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This weeks races!

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Just a few notes for this weeks races!


1. In the case a driver exits his car while on the track and is not accompanied by Track personnel we will immediately go to a RED FLAG.


2.Chuck and Bill are replacing the wood in the pit stands today, They also added some safety features to the grand stands. If you see them please say Thank you.


3. All track personnel that will be on the track during the races will be wearing safety vests.


4. We expect all drivers to be dressed and ready to pack the track at 6:30 for the drivers meeting. We are going straight to packing or Hot Laps. We want to move fast and get done before 11pm.


5. Number one rule "HAVE FUN"


Ken Hobbs



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jmo, yall smash em up way to much! Not to say I wont give it a try sometime in the future though ;-)

Me and my wife really enjoy just sitting in the stands at STS and watching though..

I like sitting there with her and narrating to her my opinion on WHAT THE HELL WAS HE/SHE JUST THINKING! lol

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