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  1. 1st Annual Michael Taylor Memorial Race @ Alamo City Motorplex, 6/19/21 By JM Hallas Marion, TX.,(June 19th, 2021) Family, friends, racers and crews came together Saturday to celebrate the life of Michael Taylor(Cibilo), a young racer taken way too soon. The young Taylor, who had recently purchased the Chevy Nova of Dale Rutledge, was on his way home from a race when a highway accident took his life and injured his fiance' Kaylyn Pulaski. The Taylor family has long been a fixture around drag racing and have rebuilt the damaged racecar that was piloted in the memorial cruise by his father Perry Taylor while his grandfather, Duke Floyd, drove the other Taylor car. A long line of racers on hand paid their respects to young Michael, and there was hardly a dry eye in the place as the memorial cruise began. Several racers and businesses were involved in bringing this together: Corky Weeks, Greg Meuth(Quality Auto), Trevor Smith, John Twitty, Michaels Garage, Barrys Oil & Towing, Game Day Gear, Blue Bonnet Ford, Bare Metal Speed Shop along with ACM staff. Cornwell Tools held a raffle for a large tool box with proceeds going to the Taylor family. The race itself was highlighted by the 4.90 Top Outlaw Sportsman and the 5.00 Dragsters, as well as 6.00, 6.50, 7.00, 7.50 and 8.00 Index classes for door cars. Time trials got pushed back an hour as track temperatures reached 142*. Crews worked with the track scrubber laying down water to cool the surface and by about 7:00pm they had the track down to a manageable 122*. 4.90 Index Top Outlaw Sportsman Ryan McDonald led the way in qualifying with his 4.9013 for the number one qualifying spot. Going into the finals it was Ely Trevino(Dilly), in his 65 Corvette going against Austin Philpot(Boerne), in his Redline Oil, LP Operations, Speed Shark, 2009 Chevy Cavalier. Trevino got 4/100th off the line that was good enough to hold off Philpot at the finish. Ely Trevino 5.085 @ 133.49 defeats Austin Philpot 5.106 @ 138.50 Trevino defeated David Bills, D. Ackerman, and Keith Whitaker while Philpot lost round one D. Beard, rebought and bested Mike Atkinson and Matt Blair. 5.00 Index Dragsters The Dragster finals pitted long time ACM regulars, Scott Ball(Marion) and Kip Scharf(San Antonio). Ball, in his daughter Emily's, Scott Ball Racing, Mission Auto Parts dragster laid a .005 light on Scharf in Nogalitos Gear, Simpson Racing Products, Brando Custom Paint, Don Davis, Greg Hubbell Race Car, an advantage that he was mathematically unable to overcome. Scott Ball 5.085 @ 133.49 defeats Kip Scharf 5.106 @ 138.50 Ball outted Philip Pennington and David Cain. Scharf lost round 1 Philip Pennington, then took out Peeps Pennington. 6.00 Index The 6.00 finals saw former San Antonio Raceway(ACM) operator Todd Zampese( San Antonio) in his Camaro up againt JR Galvan(Robstown) in the Pancho Villa Racing, Mustang. Zampese took the holeshot win with a .025 light despite Galvan being a tad bit quicker at the stripe. Todd Zampese 6.118 @ 104.17 defeats JR Galvan 6.108 @ 115.36 Zampese got beat round 1 by Brian Sullivan then trailered Jay Fitzgerald and C. DeLeon. Galvan took down Perry Taylor, Corky Weeks and Todd Robinson. 6.50 Index Two team mates, of sorts, Todd Robinson(Corpus Christi) and Scott Ball faced off in the 6.50 finals with a pair of red Camaros.(Robinson a 67 and Ball a 69) The two decided to split the payout and let Robinson take the win since Ball had run the car in another class and she was hot and tired. Todd Robinson 8.485 @ 50.93 defeats Scott Ball 10.133 @ 70.40 Robinson outran D. Chessher and Moon Mullins after losing to Laurie Vontur in round 1 with a round 3 bye. Ball ousted W. Layfield(twice), J. Garza and got a bye in the semis. 