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Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


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Won't try to start listing everyone who deserves a thank you or we will miss someone. But, we truly cannot say thank you enough to the sponsors that supported "The Largest Easter Egg Hunt in Edna, Texas History", the race teams that supported in a sponsorship role, and all of the fans that attended with children to enjoy the night. It was a great event and an incredible number of kids took to the infield in search of eggs galore, including the coveted special prize eggs.


It was a great night and we hope to continue building on the momentum established this season with even more exciting things to be revealed as the season moves along. We want to continue to build a place where racers want to race and fans want to watch the races. Please invite your friends to attend the races at Texana Raceway Park. Again, thank you to each and everyone who sponsored or set foot on Texana Raceway Park last night! Words alone can never express our sincere and heartfelt appreciation to everyone of you!







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