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  1. $1333 Showdown

    Nick, just glad you made it down. Didn't know you were in town. I enjoy doing these, especially when I know most of the drivers at least by name, but I do wish I had enough to get a car of my own. Maybe soon but until then, I'll do these unless Reb is at the same track.

    Very well said HiTech and agree 100%. I didn't know Mr. Parks other than name but after seeing what transpired this weekend, can affirm he was highly respected. Mr. Stephens I've come to know the past few seasons and my memories from CCS, never heard that man have a bad thing to say, no matter how well his drivers' nights went. Great job by all involved this weekend and yes, it was a very emotional weekend for the majority of those out there and glad to be one of them.
  3. $1333 Showdown

    Link to Official Results http://www.southtxspeedway.com/profile/schedule/results.aspx?r=375291&rt=sch
  4. $1333 Showdown

    Factory Stock Feature Winner $1333 99T Tryton Temple
  5. $1333 Showdown

    Factory Stock Feature Top 5 1. 99T Tryton Temple 2. 8S Johnny Torres 3. 4 Allen Torres 4. 747 GW Hessong 5. 13 Johnny Johnson
  6. $1333 Showdown

    Gauthier spins in 4 and sends the field scrambling behind him. A. Torres will crack the top 5 now.
  7. $1333 Showdown

    Hessong up to 2nd on the restart but Temple battles back. Yellow back out as Carlucci spins to avoid Long and Harbison. J. Torres, Hessong, Temple, Johnson and Gauthier the running order late.
  8. $1333 Showdown

    Carlucci gets real loose and gives up some spots, Johnson takes 5th. Caution out as Leonard spins exiting 4 and just off the track.
  9. $1333 Showdown

    J. Torres takes the point up high again, Hessong charges up to 3rd. Gauthier and Carlucci top 5 at the crossed flags.
  10. $1333 Showdown

    Temple with a great start as Carlucci, Gauthier, and J. Torres comes charging up to 3rd and takes 2nd on the outside. Temple, J. Torres, Gauthier, Johnson and Hessong top 5. Caution out as Carlucci sits facing the wrong way in 1.
  11. $1333 Showdown

    Bill Stephens leading the field with the Missing Man Formation honoring his late father David Stephens.
  12. $1333 Showdown

    Factory Stock Feature Lineup 99T 99 34 8S 747 4 133 13 741 113 9C 92 15D 47 20R 35 13S
  13. $1333 Showdown

    A very excited Sport Mod $1333 Feature Winner Tanner Whitmire with a big congratulatory hug from James Parks, they shared a moment.
  14. $1333 Showdown

    Sport Mod Feature Top 5 1. 101 Tanner Whitmire 2. 96 Jared Maupin 3. 26 JJ Jennings 4. H14 Heath Stewart 5. 148 Max Calles-McDonald
  15. $1333 Showdown

    Jennings takes 3rd and Beaver cracking the top 5. Miraculous save by Hessong who got way loose out of 4 and noone wrecked behind him. Whitmire, Maupin, Jennings, Calles-McDonald and H. Stewart top 5 at the midpoint. Stewart takes 4th. Maupin trying to reel in Whitmire as they get into traffic.