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  1. HMP super stock $3000

    To the top still for sale
  2. HMP super stock $3000

    Adkins just south of San Antonio wes 210-264-1387
  3. HMP super stock $3000

    Lowered price $3000. priced to sell
  4. HMP super stock $3000

    Throwing in the transmission, steel bell housing, 7.25 quartermaster mini clutch and throw out bearing...
  5. HMP Rules 2021 season

    I agree100%..Worse thing for a class is to not have an identity.it kills the class every time
  6. HMP super stock $3000

    Added current pics and is ready for someone to win at HMP
  7. Thanks trying to find some a little closer as it’s just to set up and sell
  8. HMP super stock $3000

    I had adaptors to run the wide 5. It will come with 5x5 hubs and wheels
  9. Need 4 R-750 tires to set up roller I am selling for HMP. Old ones someone wants to get rid of are fine.
  10. HMP super stock $3000

    Appears to be no interest for use on dirt and some for HMP so I will put it back to it’s asphalt this week.
  11. I have an oval components chassis with a stock front clip car, 9” Ford rear ,Currently set up leaf spring but is also set up to run as a 3 link. Houston legal super stock just add motor. It is straight no wrecks, body has some race marks but is in good shape, I wouldn’t do anything to it. All the plumbing gauges and wiring is there to drop in your drive train. Pro 41 shocks for a bump and run installed. I have a new triple pass radiator with about 6 races on it. Drive shaft Chevy headers and complete exhaust. can include the seat and steering wheel. There’s about half a dozen springs that can go with it as well. Asking $4500 for everything but I’m willing to sell just the roller for $3500. There’s no doubt it’s a winning car for HMP. Motivated to sell but at a fair price for all. You can text me any questions lowered price$3000 for roller need the room
  12. Nick on RUSS Weds Evening

    Enjoyed the show it was great!
  13. Love the direction this going! Keep up the good work.
  14. The X2 is compatible if your subscription is still good you should be good.
  15. This is what I would baseline for a metric monte carlo at HMP- 3200lb GM metric 4 1/2' ride height lf rf lr/ RR 5" Not sure what we used on the shock package Springs LF1000 RF1200 LR 250 RR 225 55% left 49% Rear 53 % crossweight_ this should be pretty neutral- you can add or decrease to tighten or loosen to your style. Stagger front 1-2" rear 2-2.5" - stagger is actually a mathematical equation but I found anywhere in this range was close enough and rear if locked is way more important than front any lead as low as possible to get theses scale numbers