) Supers sitting in my garage that I'm working on getting to the track. (Splitting driving duties might be a little difficult !)
  5. TSTRS - Input needed

    Last year's discussion about the Super Stocks was Open motor = 3200#; 602 = 3100#. (The issue being a little more HP and rotating inertia.) Beyond this? I haven't heard anything in the pits regarding the class rules; and the Supers generally pit together. The 81, 8, 44, 49 are all fast cars. It's up to us to catch up. And we will. I agree, that having a large time differential across the field can affect the class but when is this not the case? We saw the same thing in the Pro Stocks. There are slower cars with faster drivers and faster cars with slower drivers. And then there are slower cars with slower drivers and faster cars with faster drivers. This sounds like racing to me. Oh, the plan for the 55 is to make it a 'Super' Stock simply because this is the class at HMP, and I enjoy the sport. Personally, I'm not a big fan of fiberglass bodies; I'm just not. But that's my choice to run a steel bodied car against lighter, aero fiberglass cars. But wait, isn't it about 'weight'? (Pun intended.) When Webster and I were running the only thing in common was the name of the class, 'Pro Stock'. Yet, we were able to put on a show. (Scotty9 in the #16 had some nights too.) Now the show happens to be 3/10ths faster than my best time. Sounds like racing. As far as a metric chassis in the Super Stock class? The trucks run metric chassis' and run nearly identical times. So, its within the realm. I'm on the fence regarding tires. Unless I have a tire with no tread depth I generally do not buy a tire. But, if I'm correct, this discussion is not about the existing classes? As far as purse, that's up to the promoter. The promoter will then look to the class for car count. More cars = more $.
  6. TSTRS - Input needed

    Wise grasshopper...
  7. TSTRS - Input needed

    Dirt cross over? My pick would be the Factory Stocks. Why? Watching those guys on dirt is pretty awesome. Don't change the cars - just bring them out. With respect to my cars, I have either two Super Stocks, or two Pro Stocks. But, the 55 WILL change. I'll change the UCA mounting points and put a third link in it and that will be that. The motor will eventually get set back to #1. What does that make it then? Right now, I like the Super Stock class; wish there were more cars though. Last race there were 8, but some had problems. When you're out there driving it's very different! It really reminds me of running the Pro Stocks back in the day. I would get my butt kicked just about every week and then we started getting a little quicker each time out. Then, next thing you know we were bringing home trophies! The time differential now is really no different than the Pro Stocks back in the day. If i recall correctly, the time differential was over a second.
  8. Dirt Street Stock Race Truck

    Hey metroracer, I've been asked by TSTRS to answer. PM/Email additional info. On the surface I don't see an issue but just want to make sure we're doing the right thing for the racers, and the class. 2020 rules are still being worked out.
  9. TSTRS - First race in the books!

    Thrilled to have been part of HMPs history. The energy and car count was well worth the heat! A big salute to the TSTRS team! Had a very good time racing with my son.
  10. HMP Racing Announcement Tonight!

    I have two (2) Super Stocks in my garage. The 55 won't make it but our team car, the 52, is a strong possibility. The 22 is obvious. Right rocket55?! This is all exciting news.I'm glad that a few of us have stuck it out.
  11. impending Management Change with T-STARS

    It was a very hard reality to face being forced to walk down from the spotter's tower. That said, the Race Director was very apologetic in stating that it was for safety reasons. Further, he went down to the track to explain to our driver (in person) what was happening. Kudos to the management team. Sadly, after many hours of tremendous effort from our team in rebuilding the car, and starting from the pole it came down to a faulty radio.