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Live updates from Houston Motorsports Park, Liberty Bell 200, July 8


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Just getting set up in the scoring tower... I will be giving race results as we go through the program and maybe a comment or two if something particularly interesting transpires...


1st heat races should take the green around 5:15, so check back in later this afternoon.


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Very hot and humid here as the Pro Trucks complete their timed practice session. The Super Stocks and Trucks will start heads up based on their practice times.


Top five Superstocks were:


Ryan Luza 15.412

Robert Barker, 15.523

Kelly Reininger, 15.841

Hunter Montgomery, 15.875

Buddy Morgan, 16.153


Waiting on the Truck times.


THe NASKARTS, Eco Stocks, Pro Sedans and Legacys will run 8 lap heats to fix their starting lineups.


Pro Modifieds and Pro Late Models will have time trials and start heads up.

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18 Pro Modifieds are on the track as I type. Jake Kruger, Bayley Curry, Joe Aramendia, Bubba Menard, Mike Kourkoubes and Jason Marshall are all in the high 14-second range..


They will be taking time trials around 6:45 pm....

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Pro Trucks top five quickest in timed practice:


Jake Wright, 15.474

Rick Pollaro, 15.491

Adam Haugh, 15.552

Mason Teague, 15.614

Shawn Paul Lehman, 15.628


They will start up front of the 20 Pro Truck 35-lap feature later on this evening.

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Here's how it's supposed to come down tonight.


5:15 Heat Races for NASKARTS, Eco Stocks, Pro Sedans and Legacys


6:45 Pro Late Model and Pro Modified qualifying. Will start heads up for the feature.


8:00 Opening Ceremonies


Features start at 8:10


Legacys 20 laps

NASKARTS 27 laps

Eco Stocks 20 laps

Pro Stocks 35 laps

Pro Modifieds 75 laps

Pro Late Models 75 laps

Super Stocks/Outlaws 30 laps

Pro Sedans 25 laps

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20 Pro Truck 356-lap feature

356 laps?.....Dayum....Order breakfast early, avoid the wait!....lol



Thanks for the catch, Reb! Of course it's 35 laps not 356 laps. Fat fingers...

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Eco Stock 1st heat:


1.Mike Mecum

2.Russell Vickery

3. Robert Henson

4. Danny Bartholomew

5. Brent Devoti

6. Kit Leslie


Very clean all-green racing in Heat 1


Second heat for the Eco Stocks... 12 cars for this one with Shelby Huff and Patrick Lundy win moving away from the pack.


1. Shelby Huff

2. Patrick Lundy

3. ?

4. Matt Lindley

5. Stephen Dalton

6. Soren Rasmussen

7. Jamie Hubbs, Jr

8. Cristian Axley

9. Bedie Sonnier

10. Doug Gibson

11. Chris House

12. Andy Petaveax

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Ten Allison Legacys take to the track for their 8-lap heat. On the 1st lap Rocky Mize and Josh Berendsen got together and spun in 3-4... they both refired and the race continued with no yellow. A few laps later Jaida Simental spun solo in 3-4.. Again, no yellow as she was able to refire and carry on.


1. Colt Mize

2. James Remore

3. Brad Harden

4. Matt Yevcak

5. Brett Mitchell

6. Camryn Chadwick

7, Kit Leslie

8. Josh Berendsen

9. Rocky Mize

10. Jaida Simental

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Do you have a complete entry list nick. I'm watching raceontexas and just wanted to know drivers and car numbers

I wish I did, but they are working out some issues with the system and are doing their level-best to provide information whenever they can....


I know most of the 20 Pro Trucks. Sorry about not being in numerical order....


48 Jake Wright

96 RIck Pollaro

28 Shawn Paul Lehman

5 Kevin Gould

18 Jesse Salazar

05 Brandon Leonard

06 Dale Sheen

14 Michelle Reininger

55 John Winne

37 Kirby Honeycutt

12 Adam Haugh

16 Mason Teague

57 Jake French

40 Craig Roper

6 Wayne Wappes

15 Mark Lindley

4 Chad Rogers

68 Lori Lindley

44 Travis Westell

6x James Coursey

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Ten Late Models


5 Steven Buchanon

115 Ryan Humphries

30 Memphis Villarreal

25 JT Schild

6 DL Wilson

96 Brandon Bendele

51 Zach Knowles

05 Bayley Currey

04 Cory Roper

26 Tim Sargent (Illinois)

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Twenty Pro Modifieds


5 Jake Kruger

072 Bayley Currey

4 Mike Kourkoubes

65 Bubba Menard

50 Joe Aramenda

21 Jason Marshall

33 Jason Morman

99 Bryan Schiuld

26 Bob Slezinsky

81 Christopher Hogan

01 Allen Sampson

96 Brandon Bendele

12 Scooter Bates

7 Brian Ott

54 Clayton Green

6 Jake Thomasson

88 Larry Hughes

51 Zach Knowles

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Late Model Qualifying


05 Bayley Currey, 14.273 (1st)

51 Zach Knowles,14.460

96 Brandon Bendele, 14.354 (3rd)

5 Steve Buchanan, 14.915

30 Memphis Villarreal, 14.533

6 D.L. Wilson, 15.004

115 Ryan Humphrey, 14.726

04 Corey Roper, 14.411

28 Tim Sargent, 14.344 (2nd)

25 JT Schild, 14.397

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