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  1. Wanted: lead 50#

    I have lead in bar form....$2.00/lb
  2. Racers/ Fans, I'm feeling the market out and seeing who'd be willing to trade a HMP Super Stock for a dirt modify or factory stock. I have my Outlaw, which will give me plenty of wheel time on asphalt and with soo many dirt tracks in Texas, dirt racing seems like a fun idea. I believe my car is pretty dam fast for who and what I'm competing against and I don't spare an expense when it comes to racing. Not really looking to sell, but with the right offer I'd be willing to. Car comes race ready 602 crate (new valve springs beginning of season) Sweet MFG steering box 12:1 QP Full Float 9" New RCI 16 gallon fuel cell Newly rebuilt QA1 shocks Freshened Muncie 4spd Call/ Text me at 8324665544
  3. ISO: Wide 5 wheels 15x8

    Hey Racers, I'm still on the hunt for some wheels. I managed to get a set from Keyser but the offsets were limited and aren't going work for what we need. I'm needing 3 & 4" offsets.....color doesn't really matter at this point, but silver is preferred.
  4. ISO: 604 crate

    Ended up buying a PLM to convert to an Outlaw, Super Stock will continue to race at HMP. Thank you for everyone's support, I'm pretty dam excited to race in the Outlaw class
  5. Looking for at least (4) wheels 2-3" offset. Will be used on an asphalt outlaw. Need before June 19th. Please call/ text me at 8324665544 Thanks Corey
  6. PM sent, we'll get something worked out
  7. I have a 350 2-bolt main bored 0.030 over with rotating assembly installed. Motor was being built for a road course car and my interest changed to oval racing. I have SCCA approved heads, intake, cam and lifters to go with it as well, if you interested.
  8. After making the trip to MIS and helping a couple teams out, I discovered there no way my car would be accepted as a sportsman. I've committed to my sponsors that I'd compete at both HMP and MIS, however in order to be at all competitive in the Outlaws, I need much more power. Soo.....I'm shopping for something I can drop in to race at MIS and then switch back to race as a Super Stock at HMP (Yes, I'm that loyal to the Super Stocks) My goal is to race at least on June 26th race, maybe at Pensacola too....we'll just have to see where things take me. I'm also in the hunt for front springs and gears for my 9", I believe 4:86 is the gear to run. Worse case...I sell my Super Stock and buy an Outlaw Let me know what you guys have, I'm open minded. Thanks, -Corey
  9. I second that, that looks like a well built car and not a bad price. This should move fairly quick. What track was this car running at? Might be a good car to run at MIS as a Sportsman.
  10. Race car trailer

    Can you provide more info about the trailer? Bed length, axles etc
  11. 28' Enclosed Trailer - SOLD!

    I believe it is sold, I called on it a couple weeks ago and that's the news I got
  12. Selling a small trailer we don't use 2016 single axle trailer with tail gate and tool box. Comes with all necessary paperwork to register. Great for hauling karts, bikes, atv, pit cart or etc Asking $1500 Text me at 8324665544 for more information
  13. Ken Shrader's Old Race Shop

    Yes sir, the guy is kinda a big deal in the drifting circuit. Happy to see that guy make it as far as he has.......just doing what he love by racing cars.
  14. HMP Rules 2021 season

    I have to agree with you on that one, reason being why I've decided not to change my body to an outlaw body. I believe from a fans perspective there needs to be contrast between the classes. The downside to that is I know most of the superstocks have outlaw bodies or are converting to them. Economically, they are much cheaper to build and repair rather than having to buy a new fender or quarter from five star. I've heard about the outlaw bodies providing more downforce on the RR, I'm just going to say....the jury is out on that one, especially on our small track.
  15. HMP Rules 2021 season

    Amen to that! I wouldn't mind dropping some weight and maybe giving us more left side weight too