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    It was fun. Very nice track great facilities.
  2. Is it going to be like last race were we couldn't get into the pits before 1030am? Usually if we show up early the office was already open so we could pay and go right in.....
  3. Picures from the pit at CTS 6/14/14

    Very nice!
  4. CTS street stocks

    Wasn't talking about winning. I mentioned keeping our cars in one peace and for the sake of safety that's all. Obviously you can win without them but like I said if we can avoid the avoidable then why not. I'm sure that's what the other 3 classes use it for....
  5. CTS street stocks

    Even though it's a lower division. Yeah it's only super stock but some of us invest lots of time and money into these cars. They are by no means a junk car class and radios give those a chance to avoid incidents and loss of money. Ya occasionally we wreck like this week but it could've been worse. So for us that actually care about our cars it's a good idea. My opinion.
  6. CTS street stocks

    Agree with Matt
  7. CTS street stocks

    I mean the super stocks are going pretty fast. Sub 16 sec laps. ...
  8. CTS street stocks

    It worked fine when yall had it "optional" it's not an advantage to have them apparently so for those of us that did buy some then why not.
  9. CTS street stocks

  10. super stock

    Yes sir
  11. super stock

    First lap...