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  1. Looking for a sweet rack with 220 servo or bigger
  2. Thank you I37

    Wanted to Thank Ray and the crew for letting us hot lap the car yesterday. felt good to be back with 0 issues. (minus broke shock tower) 1x llm will be there next season.
  3. Its been a long 3.5 years for us..But its finally right. We will be there!
  4. 2019 I-37 race schedule

    excited to be back!
  5. Top...Thanks!..will see yall soon at I37
  6. HI...Its always going to haunt us when these things come around to us as we always wonder are we doing enough with our fortunes that others could use and did they make a difference in some ones life that was taken to early.
  7. Thanks Top....Just a normal guy trying to do the right thing in life. And I fail all the time. We have been having motor gremlins and I think we have figured out why. waiting for a few more parts to get in then might make another race this year. The wrap for next season is in design phase and hope to top our last one. lol..Thanks for your support bro...My health is good. I found out that I have skin cancer also however im having it removed next monday. Lukemia is under control and the chemo has it in an undetectable state. Hope all is well with you all also. miss seeing yall at the track but we are returning for sure.
  8. Top.....There is nothing more truthful than that quote. Teaching kids at the dojo adds to this everyday. It is life changing not just in kids but adults too. However a young child who didnt ask for it, didnt wish for it is what gets me the most. Many people go thru life taking everything they can for granted with selfish purposes without regard to anyone else that may have it worse. They live on the crutch of " what do i get out of it" before thinking someone else really may need that who has never asked for anything. And it drives me insane. Children that have lost their parents to combat, terrorism, or some random act of stupidity or parents who have lost a child to a cancer or disease out of their control are the ones we need to help make awareness for. I could never imagine not having my girls around or my grandson around due for any reason. So not only will next year be for our vets that we do this for but also for our children that have this cancer.
  9. So Sad to hear of this. I have lost words to describe how losing one to the same cancer that runs through your own veins feels especially a young one with a full life waiting for him. I sometimes wonder how I have been so lucky while young children like Caleb and many others were not. Its a selfish feeling yet one I cant run from or not think about when things like this come to light. I hope Caleb knew he isn't alone and that he will forever be with us in the the car and on the track. And I hope that when the day comes its my turn, Caleb and all of the young kids that have beat me to the front can show me how they do it up there as ill be a rookie once again. To Caleb's family, I will ensure that Caleb is honored in our next wrap for the 2019 season. Its the fighting spirit that he showed that needs to help fuel all of us to not only keep pursuing the cure but keep the focus on the more important things in life. And being he is high on the outside passing all of us up to the front, we will do everything we can to put the express on the wall so he can see the wave every time we go by.
  10. Rebel, If you could get this to their face book i would really appreciate it! Caleb, As a driver battling Leukemia myself and being a hawkeye myself....Keep up the good fight buddy! We are one family and we battle this as a team. We will keep you in our thoughts and know the racing community is right next to you! All you have to do is pass it high on the outside! Nitro
  11. I got a motor. why don't you let me put it in and see how it runs?! LOL.


    1. drew


      LOL...well..my foot is very heavy and the car digs hard...and if i blew it up then I would be super broke. LMAO

    2. F5RACING


      i was thinking my foot.


  12. General Rules Question

    Stephan your right...Most of our cars are old asphalt lates and have stout front ends, perimeter cages, etc.. there are a few of us that have purpose built chassis and are not as strong at others and most cars in the SS class...However I will say that argument should be more about drivers abilities and talent than sturdiness..I also think alot of the SS guys should put on the big tires and come run with us. There isnt much difference in the sense and alot of those guys have been driving alot longer than guys like me. I think we could have a huge LLM class.
  13. This is so crazy...We went to the WoO show in houston Feb 2016 and was talking with his dad in a motor coach they were selling and jason was rt outside talking to his pit guys. Absolutely unbelievable! Very nice people. Prayers out to his family and friends..Jason was one of the drivers I watched a lot because of his style and smoothness on the track. RIP Ragin Cajun!
  14. General Rules Question

    i agree..if the car fits the rules then let it run...I read the rules for world of outlaws and Lucas oil late models and my car fits the rule...May get hammered with talent and engines...but i fit the rules...I dont care what runs with us in our class...but im only one person....but rules are rules. I think the biggest part of it is keeping the classes separate. And the only way to do that is mandate certain parts of the car like body..tires...jmo..however i think we should leave it to the driver to decide if he wants to take his car and run in an upper class..
  15. General Rules Question

    Being I have only made 3 laps this year due to demons under my hood, this is a touchy subject because egos can start flying and a lot of crap gets taken the wrong way. I have asked the same question about a LLM running with the STLMS guys. (i tried to do this) Same answer every time is chassis stub is to heavy. I think a SS in our class (nothing to do with speed) is too heavy due to how fragile our cars are in the sense in case things go down hill and the SS is in the middle of it. Nothing against the driver but its racing and nothing is predictable. However, it does say registered car not driver. That might be different if the driver just wants to see how he stacks up against a faster class but that might come with some push back regardless of car counts because of points or whatever. I know a SS ran with us at STS one night and did ok. Im sure there are many SS capable of running with our LLMs but being its a different class of car its not fair regardless of how slow the llm or how fast the SS is. So to be fair , if someone wants to run in SS, then register for that class. Same with the others. If a purestock wants to run in LLM, then that car needs to register as an LLM..and so on. Although, I don think and LLM can register as a ministock-(damn it)I. lol....Point being the rule is clear....