7.00 Index The 7.00 class had the most entries, nearly 20, with eliminations coming down to the finals between Jake Bixler(San Antonio) and Nathan Ybarra(San Antonio). Bixler, in his little Chevy Chevette, left with a slight edge(.032) on Ybarra, in his 68 Camaro, who went too quick and broke out while Bixler ran the number. Jake Bixler 7.018 @ 88.64 defeats Nathan Ybarra 6.982 @ 93.69(broke out) Bixler beat Alan Friedeck, J. Smith, Gabriel Hernandez and M. Layfield. Ybarra got around Amber Garza, J. Garza, and Scott Ball. 7.50 In the 7.50 finals it was Manuel Hernandez(San Antonio) paired up with Harley Ullrich for the finals. Hernandez, in his Mr Sandman Camaro took 6/100th on the tree on Ullrich in his S-10 Pickup. Both would go too quick for a double break out with Hernandez being the least offender and getting the win. Manuel Hernandez 7.425 @ 83.58 defeats Harley Ullrich 7.412 @ 93.52(double break out) Hernandez got the finals with wins over A. Garcia(twice) and round 3 bye. Ullrich got a round 2 bye and bested Mac Garcia(twice). 8.00 It was a pair of El Caminos squaring off in the 8.00 finals between Jamie Longoria(Lytle) and Leroy O'Bryant(San Antonio). Longoria, in his Longoria Motorsports, Alamo Speed Shop, 84 El Camino got .044 on O'Bryants 79 El Camino. O'Bryant would run him down at the stripe, but go too quick breaking out by 61/10,000th(.0061) giving the victory to Longoria. Jamie Longoria 8.974 @ 59.48 defeats Leroy O'Bryant 7.993 @ 81.71(break out) Longoria got a round 1 bye, bettered J. Garcia and C. Smith. O'Bryant lost round 1 to C. DeLeon then won against Ryan Aguilar and C. DeLeon in a rematch.
  2. Listed as a “Car Fight”, ok I guess

    Bull ring racing....They say it sells tickets.
  3. Mud-Drags Wreck in West TX

    Rusty....About the only time big media gets interested in any form of "grass roots" racing is when something bad happens.
  4. IHRA Summit Super Series Hot Rod Bracket Race @ Alamo City Motorplex, 6/12/21 By JM Hallas Marion, TX.,(June 12th, 2021) The heat is on. After losing a scheduled points race last time they were slated, it was double points night at Alamo City Motorplex for an IHRA Summit Series Hot Rod Bracket Race on the 1/8th mile power plant just outside San Antonio. With mostly sunny skies it was hot to say the least, but the occasional cloud kept the track manageable at 131* track temperature at the start of time trials. Once the sun set track conditions changed for the better with competitors having to adjust their dial ins. Coming into the nights action the Top ET(Box) points shook out with Jamie Longoria jr. on top by 10 over Mike Pearson, with defending champ Candace Ritter third, Cole Herbold fourth and Kip Scharf rounding out the top five. In Modified ET(No-box) Wendall Dockery continues to lead over Miguel Montoya, Cole Herbold, Corky Weeks and Chris Pearson. Sportsman points break down with Ronald Gordner out front ahead of Harold Shimek, Trenton Johnson, Jackie Hibbard and Rhett Floyd. Don Hrometz has a big lead in the Motorcycle class with James Marlett, W. Keele, J. Monaco and Randy Monte in the top five. The Jr. Dragsters show Jordan Suckow, who did not attend tonight, Ty Janousek, Gracie O'Rourke, Camron Nelson and Addyson Rogers. In a strange twist three of the five class winners for the night lost round 1 and had to reenter through the 'buy back' system. Quite a nice little investment for the night. There was also one disqualification for night in the Sportsman class when Harold Shimek ran a 7.48 with the class break being 7.50. Ritter Rocks a Bye Run As the 40-car field got whittled down it came to the finals with past track champion, Brent Ritter(Cibilo), in his Simpson Performance, Mission Auto Parts, 583 Reher & Morrison BBC, 2007 Undercover Chassis going against Austin Philpot(Boerne) in his 2004 Chevy Cavalier. Sadly for Philpot he was unable to refire his car after pulling to the “T” giving B. Ritter a bye run for the cash. Some would have just taken the green and backed out, not B. Ritter. He left with a .007 light and drilled his number to boot. “He would have