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Thunder Stock


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There is a 17 Car field possible for the July 17th Race>>> Can we get there?


#50 Yes

#14 Yes

#99 Yes

#17 Yes

#04 Yes

#40 Yes

#22 Yes

#5 Yes




#1 Maybe "Depends on if officials really know how to black flag for Rough driving, I can't keep up the repairs"





#3 No



#56 Maybe


2 New Cars possible

Craig Sellman Race team (New Car Bottom up build)

#66 Team car to #99 (old #2 TBS Car)

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Nice win last night Aaron! You looked flawless, and your car looks great. Your right, lets get all the thunder stocks together.

You the man. Btw people-Aaron is a VERY intelligent individual. Stand around him in the pits, and watch him drive. You will hear and see useful tips!!

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i don't think so aaron, after being tore up 3 weeks in 5 runs, i'm not going to ask the huff's to put out any more money to keep getting tore up, it cost too much when you don't have a body man to do the repairs and the rearend has been broke the last 2 runs, this is all done and the huff's don't take short cuts when they buy parts for the car, they always buy the best for a good car, that takes a lot of time and money just to keep getting tore up, sorry, i wish i had a better answer, thanks for the offer, del

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get me a nose cover and fix my bumper and ill think about getting off the phone and taking off the panties to come race with yall. :P:lol:

Get me... fix my...?!? Dude, its your car. :lol::lol::P

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