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Ever seen "Swamp Buggy Racing"?


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I have went to about 25 of these over the years. The technology advances each year and so does the build

budget. Some of the Pro Mods top $100K to build now. This is held twice yearly in Naples Fla (west coast 100 miles west of Miami)

and is usually a sell out. I believe they have been holding them since the 1950's. You can watch them on You Tube and see

the various classes (including Jeeps) up to Pro Mods. This is 9 years old and still ranks as one of the best wrecks ever filmed.

BTW, the overall winner gets $10,000.




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Actually Outlaw its Central AND North Florida that are crackers. (Haven't heard that term in years, at least that way!!). AROB, you are dropping some good terms too...if you know the sippy hole you also know in the old days they went through it once and then circled back around and had to get completely out of the buggy and touch the bottom and then climb back in before going across it. The sippy hole was usually a few feet deeper than the rest of the track and Jeeps had the most difficult time crossing it. One guy I knew worked for the phone company and had some silicone play doh type stuff he covered the spark plugs up with on his Jeep with since these were completely under the water when crossing.

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