really had to be on his game and run his number,” said B. Ritter as he looked over his time slip in the Winners Circle. “I looked over and saw him trying to push the starter button and nothing. Then they pointed me to run a single.” B. Ritter bested Carlos Carrasco, Greg Meuth, Jay Fitzgerald, Mike Atkinson and had a round 3 bye. Philpot took out Kevin Little, Mike Pearson, Brett Zampese, S. Hughes and Emily Ball. B. Ritter(4.77) 4.775 @ 145.02 over Austin Philpot(DNS) Weeks Wins Modified ET Money. Corky Weeks(Cotulla) was paired off against Chuck VanBuren(Windcrest) in the Modified ET finals. VanBuren in his 82 Mustang tried to get an advantage off the starting line but went .018 red giving the win to Weeks in his 598 Reher & Morrison BBC, 2001 Chevy S-10 Truck. Going by the numbers it would have been a close race, as both drivers hit their numbers. Corky Weeks(5.99) 5.993 @ 125.52 defeats Chuck VanBuren(6.91) 6.912 @ 99.67(red light) Weeks was one the three that went down in round one losing to Mac Garcia then rebounded to take down Miguel Montoya, Greg Meuth, Nelson Friedeck, I. Garcia and Dan Cleveland in the buy back round. VanBuren bettered Gene Herbold, Hunter Herbold, Chaz Landers, Chris Pearson and got a bye in the semis. Sometimes it's all about a little luck in motorsports, but rarely twice or three times in one night. The Sportsman finals pitted Jackie Hibbard(Humble) in his 66 Chevy Nova against Nathan Ybarra(San Antonio) in his Chevy Blazer. Ybarra went red big time(-.281) handing the win to Hibbard who would run it out and run his number. Jackie Hibbard(7.55) 7.553 @ 90.53 defeats Nathan Ybarra(8.28) 8.342 @ 83.18(red light) The red light victory in the finals was Hibbards third break as he was the beneficiary of the DQ(time) during eliminations against Shimek plus a bye in the semi finals along with beating Ryan Aguilara, John Villanueva. Ybarra trailered J. Meuth, Gabriel Hernandez, Trenton Johnson and H. Jarvis. It was another red light decision in the Motorcycle class between Kyle Price(Bertram) and James Marlett(Austin). Marlett, on his Kawasaki tried to trim the tree and went .002 red(ouch) giving Price on his Hayabusha the automatic win. Kyle Price(6.00) 6.00 2 116.73 defeats James Marlett(5.65) 5.67 @ 121.59(red) Price beat points leader Don Hrometz, J. Cusack III with a round 3 bye. Marlett knocked out F. Garcia, Hrometz and Chaz Landers. In the Jr. Dragster finals it was the #sockposse vs. the #barefootposse.(I had to get educated on that deal, but it's good to see these kids having fun in their racing. They're the future of the sport.) So it was Hunter McGary(Bryan) representing the sockposse going against Dawson Rogers(Lufkin) from the barefootposse. D. Rogers, in his RPC Jr. Dragster got 3/100th on the starting line but went too quick breaking out awarding the victory to McGary in his Lee & Barrier Builders, Shop Outfitters, Waterboy Racing, Blossom Race Engines, RPC Jr Dragster. Hunter McGary(8.03) 8.038 @ 79.32 defeats Dawson Rogers(11.90) 11.863 @ 55.29(broke out) McGary rebought after a round 1 loss to Reilly Garceau, then outran R. Garceau in a round 4 rematch, Camron Nelson, D. Hughes, and got a round 5 bye. D. Rogers had to beat his sister Addyson in the semis, plus Carleigh Garceau, E. Miller and Gracie O'Rourke.
  5. Red River Modified Tour Back on

    August 12-18, 2021 $2500-to-WIN Modifieds Per Night / $5000 Championship $750-to-WIN Southern Mods / $1500 Championship $750-to-WIN Factory Stocks / $1500 Championship No entry, tour, draw, or license fees. More Info: https://texasdirt.link/rrmt21 Event Info: https://racexr.com/events/red-river-modified-tour/ Entry: https://racexr.com/register/red-river-modified-tour/ South Texas Speedway | I-37 Speedway | Texas Dirt Track | Grayson County Speedway | 82 Speedway
  6. COTA

    And everyone forgets the Kevin Schwantz(MotoGP) deal too.....But some seem to "know everything." But I digress.....
