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  1. I build 22 gauge steel body's






    1. Latemodel14z


      Good looking work. I plan on running in Houston area also is why I was looking for aluminum. Thanks

  2. Southern Sport Mod Bodies

  3. Southern Sport Mod Bodies

  4. Southern Sport Mod Bodies

  5. Totals for Race 4/8

    It's Bart Wilcox 71 sport mod thxs
  6. I only watch the big tracks anymore Talladega an Daytona anymore .I really like watching Lucas Dirt late model then guys get after it remind me the old days
  7. Racing Cost Effective

    Look in to useing more modern parts that are easy to find
  8. Just my opinion but I don't think it'll work until we get rid of these expensive race engine and I think if we don't go to LT small block you buy for 1500 with computer control they turn 7000 RPM all day used and make over 300 horsepower and can be checked with a plugged in scanner to see if there's any cheating then but until we get modern and quit using 60 year old Motors that we have to pay $6,000 to race minimum not looking good for the average guy be able to race much longer
  9. Poll on racers

    2 purestocks and a sportmod
  10. Rest In Peace Rick Rapp

    Rest in God's hands Rick the kind of a man as you were you will be greeted with open arms
  11. Opening night for the Go Karts

    Dusty Wilcox 7 yr youth rookie