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Prayers for James and Janette Huff


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Asking my fellow believers to pray for my good friend, James Huff, and his wife, Janette.

James is in the hospital after suffering a stroke earlier this week. And Janette lost vision in her left eye a couple of weeks ago and has been undergoing lots of tests and hospital sessions as they try to figure out what's going on.

I had a chance to visit with them yesterday at the HCA Houston Healthcare Northwest. James is in good spirits and has a positive outlook, but the stroke has his left arm and leg not doing so well. Janette is awaiting biopsy results after they went in through the side of her head for some tissue back there.

Anyone who knows these two at all well know that James and Janette are givers, not takers.

Please pray for their health.

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Nick Holt UPDATE on James Huff:

James is home and doing much better than expected. Getting around with a walker and waiting for the PT folks to show up for their evaluation. Today's his 39th birthday again, so he's feeling blessed and glad to be home!

Janette's eye issue still hasn't resolved, but they've ruled out a lot of possible causes. Looks like it was a localized stroke caused by extremely high. stress-induced blood pressure.

Prayers for both are welcome and felt.

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 PULLING FOR   you  James very nice man .. 39th birthday again .. happy birthday James .. . had my second 32 nd Monday  seems like the first half of that took 39 years the other half a month ..lol... so stick around  for us OK ..praying for both of you ..

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