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Ok lets get off this crappy talk and talk about something a little more fun... What would you guys do if you won the 215 (insert Mike Myers from Austin Powers) Miiiiiillllion Dollar Jackpot? Would you buy a track or fix one up? Would you try to run a bigger series or just create your own? Would you even buy a ticket... :)

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I'd put an ARCA team together to run 1.5 and larger mile tracks only. It would have high quality proven Cup cars and leased "name" engines. Basically just have storage/turnaround/light fab facilities. Everything else is done out of house by professionals. Low overhead(relatively) and minimal hassle. ARCA looks like the most reasonable big track competitive experience for the dollar. A team that could operate on some of the interest produced by a 215 million dollar principle could put a top 5 team out in year one if you could sign the right people right off the bat.

...on the other hand, there was that little place I saw while sailing off the west coast of Kauai...



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Well I would take the cash option so i would only get a portion of the 215 million. But first I would buy a warehouse to store my stuff. Then I would go to work buy 3 brand new Volvo 780 tractors then quit (so i could get the employee discount). Then I would pick up 3 featherlite trailers. Then the good stuff:

1st: I would go to Beast Chassis and pick up a midget, sprint, and silver crown car (asphalt and pavement cars)

2nd: I would go visit Hyder Hawk chassis and pick up a West Coast Super Modified

3rd: Then to Maxim Chassis for two World of Outlaws

4th: I would go to Port City and buy at least a minimum of 10 late models (perimeter and offset)

5th: Hire Umscheid Race Services to be my setup specialist and take care of equipment

6th: Hire these drivers: JC Umscheid, Michael Umscheid, and Bradley Reithmeyer

These drivers had make engine arrangements with there builders but in case one could not be made the engines would be supplied by Cantrell Race Engines.

7th: Contract Cantrell Race Engines to build my motors for my open wheel cars and latemodels that I would drive.

8th: I would take myself and these drivers across the country and race full time from then on.

9th: At some time a Craftsman truck team would be started an ran with a multi truck team.

10th: I cant forget I would pay off all my bills my parents bills, and build a huge ass house and have parties all the time that make dale jrs look like elementary school.

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I would build an real nice wide 1\2 mile track name it Dominion speedway pay decent purses and hire professional advertisers and marketing company to promote the speedway and councel race team on sponsor searches then I would make it afforadable for everyone to race there except Gasman.LOL (evil laugh)oh hahahahahaha

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