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  1. thanks to all

    Sometimes a wall might help out... This was from the IMCA Supernationals in Boone a few weeks back... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NruMdEAJc9Y In Car View... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoshZxJmkUo
  2. thanks to all

    Good to see that Claire is alright Im sure it wasnt a fun ride... Sometimes a wall might help out... This was from the IMCA Supernationals in Boone a few weeks back... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NruMdEAJc9Y
  3. CTS Kyle Classic 250 schedule, August 29, 2015

    The only way the day is going to get shortened is by reducing the number of classes that run on a given night... In my opinon there are really only 2 feasible ways to do that... Either drop/combine classes or split the classes up and run more nights... CBS Runs 5 sometimes 6 classes a night. Starts at 7 ends around 11-12... Thats hot laps, heats, and features. Avg car counts are about 80-100 cars... Only negative is the long drive home so far... If you cut down the classes in half the day's can be started at 5 instead of 11a and you can run heat races instead of qualifying each week... More fun for the fans less time in the heat for the drivers better for all involved...
  4. HMP detailed schedule for May 1 & 2

    Not allowed spotters... You have to use a scanner or raceciever set to 462.7125...
  5. As of Right now... Fastest Practice Lap... 5th Colt James 18.978 8th Rick Pollaro 19.044 15th Jesse Salazar 19.217 16th Mason Teague 19.278 18th Mark Chrudimsky 19.325 19th Justin Steiner 19.363 22nd Chris Davidson 19.435 24th James Lynch 19.465 26th David Webster 19.504 29th Shawn Paul Lehman 19.741 35th Chad Rogers 20.356
  6. I cant remember do they still drop the worst race when determining the points?
  7. well heck..

    I dont know how much truth there is in this but I had read somewhere in the last few days that Bowman has been like that for alot more than just a few years its been like that for generations. When that kind of fluff gets into the everyday mindset of the driver the promoter and the fan it becomes nearly impossible to turn back the clock so to speak. That track draws fans because they know at some point in the night someone is going to do something stupid, its seems very few are there to see side by side racing. The drivers know that apparently the track doesn't discourage those actions it because it puts butts in the seats and money in their wallet. An example of this even out here tho is what do you remember more for SAS fans John Heil throwing a fire extinguisher at another racecar on the track or when Steve Osborne ran his first race (I think won) at SAS after recovering from his incident? For Kyle which do you remember better Ausin Self getting chased around the track by Tommy Grimes under caution after an ontrack incident or watching Joe Aramendia win a race with a flat left front tire for the last few laps? For Houston even though rather new on the minds what many would call an intentional wrecking of Taylor Harris or watching someone like Mason Teague or Zach Knowles or Joe Aramendia ect... start near the back and work their way to the front for a good finish or win. I think the question for a lot of people should be what should be done to keep your track from having the Bowman Grey mentality besides saying I'm not going to show up there because.... .02
  8. Texas rainouts this weekend ---

    Thanks I was going to go to Battleground but too late now that I see its open.
  9. Setup Software

    Heck I thought we lost Tom during the Crusades...
  10. CTS info

    I'm trying to figure out how to disable that "warning points" thing. We're all adults here. Nick Well most of us anyhow...
  11. I am pretty sure that it has happened before and if I am correct it happened at the old Alamo Dragway in either the late 80's early 90's but there was no catch fence in the way and someone sitting in the stands was killed. I believe that was the first fatality at the track but not the last... I never heard what the cause was but I seem to remember it happened at the start line...
  12. I was guessing in the 12-14k range... I'm sure it could be more than that if you want the best of everything...
  13. That why I asked ballpark...Double pass standard gauges. Oil water Tach Standard Bassett wheels 7.5 rear.
  14. What does a complete roller minus seat motor and trans run? Ballpark... I don't have another car/truck to transfer parts over from...
  15. Central Texas Speedway Updates

    I think as a whole the track would prob make more money that weekend of the F1 race doing cart rentals and races than they would with the regular race crowd...