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Important message from Mary Ann


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We have 7 races to go! Who knows what next year will bring. But with everyone's help, we can do this! True story, we are literally paying race night overhead with front & back gate & all the lease payments, equipment repairs, insurance & other fixed bills to keep the track open are currently straight out of our personal pockets! There are more that care to hear this than there are of those that don't care. It's my passion, not H's! He's just the love of my life that loves to see me in my zone. 

Currently the racing guys & gals have too many choices on where to go run. We're down on big mods, but it was a GREAT night of racing!! I personally had more fun than I've had since we've been open! I got to video the WINNERS IN KRAGH'S VICTORY Lane as Nikki McBurnett interviewed them and our Picture Taker, Rachel Plant took their WINNERS picture! Watching fans come out of the grandstands to get their pictures taken with the winners was a true delight. Kids lives being changed by our WINNERS stopping to give them their undivided attention! 🏁

You know who you were, even a few drivers realizing the big mods were our opening ceremony & intermission introductions came to our rescue & threw autographed frisbees & hero cards, again, you know who you were! It looked planned, thank you!!!

It was a great night of racing! Everyone had a good time. The family atmosphere was AMAZING! ❤Everything I love in being a Promoter.

Those kids in the POWERWHEEL Races were incredible. My heart was so warmed. In my opinion there isn’t a better place! We had many racers and their families out early Saturday morning on raceday in the Lexington parade, you guys know who you are and I know several new Racefans that joined us Saturday night was because of YOU! We had a couple of racers, help with the prep of the track & mowing the grounds, putting their race cars on hold, you too know who you are.

I ask you if your looking for a home track that truly cares about its RACERS & their FAMILIES, then this is the track to be at! We love our RACE FANS & so appreciate them.

All tracks & racers will have their up's & down's no track, nor any racer is perfect. Sometimes tracks can offer bigger payouts & if a racer is chasing the money, well there they go & unfortunately, sometimes racers have life events, family events etc., unexpected sad events & can’t make a race. Things happen, life happens.


BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION for that track, understand every call can't be perfect, every racer can't be perfect & social media can be CRUEL as well as productive. Choose which one you want to be. Find that track, hopefully close to your home, HELP it to grow & prosper, there isn’t as many left as there where. 281 couldn't have worked any harder, terribly sad. I know that empty feeling once the doors are closed.

I must end with this... without these fine folks, I would not have a track to be doing a PROMOTERS PERSPECTIVE... PLEASE SUPPORT THEM like they've support us! 

Kragh's Jewelers
Direct Propane
A-Line Auto Parts
Magnum Trailers
JTL Appraisals
Browning Auto Parts
Rachel Plant, "Picture Taker" 
Ladd's Gold Exchange
Randy's Wrecker Sevice
JIrwin Company
Dude's Lawn Service
Freedom Towing and Recovery
Gunslinger Ammo

Mary Ann

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I used to go to ThunderHill when Mary Ann was running it - I remember she would be there at the gate after the last race to wish the fans a good and safe night. A very nice thing to do!

I haven't been to Cotton Bowl many times as I'd like. It's a long drive from Adkins  - so staying alert on the drive home is a concern, and with I-37 being 1/3 the distance/time that's where I usually go (and I don't get to go there as often as I'd like). But I have been a couple of times for special shows, and enjoyed it -  and I hope to go again. Clearly, Mary Ann brings the same passion and care to Cotton Bowl that she did to THR! I hope Cotton Bowl will thrive and reward her efforts to keep racing alive in that area!

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Mary Ann and Gina have very similar mindsets.  Both are working to enlarge the total size of the racing pie, rather than than enlarge their parts at the expense of others.  I hope they are successful.  They both represent beautiful tracks which would be a shame to have go dormant.

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