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    ANY THING WITH A MOTOR. Unfortunatily I have flipped just about every motor vehicle I have driven and in fact even flipped my bicycle as a kid. <br /><br />If you cant hang with the big dogs stay home with the kats.

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  1. 28' Enclosed Trailer - SOLD!

    81" between wheel wells. 73" at rear door height, 8' inside ceiling ht, 8' wide.
  2. 2005 28' Continental tandam axle Race car hauler/trailer. 8' wide, 8' tall, Electric hitch jack. New Red Wrap on exterior, New Rock Solid floor sealent, Front work bench with cabinets, wired 110v, Flourescent lighting, 12v lighting, Folding Tire rack, Door storage. 2 New tires, 2 with over 50% left. Elec brakes. 12,000 winch with remote !!! mounted to frame inside. This trailer pulls straight. Excellent deal. $5500. No trades, No payment plans. Thanks for looking. Dale 832 282 3280 Houston tx photos coming soon.

    the dates and times and length of visit makes a difference. I could possibly do humble or jones road , depending on day, time and length.
  4. My comment is totally different and moving forward. I do not see, hear any promotion of the races. No posters for us to place in our businesses, no signs at automotive part stores, nothing but facebook. May I suggest some FREE good promotion. Contact local car clubs, invite a different one to each race or 2 to each race. offer car and driver in free. parade lap around track , reserved front row parking , and park in middle infield during intermission. THey will come !, they will bring friends, and they will come back again paying full price. I have talked to two and they said they would be glad and excited to attend. Just a free idea to fill seats.
  5. Jason Marshall passed too early in life. He is survived by his wife and twin girls. Please pray for strength for them during this sad time. If you would like a Gofund me account has been set up for his daughters college funds.
  6. Are you still looking for a trailer? 


  7. So rumors, and minor info floating around. Can we use this Forum to get the latest updates on if it is going to happen or not, and if 2018 would be a full schedule or partial. If its going to be on Holiday weekends(hope Not). or alternating others. Anychance of nascar coming back in, whos the promoter !, any big name sponsors, TIRES ?, Same rules as when we left of ? Just wanting to know before any $ output. Only way to get a car count is by letting us know as early and as much as possible.
  8. yeah, I guess that's one way of looking at it, but not in too deep, have lots of parts that can pretty well build the entire thing. Just like the looks of the Camaro, is the main thing. I'm going to sell one of them Truck or Camaro at end of Year, Who knows maybe both and enjoy a beer in the stands.
  9. Well I've gone and done it now. Stood right in the middle and purchased an Amcar Frame/cage from 360 Motorsports, buying parts from HMP, John & Graham, picking up and getting specs from Boyd Motorsports and having Nasty Racecars(eddy) build it. I'm sure to get caught in the crossfire, or can we all get along to better and grow the class....? You all know I just want to race and have some fun. NO pooping yet, so thank you to everybody for helping me get this project going and will be out there to set that TRACK RECORD. Oh , thanks to Red for all the parts he sold me to finish off the project. Any bets on the color scheme. lol
  10. Travis , just run light the whole race then before you pull off the track have your infield guys pick up every body else"s parts and put them on your right side....lol
  11. I'm running manual, now I'm stuck, was going to run an amcar at same time, but can"t do that much math on whether I need to loose or gain weight....lol.. come on john , That's funny.....lol Really though I think its good, I don"t think any of trucks in top 4-5 are running manuals. Times on track sure haven't changed that much since last year even with 4 barrels.
  12. Raymond Delahoussaye Sr.

    God bless you and your family Raymond, and give you strength to keep looking up.
  13. Gerald Boyd's Twin

    maybe those are extensions.... but the guy is wearing pants also, not shorts. lol
  14. $$$$$$$$$$$

    Man I wish I had signed up, That money could be mine.