  7. Three-Time World of Outlaws Sprint Champion Enters Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series “All Star Sprint Car Showdown” at Texas Motor Speedway’s Dirt Track Garland TX (5/25/21) - World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series three-time champion and four-time runner up, Sammy Swindell, has entered the June 10-11 Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series “All Star Sprint Car Showdown” at the 4/10-mile Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track. Swindell will be piloting the Morris Motorsports number 72s. Swindell has collected 394 World of Outlaws feature victories during his illustrious career, alone, not to mention a myriad of additional wins in other sanctioning bodies and forms of open wheel racing divisions. Discount grandstand tickets are now available (and fee-free!) at the event info hub. Just visit https://racexr.com/events/tmsallstar/ and in a few clicks you and your family will be set for two great nights of winged outlaw sprint car racing at Texas Motor Speedway’s Dirt Track – as the Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series headlines the kickoff to NASCAR All Star Weekend. Here is the official paid pre-entry list for the Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series 'All Star Sprint Car Showdown' at Texas Motor Speedway's Dirt Track - as of the afternoon of 5/24/21: Driver Name: State: Car #: Roger Becker TX 2B Casey Burkham TX 45B John Carney TX J2 James Cooper TX 28 Brett Engstrom TX 3 Colby Estes TX 71 D.J. Estes TX 74 Claud Estes TX 74E Gary Floyd TX 72P Dustin Gates LA 6 Weston Gorham TX 71w Joshua Harner TX 41 Joshua Hawkins TX 80 Rodney Henderson TX 67 Collin Horner TX 45x Jason Howell TX 44 Lawrence Howery TX 69H Brandon Howle TX 36 TBA....Mark Huddleston (owner) AR #TBA Junior Jenkins TX 23 Danny Jennings OK 1J Blake Mallory TX B99 Joshua McCord LA 9 Chance McCrary TX 13M Steve McMackin TX 41m Joseph Miller AR 30 Chance Morton OK 7M Kade Morton OK 8M Austin Mundie TX 4 Preston Perlmutter TX 42p Willy Reed TX 3w Richard Reynolds LA 5 John Ricketts TX 99B Austin Saunders TX 82 Jeb Sessums TX 01J Dalton Steed TX 26 Sammy Swindell TN 72s Channin Tankersley TX 17G Chris Tarrant TX 72x Robert Vetter TX V8 Brayden Voigt TX B52 Jerrad Warhurst TX 7 Dustyn Welch TX 39H Dale Wester TX 12w Danny Wood OK 55W Mark Zoeller TX 64 TBA TBA Only a few sprint car entries remain at the time of writing. If you are wanting to enter your sprint car, click: https://racexr.com/register/tmsallstar/
  8. COTA

    Wasn't he the same guy that said previously that he "knew the whole story?"
