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Their names are Michael Turman and Michael Paxton.  They are drag racers that race at Little River Dragway.  They have been posting photos and videos the past couple of days of the people they have been rescuing and the rescue efforts.  He just posted a few minutes ago they are tired and wore out and trying to find some food and have been going non stop since they got there sunday evening.  There is also a group of brothers that are drag racers from the Belton area the Rance brothers Chris, Cory, Casey are down there as well they took a flat bed wrecker and three jet skis and have been rescuing people as well.

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ok the tight nit South Texas area racers,   lets not loose our focus on the Human factor of this tragic weather event.  many, many south Texas racing families, and the other south Texas residents are in a very, very dire & bad way.   yes HMP is in a bad way , sure....

But lets stay focused on the area Families and the area racing Families that are in a bad way and still in harms way at this time.   I have lost my house & some of my property... now I know some how I will make it through this mess.   Racetracks are not very important right now.  their is a huge human need right now here in south Texas.

racing should not be our focus right now.....please lets think more of our needy fellow south Texas neighbors.....please !!!

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