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  1. Appears to be a very well built safe car. Unfortunately , as good as the car looks its not what they are looking for on asphalt in Texas( late model bodies) That's why I left asphalt to race dirt.
  2. Praying for them both.
  3. Prayers for James and Janette Huff

    Definitely praying for the both of them. Get well soon.
  4. Thank y'all so much for the prayers. He is home now and doing a little better. We have a long ways to go . If anything will work, it's prayer. Thank you

    Sounds like it was a very successful weekend for all at hmp. Good job. Looks like the success will carry over to the 2020 season. Good turn out for the super stock.
  6. Please Bring Back The Street Stocks

    From looking at the final race day schedule, the dwarf cars was given the offer to race. As I've said in past post . I will continue to support HMP and attend races as a fan, when not racing on dirt. Good luck to all and keep up the hard work.
  7. Please Bring Back The Street Stocks

    I have the upmost respect for Mr Bell for making the long haul knowing he has a no chance of running up front in the super stocks, It's not that he is not experienced or talented enough it's the car and the rules which it is built by. From my view it only makes sense to have a class in which he and others that have cars that are built with similar rules to COMPETE in . We want to compete, not be a filler car. It makes people feel good knowing the hard work paid off with a good finish.
  8. Odessa track?

    Not to often I hear Odessa / Midland. Born and raised in Colorado city. My father ( Ronnie Barber) raced with and against the Hillin family on the circle tracks. He also drag raced on asphalt and water. He has many stories from his era of racing and running from the law.(oops).
  9. TSTRS - Input needed

    Yes sir, would like to hear something on which class will be given the opportunity to race . Friday is the day I decide which class I'm going to build on for next season. As for running two different types of cars with totally different rules usually doesn't work out to good. The faster cars start complaining that the slower cars are in the way ( understandable) and usually cause caution's. I enjoy racing against equal or somewhat equal cars, not falling 1 - 1.5 second behind each lap. I have nothing against the super stock class, enjoy watching them. Would like to see and race a stock style class.
  10. Please Bring Back The Street Stocks

    I 2nd that metroracer. During intermission we had a lot of fans saying they enjoyed watching the pro stock cars . They liked the looks of regular street cars. Monte Carlo, Camaro and Nova's . Fans can relate to them.
  11. TSTRS - Input needed

    Rocket 55 , i truly appreciate the offer, Thank you. As much as I would like to turn some laps , I would feel more comfortable doing it in my equipment , just in case something happens. Just trying to figure out which way to go for next season. Waterfowl hunting tends to take up a lot of time during the winter months.dosent leave much time for anything else.