  9. I-37 speedway updates 5-22-21

    B Factory Stock heats Heat 1 15 Daniel Lopez 00 Zach Freeman 71w Sam Wilcox 92r Robert Keylich 18r Chris Vincent 55c George Clark Heat 2 15b JW Blocker 68 Kenny Wright 17e George Pullin 6 Gary Butler 89 Tim Liese 95 Charles Oebel
  10. Fans too NA$CAR @ COTA NHRA @ Baytown Chance of rain
  11. Texas Dirt Truck Series @ I-37 Speedway, 5/22/21 By JM Hallas Pleasanton TX.,(May 22nd, 2021) Racing was back after succumbing to rain last weekend. I-37 Speedway was back on track with a full slate of racing, including the Texas Dirt Truck Series that lost their show last week. Despite torrential rains of up to 6” earlier in the week, the ¼ mile, semi-banked dirt oval dodged showers from a small tropical system coming in with the IMCA Modifieds, Limited Modifieds, Factory Stocks, Sport Compacts and the aforementioned Texas Dirt Truck Series on the nights card. The Late Model class had a scheduled week off and the Go-Karts, who were part of the regular events, were canceled due the saturated infield course. The Sport Compacts would run a (28-lap)feature only to save wear and tear on the track from the skinny tires on the soft track. Maupin Flexes Muscle in Modified Main It was a shaky start to the 15-lap IMCA Modified main as Robert Liese got the jump into turn 1, but Brandon Welker went by on top of turn 2. Gilbert Amezquita would stop on the back stretch for what turned out to be the races only caution. Under yellow, Robby Minten and Stephen Boubel pulled off. When green waved again Welker again powered off turn 2 with the point trailed by Liese, Jared Maupin, Ryan Doyon and Cody Clark. Maupin and Doyon both got by Liese for second and third with Maupin closing quickly on Welker. Wasting little time, Maupin got around Welker for the lead on lap 3 As Maupin quickly began to gap the field, Doyon and Welker where side by side for second. Liese joined that battle and took third from Doyon, as Maupin continued to march away. At halfway it was Maupin, Welker, Doyon, Liese and Marlin Samford. Liese finally got by Doyon and was looking low on Welker for second. Using a lapped car as a pick, Liese got past Welker for second, After slight contact with Samford, Welker gave up third to Doyon. In the meantime, Maupin was halfway back to Weslaco getting the victory in the Rick Pollaro owned, RNM install.com, BMF Shocks & Chassis, All in Designs, Mission Auto Parts, 604 crate, Longhorn Chassis. Price Chevrolet IMCA Modifieds 96 Jared Maupin, 5r Ryan Doyon, 77 Robert Liese jr., 44x Brandon Welker, 28m Marlin Samford, 5 Cody Clark, 24r Robby Minten, 56 Gilbert Amezquita, 7 Stephen Boubel IMCA Modified heats Heat 1; 5r Ryan Doyon, 77 Robert Liese jr., 5 Cody Clark, 7 Stephen Boubel, 28m Marlin Samford Heat 2; 96 Jared Maupin, 44x Brandon Welker, 24r Robby Minten, 56 Gilbert Amezquita Oakes OK for Limited Modifieds As the Limited Modified 20-lap feature took the green it was Craig Oakes first into turn 1, but Jared Maupin on the outside, powered off turn 2 with the lead pursued by C. Oakes, Robby Minten, Edward Oakes and Anthony Gordon. C. Oakes kept the heat on Maupin getting alongside him for the lead and taking the top spot on lap 4. Once clear C. Oakes began to inch away while Ryan Doyon took fifth from Gordon. After a quick yellow, C. Oakes left Maupin and E. Oakes wheel to wheel for second, with Minten, Doyon and Gordon briefly three wide for fourth. Coming to halfway it was C. Oakes, E. Oakes, Minten and Maupin swapping third, with Doyon fifth. Red waved on lap 11 when Kevin Parker spun in turn 4 and collected Gary Hall and Sterling Tausch. G. Hall had a flash fire off the headers, that quickly burned off. Under red Maupin was unable to refire ending his top four run. Once back to green C. Oakes got away from his dad, Edward, as Gordon and Doyon swapped fourth. A late caution rebunched the field, but C. Oakes was again able to clear the pack as they scrambled for positions. Coming