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Rebelracewriter's Texas Stockcar Champ. Results

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Late Models


1. Ervin Breiten

2. Joe Aramendia

3. Donny Horelka

4. Joey Heinaman

5. Tommy Gural

6. Larry Bendele

7. Teresa Gural

8. Gregg Godfrey

9. Allen Alexander

10. Steve Whitaker

DQ Lloyd Alexander (illegal crank)

DQ Ryan Englehardt (illegal heads)


Super Street


1. Kyle Carter

2. Tommy Wynd

3. Greg Carlucci Sr.

4. Claire Randell

5. Jim Teague

6. John Heinaman

7. Jim Meyers

8. Trey White

9. Bobby Jack

10. Rusty Mirth

11. Greg Carlucci Jr.

12. Chuck Perry

13. Bart Wilcox

14. Jimmy Wayne Mason

15. Darrell Miller

16. Bruce Barber

17. Kieth Garrett

18. Wesley Black

19. Chris Blaszak

20. Matt Gardner

21. Jamie Evans

22. Abel Arrendondo

23. Eric Knutson

DQ Steve Grantz (Illegal Heads)




1. Bobby Jack

2. Joey Heinaman

3. John Heinaman

4. Corey Viar

5. Darin Leonard

6. Jason Knight

7. Manny Trevino

8. Frank Torres

9. Gene Hyde

10. Michael Jack

11. Wayne Voigt

12. Johnny Torres

13. Ernie Villegas

14. Wayne Norrell

15. #2

16. Andy VanBlarcum

17. Larry Requilman

18. Joe Arce

19. Jason Kelly

20. Shawn Ward

21. Jim Meyers

22. Tommy Wynd

DQ Mike Lee (Illegal Rocker Arms)




1. E.J. Gilpin

2. Ronald DeLeon

3. Will Robertson

4. Lalo Leal

5. Todd Evans

6. Gage Gueverea

7. Rick Russell

8. Jimmy Castillio

9. Jesse Sandoval

10. Joe Arce

11. Rico Guitierrez

12. Darrell Kennemer

13. James Soosa


J.M. Hallas

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Sorry speedy, as you can see by the early AM post time we were burnt out.

Rick, slysnake, Russell finished seventh. My apolgizes!


ttr73, Those are what was given to me. I thought Randall was a lap down myself. But then I thought Larry Bendele and Ervin Breiten were lapped in the Late Models too. According to Owen, cars are scored as they cross the start finish line even though they are coming down the pit chute. Perhaps that's were this came about also.


fastman, You'll have to have someone more technical give you the explanations.


Anyone know who the #2 Bomber was? He's the only name missed on the print out. The car with spiders and black cats on it.

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Our usual #2 Bombers is I forgot his first name, but his last name is Krause. I'm pretty sure that was him though. When I saw him leaving, the truck pulling the trailor had a "Krause Construction" sign on the door. From what I overheard in the tech area, the 53 car was a couple of cc's off on his compression and they were still working on Alexander's car when I left. I had heard that "shrimp" had an Acid-dipped intake manifold and ported heads, but I'm not too sure on that. Damn, just the mini's had all their cars pass tech. Owen, maybe they should get a bonus for not cheating, let me rephrase, not being illegal since cheating implies knowledge of what was wrong and the reactions from the guys in the tech pad were surprised? I tried guys.

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The # 53 car was supposed to be 62 cc's they were only 61. The # 5 car had a 3.500 stroke on the crank shaft and cant be more than 3.480. Neither infractoin won the race or was the reason for finishing 2nd. Machine shop error not drivers or teams. If these two teams were going to cheat in this way it would have been a lot more than 1 cc and 20 thousants on a crank.

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That's what I meant. Those drivers weren't cheating, their cars were illegal. I know that they didn't mean to be illegal, at least the Late Models didn't. If cheating was on their minds I'm sure they would have found a better way to cheat. I don't think those measurements would prove too much of an advantage, especially on a 1/4 mile track. If they were illegal suspension parts then I would think that they had more of an idea of the legality of their cars. Both teams seemed surprised when they were deemed illegal. I didn't mean to sound like I was accusing anyone of cheating, those cars were just found to be illegal. It was too bad because both of those Late Model drivers ran a hell of a race and deserved their finishing spot.

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2/10th of a difference on the late model stroke only adds about 2 or 3 extra horsepower. Whoooopie, like thats going to make that big of a difference. Corpus is not considered a horsepower track anyway so I dont think that few additional horsepower would have been a factor in the outcome of the race.

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I understand that rules are rules and I have always been for teching as much as possible. However (heard this through the grapevine and wondering if it is true or not) why was another driver considered legal when the late model stroke is supposed to be 3.48 and his was 3.49 and they dq'd alexander for 3.50?

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(heard this through the grapevine and wondering if it is true or not)


OK its officially a RUMOR, heard it directly from one of the officials that it measured out 3.48


(Paul Harvey voice) Now I know the rest of the story....thanks :D

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