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Dirt Street Stock Race Truck

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Asking on the behalf of a fellow racer:

His Question is:    He has a 1982 C-10 SWB Chevy P/U that he is building as a Dirt style Street Stock  race truck....( it is not a Pro-Truck)

He wants to know if his race truck could fit into the current HMP Super Stock Rules package,  mainly for 2020 !!!

So, if He Has all of the required & in-date safety equipment, the correct racing Hoosier race tires, the needed radio equipment & spotter,  and if this Race Truck does meet all of the rules requirements for the current Super Stocks package....Could he enter his race truck and compete?

He wants to race at HMP next year with his race truck in the Super Stock Class.  He wants to know if he would be turned away before he makes the trip...  He has not been able to make positive contact with the current TSTRS tech staff with his questions.

So can some one from TSTRS give him a thumbs up, or a thumbs down please !!!!

thank you for your time...

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8 hours ago, Ford27 said:

if its a truck why not run with the trucks?

Hello,  It is not a "Pro-Truck"....Pro-Trucks utilizes a Metric frame as the base chassis per the "ARTS" rules for them + lighter fiberglass bodies for them as well!!!  

His truck is using the stock oem truck frame & the stock oem Steel Body & steel floor pan as well....all built as a Street Stock, the Stock A-Arms, the Stock Rear end so on and so forth as a typical Street Stock... a little too heavy & old style for the modern Pro-Trucks....


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4 hours ago, rocket55 said:

It should be fun...I’d say let him run with us. If the truck meets the rules, WHY NOT! 

And if he manages to get that tank into the  mid to low 15s he deserves to win. 

" Indeed !!!! "  Tank is Right !!!!    Yah, But you got to give him credit....at least he is willing to come out and support Texas Race Tracks of any kind !!!!   Some race drivers just like to race Specialty or old type of race cars as a throw back or a personal statement kind of,  to Stand Out so to Speak.   Status-Que or Cookie Cutter is just not their style !!!!  ( Different, like a Novelty....  with none of the Big $$$$  to buy the extra Pony's needed for those 15.5 lap times!!!!)  Tracks should try to attract & Accommodate and don't turn away all types of racers "Rich or Pour"   "Average or not so Average"   " Out side of the Box kind of thinking"  all racers still put on shows in their own right.  Fast or Slow...Racing is Racing....

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Ok, Thanks for everybody's comments on this threads subject....

However, I have advised this fellow racer to hold off on his idea of racing his Truck with the Super Stocks at HMP in 2020.

Until there is or if there ever is a True Street Stock racing class,  then it just may not be a good idea to try to compete in a racing class and not to be able compete for the Win in a fair & level manor.  I told him may be some day,  But for now that idea of his would not make too much since,  and may not be too safe as well!!!

Ok, Thanks LSSZ Members for your time...

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