to the checkers it was C. Oakes in his Engine Service, Barry Cajun Food, Razors Edge Graphics, La Femme Boutique, Nasty Cookers, TS2 Consulting, Knowles Race Engine, Western Flyer Chassis comfortably ahead of his dad for the win. Swenson Racing Products Limited Modifieds 91 Craig Oakes, 53 Edward Oakes, 24r Robby Minten, 22m Anthony Gordon, 5r Ryan Doyon, 28m Mason Casteneda, 95 Sterling Tausch, 7k Kevin Parker, bd2 Daniel Preston, 96 Jared Maupin, 3g Gary Hall, 3t Trisha Hall, 11t Tom Grothues, 17 Casey Lowe Limited Modified heats Heat 1; 91 Craig Oakes, 53 Edward Oakes, 22 Anthony Gordon, 5r Ryan Doyon, 28m Mason Casteneda, 7k Kevin Parker, 3t Trisha Hall Heat 2; 96 Jared Maupin, 24r Robby Minten, bd2 Daniel Preston, 3g Gary Hall, 11t Tom Grothues, 95 Sterling Tausch, 17 Casey Lowe Barber Best in Truck Series Bash The 20-lap Texas Dirt Truck Series feature fired off with father-son on the front row. As the green waved it was Jarrett Barber off turn 2 leading over his dad, Chuck Barber, Aaron Leddy, Tony Bernal and Russ Parker. An early caution between Larry Baggett and Jennie Barber was the races only stoppage. Back under green it was Ja. Barber leaving C. Barber and Leddy side by side for second with Frank Okruhlik getting by Parker for fifth. Leddy and C. Barber continued their scrap for second going door to door for several laps as Ja. Barber eased ahead. At halfway it was Ja. Barber, C. Barber, Leddy, Bernal and Okruhlik in the top five. Ja. Barber continued to stretch out his margin over his dad as the final half of the race clicked off and field and the field spread out. At the white flag, Ja. Barber(Robstown) held a half straight lead in his Ace Transmission, Barber Oilfield Trucking, Davids Automotive truck going on to the checkers. Texas Dirt Truck Series 19 Jarrett Barber, 19b Chuck Barber, 93 Aaron Leddy, 81 Tony Bernal, 99 Frank Okruhlik, 28 Russ Parker, 3 Larry Baggett, 4 Treyler Caulfield, 19j Jennie Barber, 11 Adolph Tracy---dns TDTS heats Heat 1; 19b Chuck Barber, 28 Russ Parker, 19j Jennie Barber, 4 Treyler Caulfield, 3 Larry Baggett Heat 2; 19 Jarret Barber, 93 Aaron Leddy, 81 Tony Bernal, 99 Frank Okruhlik, 11 Adolph Tracy Villareal Victorious in Factory Stock It was a shootout to the final lap in the 20-lap Factory Stock feature that saw 22-cars take the green. From outside front row, Memphis Villareal got the edge ahead of Allen Torres, Dakota Hurley, Dustin Hurley and Josh Sewell. Aaron Leddy made an early pass on Sewell for fifth. The two Hurley brothers, who started side by side in row two, were door to door for third. Michael Keylich went around collecting Dillon Gaither, Megan Dodson and Jose Lopez for a caution. On the restart Da. Hurley briefly got by Torres for second but coming to halfway it was Villareal, Torres, Da. Hurley, Du. Hurley and GW Hessong in the top five. While battling for sixth Sewell and Cord Beard made contact. Sewell got headed towards the infield clipping Gaither sending him over the turn 3 hill. Back to green with Villareal ahead of Torres the two Hurley boys were back side by side again swapping the spot until a spin by Hessong slowed the pace. On the restart the Hurley brothers wasted no time finding each other with Dustin getting by Dakota as Villareal and Torres pulled ahead. I guess Thanksgiving bragging rights were on the line as the Hurley boys were door to door again with Katherine Keylich getting past Lopez briefly for fifth. A lap 17 caution between Jesse Sandoval, Jarrett Payton and Hessong set up the final laps shootout. Back to green Torres hung on to Villareal's bumper the best he could but Villareal(Corpus Christi) was able to get a car length as he took the win in the MAV Motorsports, MCM Racing Development, Ridiculous Bodies & Designs, Dark Horse Racing Shocks, Car Compound LLC Detailing, Affordable Window Film, Powers Racer Fabrication, Chevy. All in Design Factory Stocks 30 Memphis Villareal, 31 Allen Torres, 40 Dakota