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  1. The SRX Race

    I watched the Knoxville race, too. I guess either someone was out with a radar gun, or they had timing loops at various points. I saw some speeds shown while they were in the turns - speeds in the mid 60s. I expected someone like Stewart or Bloomquist to be faster than that in the turns with their experience on dirt and the power supposedly available.
  2. If the new owner lives in the San Antonio area, I hope to see the car at Biff Buzby's on some Friday night!

    It's not on the track website, either. That's fundamental info for people wanting to attend... You can politely email manpromo@aol.com and Mary Ann , the promoter, will get back to you.
  4. Any update on the racing facility in n NW San Antonio

    Maybe they thought they would build it where Malibu Grand Prix used to be (I think MGP was still there at the time, though?). I grew up near that area - there was really no space around there back then that I can think of that was big enough to put one race track, let alone multiple tracks. They would have had to build go-kart sized tracks - probably intersecting each other...
  5. Trackside NSB

    I'd guess that it wouldn't be the racer. I suspect it would come down to a battle between the track's risk-waiver for anyone in the infield (I assume they have one) vs the possible negligence of the track for leaving a barrel in the racing area where a reasonable person might foresee it being hit by a race car and launched (the only way I can see that the racer could be held responsible is for not realizing the hazard and raising the issue). Good thing that barrel didn't fly a little higher/farther - as it was, you could see one guy in the truck almost get knocked over by the impact. It would be interesting to read the notes/reports of the claim investigators/adjusters involved, and to hear the phone call of the truck owner to his insurance company. "You were at the race track, and WHAT????" I believe there's a thread in the history forum that this reminds me of - someone parked off the 3rd/4th turns at SAS where he shouldn't have and a car went over the wall and...
  6. wait what....how in the hell.....

    It seems like it would be hard to get fired from a team bearing your own name. Unless... maybe it was a "hostile takeover" - new ownership forced him out and the new CEO is The WIld Child...
  7. Mark Chrudimsky photo

    I remember that school bus race - I think it was at the first of the postseason CrashORamas(name ?). I believe that was the same day he won the train race in his Dirty30 car after going a lap down when the pulling car paired with him spun and wound up side by side facing the same way. Chrudimsky fired up his engine, spun his car around against the chain so he was in the pulling position, and off they went after the other "train". I thought they lost all chance when his trunk lid came open and blocked the view out of the back (as the pulling car, he was going backwards), but it didn't slow him down. Not only did they unlap themselves but they repassed the lead pair to win. Between the bus and train races, he put on quite a show that day. Didn't win the boat race, but he was entertaining in that as well. 😁😁
  8. Richard Snider burned at track

    Prayers for Richard and family!
  9. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    There were races that Newman missed due to injury before the Covid-19 hiatus - so the Covid hiatus would not be a factor regarding a waiver. Nor was it an absolute requirement to be in the top 16 in points - when NASCAR announced the Busch waiver, they said he had to be in the top 30 (which Newman is, as Josh points out - 25th in points) and win a race. Granted, Newman didn't win a race - but he was leading Daytona at the time of his injury-causing wreck. Oh, well.
  10. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    Remember in 2015 when Shrub Busch broke his leg and NA$CAR made an exception to get him into the Chase - and he won the title, despite missing a large percentage of the races? Did they make the same exception for Ryan Newman after his injury this year (also in the Daytona 500)? nope... JGRPrivelege is right.
  11. darn

    Likewise for Paige, TX where World of Outlaws is concerned...
  12. I saw him win the LM feature the first time Dad and I went to Highway 16 - I guess it was the year Pan American closed down. To the best of my memory, he was the red Nova. Jimmy Finger was leading. Fryar caught him coming out of 4 and went high - Finger went high to block. Fryar went low and he was gone! RIP, and prayers for his family!
  13. WOO cancels

    I think I'm fated never to see them race at CBS. Two or three rainouts and now a virus-out. Oh well - understandable. Maybe the next time they come to CBS, it won't be on a work day. Thanks for posting this!
  14. I-37 Speedway announces 2020 schedule

    Good - I hope they will include times (gates-open, opening ceremonies) on there as well. It amazes me that the track website does not include that fundamental information (if its there, I've never been able to find it). Thankfully, it's often included in the event postings here in the track forum (example), but it should be on the track website as well for those who are not aware of LSSZ and/or are not on Facebook.
  15. I-37 Speedway announces 2020 schedule

    They seem to have omitted the USMTS race that was announced for Feb 28 - is that still on?
  16. A good announcer does a lot for a show. Two good announcers, that can play off each other - even better!
  17. it doesn't even have to be sunny - just no rain.
  18. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    I couldn't watch the video from work, so I don't know if this was mentioned in it. The background story of how Ford made the engines reliable is pretty interesting. I read somewhere about how employees found it eerie to walk by a dyno room with a Le Mans test in progress and it sounded like the engine was out on the track.
  19. OctoberFAST October 18th & 19th

    Is Saturday's racing still scheduled to start at 6:30?
  20. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Not a Cup car, but a Cup driver.... Hamlin DQed
  21. Interesting

    Per racingnews.com and NASCAR, the police dropped charges and a/o 9:00 PM ET 8/28/19, NASCAR reinstated him.
  22. Important message from Mary Ann

    I used to go to ThunderHill when Mary Ann was running it - I remember she would be there at the gate after the last race to wish the fans a good and safe night. A very nice thing to do! I haven't been to Cotton Bowl many times as I'd like. It's a long drive from Adkins - so staying alert on the drive home is a concern, and with I-37 being 1/3 the distance/time that's where I usually go (and I don't get to go there as often as I'd like). But I have been a couple of times for special shows, and enjoyed it - and I hope to go again. Clearly, Mary Ann brings the same passion and care to Cotton Bowl that she did to THR! I hope Cotton Bowl will thrive and reward her efforts to keep racing alive in that area!