Hurley, 4d Dustin Hurley, 44c Cord Beard, 29 Jose Lopez jr., 44k Katherine Keylich, 18s Jarrett Payton, 36 George Quintanilla, 75 Jerry Miller, 34h Hunter Peterson, 49k Michael Keylich, 747 GW Hessong, 7 Jesse Sandoval, 58 John Aramendia, 133 Megan Dodson, 38 Josh Sewell, 99d Dillon Gaither, 93 Aaron Leddy, 20r Roy Long, 17e Jerry Evans, 10 Scott Jerkins, 33 Charles Earnhardt---dns Factory Stock heats Heat 1; 31 Allen Torres, 4d Dustin Hurley, 49k Michael Keylich, 20r Roy Long, 44k Katherine Keylich, 10 Scott Jerkins, 36 George Quintanilla, 58 John Aramendia Heat 2; 30 Memphis Villareal, 93 Aaron Leddy, 133 Megan Dodson, 17e Jerry Evans, 99d Dillon Gaither, 18s Jarrett Payton, 75 Jerry Miller, 34h Hunter Peterson Heat 3, 40 Dakota Hurley, 38 Josh Sewell, 747 GW Hessong, 29 Jose Lopez jr., 44c Cord Beard, 7 Jesse Sandoval, 33 Charles Earnhardt---dns Butler Serves Up the Win The 15-lap “B” Factory Stock feature was choppy with yellows filling the event. On green, Daniel Lopez jumped ahead chased by Zach Freeman, JW Blocker, Kenny Wright and Butler. The biggest incident came on lap 4 when Freeman half spun and came down the track getting a piece of Tim Liese and Chris Vincent and making hard contact with Charles Oebel. At halfway Lopez was increasing his lead over Wright, Blocker, Butler and Robert Keylich when Liese spun for a caution. Under caution Lopez found himself high-centered on an infield tire and stuck in the mud. This handed the lead over to Wright on the restart with Butler now challenging on the low side. The two ran door to door for a lap and a half until a spin by George Pullin slowed the action. Butler had led by about 6” the previous lap giving him the point on the restart. Butler got away leaving Wright and Blocker side by side for second. Butler got loose off turn 4 giving Blocker a run on the last lap, but it was Butler(Brunnell, Fla.) in the GWB Painting,1Stop Auto, All Star Properties Chevy, taking his second win of the season. B Factory Stocks 6 Gary Butler, 15b JW Blocker, 68 Kenny Wright, 92r Robert Keylich, 55c George Clark, 89 Tim Liese, 71w Sam Wilcox, 17 George Pullin, 15 Daniel Lopez, 18r Chris Vincent, 00 Zach Freeman, 95 Charles Oebel B Factory Stock heats Heat 1; 15 Daniel Lopez, 00 Zach Freeman, 71w Sam Wilcox, 92r Robert Keylich, 18r Chris Vincent, 55c George Clark Heat 2; 15b JW Blocker, 68 Kenny Wright, 17e George Pullin, 6 Gary Butler, 89 Tim Liese, 95 Charles Oebel McDonald Murders 'em The Sport Compacts ran a 28-lap feature with no heat races setting the line up by draw. To say Ryan McDonald(Floresville) put on a driving clinic might be an understatement, but he didn't lead every lap. As the 11-car field took the green Joshua Garcia was able to the lead on lap 1 trailed by McDonald, Josh Jones, Justin Sitterle and Shaun Tracy. McDonald, from row three, took command on lap 2 leaving the field to battle for second, at times literally. Brandon McCall worked his way up quickly from row 5 to battle with Ryker Hernandez, Justin Sitterle and Shaun Tracy in the top five. At one point McCall and R. Hernandez went four wide between the two lapped cars of Rob Tait and Aaron Driscoll. McCall wheel hopped getting the front off the ground, but recovered and settling back in to battle with Sitterle for third. By halfway McDonald had built a huge half track lead over R. Hernandez, McCall, Sitterle and Tracy. The beat down continued through the last half as McDonald didn't let off. By lap 25 McDonald had lapped McCall, in third, and as the white waved had R. Hernandez only a half straight ahead in second. McDonald in his PRG Realty, Texas Task Force, 181 Paving, Buggy Warehouse, 2004 Chevy Cavalier could have stopped for a hot dog as he cruised to the victory. Sport Compacts 816 Ryan McDonald, 55 Ryker Hernandez, 14 Brandon McCall, 88 Justin Sitterle, 14t Shaun Tracy, 9t John Thomas, 70 Rod Tait, 11j Josh Jones, 28 Levi Hernandez, 007 Aaron Driscoll, 32 Joshua Garcia
  12. Marble Falls Lakefest | Boat Racing August 7th & 8th The Marble Falls Chamber of Commerce proudly announces the return of the Lakefest Boat Races held on August 7th & 8th after a 3-year long hiatus. In partnership with the Southern Drag Boat Association, Lakefest provides spectators the rush of adrenalin as drag boats race along Lake Marble Falls at 200 MPH. Marble Falls Lakefest | Boat Racing August 7th & 8th To start off the competition, visitors and locals will have free entry to the ever favorite “Show & Shine” where they will get an insider look at the extreme sport. Drag boats will be on display and attendees will be able to meet the drivers in Johnson Park Friday Night from 5-8PM. Qualifying races begin Saturday morning at 9AM and will continue into the afternoon. Elimination rounds will begin on Sunday morning at 9AM and awards will be given to the winners Sunday Night in Johnson Park at 5:30PM. All gates will open at 7AM. Single day admission for adults begin at $20 per day and children ages 7-12 begin at $10. Children under 7 years old have free entry. For Veterans and Seniors over the age of 65, tickets will begin at $15 and should be prepared to show ID at the gate. Reserved grass area seating is available for $60 for a two-day admission to guarantee a great view with front row seating at the water edge. Maps of seating areas can be found on MarbleFallsLakefest.com To enjoy a full weekend of fun; adult, veterans, and senior tickets include FREE Lakefest t-shirt valued at $20 when purchasing a two-day admission online before July 5th. Coolers will be allowed at the event for a $20 cooler fee each day. Attendees can purchase the Cooler Passes online, or at the gate. This is a Bring-Your-Own-Beverage event, organizers will not be selling any alcohol. Food Trucks and vendors will be available inside the gate for non-alcoholic beverages and food. Branded Lakefest t-shirts and hats will be available for purchase at the event. Craft makers, bakers, and style creators from around the Hill Country will be situated outside the gate for free entry, so attendees will be able to explore these vendors for great gifts and treats on Saturday from 8AM-6PM. Attendees can purchase the Top Eliminator Package which includes two-day admission, a full weekend access to the Lakeside Pavilion Lounge with A/C, breakfast, lunch, 3 drink tickets (21+), and an event t-shirt for $150. Children between the ages of 6-12 tickets are $60. The racing will take place in Lakeside Park (305 Buena Vista Dr, Marble Falls) and the Show & Shine and the awards ceremony will be located in Johnson Park (230 Ave J, Marble Falls). Tickets and full schedule of events can be found on www.MarbleFallsLakefest.com. Marble Falls + Lake LBJ Chamber of Commerce | Website
  13. I-37 speedway updates 5-22-21

    Sport Compacts 816 Ryan McDonald 55 Ryker Hernandez 14 Brandon McCall 88 Justin Sitterle 14t Shaun Tracy 11j Josh Jones 9t John Thomas 70 Rod Tait 007 Aaron Driscoll 32 Joshua Garcia 28 Levi Hernandez
  14. I-37 speedway updates 5-22-21

    Texas Dirt Truck Series 19 Jarrett Barber 19b Chuck Barber 93 Aaron Leddy 81 Tony Bernal 99 Frank Okruhlik 28 Russ Parker 3 Larry Baggett 4 Treyler Caulfield 19j Jennie Barber 11 Adolph Tracy---dns
  15. I-37 speedway updates 5-22-21

    Price Chevrolet IMCA Modifieds 96 Jared Maupin 5r Ryan Doyon 77 Robert Liese jr 44x Brandon Welker 28m Marlin Samford 5 Cody Clark 24r Robby Minten 56 Gilbert Amezquita 7 Stephen Boubel
  16. I-37 speedway updates 5-22-21

    All in Design Factory Stocks 30 Memphis Villareal 31 Allen Torres 40 Dakota Hurley 4d Dustin Huirley 44c Cord Beard 29 Jose Lopez jr 44k Katherine Keylich 18s Jarrett Payton 36 George Quintanilla 75 Jerry Miller 34h Hunter Peterson 49k Michael Keylich 747 GW Hessong 7 Jesse Sandoval 58 John Aramendia 133 Megan Dodson 93 Aaron Leddy 38 Josh Sewell 99d Dillon Gaither 20r Roy Long 17e Jerry Evans 10 Scott Jerkins 33 Charles Earnhardt---dns