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Live Updates from Houston Motorsports Park, 9/6/08


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The big news from tonight's practice session was that Brandon Bendele will not be running the number 6 Pro Late Model - Jason Young will be behind the wheel.


It seems that Brandon broke his hand pretty badly working at home and had surgery Friday to pin everything back together. The team has sponsor obligations so Jason got the call. The car looked very fast in the final practice session after trying at least two different shock packages.


And I was very interested in seeing how the Limited Dirt Mods would do on the HMP surface. 15-year old Mason Mitchell had his limited out and after a slow start got the hang of it and started to run some really decent laps. They sit up in the air a mile compared to the Pro Mods, but Mason showed me that these cars might well have a productive future running the asphalt.


J.C. Umscheid was really quick in his car. David has found the right combination for sure. Tuffy Hudson looked very impressive as well. And Bob Slezinsky looked very quick. That team has kept after the suspension and it's starting to pay off.


I really didn't pay as much attention as I should have to who was there and who wasn't, but there were quite a few Pro Mods and Pro Late Models practicing.


I'll try to get up to the tower in time for time trials and keep everyone up to date with some live updates this evening.



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My husband is waiting to load by the track & was thinking of going to the races. I told him that the parking was $5.00. Does this include trucks & is there truck parking?


If anyone needs help, he is a pretty good mechanic & jack of all trades. He was my crew chief at SAS & THR. He would be happy to help out.

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Oh no, Nick is at it again this week. I guess he's going to screw up everything again this week and make a bunch of people mad.................. (Just kiddin' ya big guy! :D)




On a more serious note......................... Be fore warned. Anybody that gets on here this week complaining and whining will be dealt with harshly by the general membership. The gloves are coming off. I promise you. :angry:

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Oh no, Nick is at it again this week. I guess he's going to screw up everything again this week and make a bunch of people mad.................. (Just kiddin' ya big guy! :D)




On a more serious note......................... Be fore warned. Anybody that gets on here this week bitchin' and whinin' is gonna get S*** on hard by the general membership. The gloves are coming off. I promise you. :angry:



ah amen, I second this. :angry:

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I'm just a simple farm boy from Maine (that explains a lot, right?), but what the heck is with these millions of bugs that are all over the place flying around united in holy matrimony, to put it politely...


You can't go anywhere without a bunch of them landing on you, on the coke can, flying up your nose... etc.


I've heard them called a couple of names, neither of which is appropriate for this site, but then someone said their kid calls them "love bugs."



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I'm just a simple farm boy from Maine (that explains a lot, right?), but what the heck is with these millions of bugs that are all over the place flying around united in holy matrimony, to put it politely...


You can't go anywhere without a bunch of them landing on you, on the coke can, flying up your nose... etc.


I've heard them called a couple of names, neither of which is appropriate for this site, but then someone said their kid calls them "love bugs."



Actually, those are Telephone Bugs. We gave them that title years ago because they "Say hello and hang up".

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Those things are actually a species of Flies, similar to a March Fly.

Anyone with a white canopy is in for a long day; something about the white color attracts them like Big John to a keg party.

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Actually Nick they are a butterfly, we all released them in celebration of your return to gods country. :P

I hope they have a good car count. Thinking back and looking at the older cars the limited mods are like the old modifieds from the 60s, mostly stock suspension parts and few engine mods, compared to a full blown mod.

Looking forward to the updates, me I got a football game to go to. Oh yes the saying in Lubbock WRECK EM TECH. :lol:

Edited by 97car
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It's time to race at HMP!


The NasKarts are up first first for their eight lapper.


Marty Kreis and Megan Smith up front. Kreis takes the early lead.


Lyndon Kirk outpowers the leader at midway and was able to hang on for the win. Following him was Travis Roberts and Brian Kuemple, Mary Kreis and Stevphen Pepper.



Up next is the Bandoleros for their 15 lap feature. Seven cars take the green.


Ryan Luza and Travis Benson up fornt. Brandon Walterbach and Chad Cook next...


At the start, Dylan Hyche and Jake Wright get together and spin in turn 2 on the first lap for a complete restart.


Luza out first on the restart followed by Benson as Walterbach and Cook fight for second.... but Jake Wright spins in turn four to bring out the second yellow for the little Bandoleros.


On the lap 5 restart Luza again takes command, but Benson and Walterbach slip by for the lead a couple of laps later, dropping Luza to third. Cook hangs on to the lead pack in fourth as the rest of the field fades.


The top three now open a gap back to Cook as Benson has his mirror full of Hogan and Walterbach who are just as determined as Benson.


Benson able to hold of Luza and Wallterbach for the win.


1. Travis Benson, 15 laps

2. Ryan Luz, 15

3. Brandon Walterbach, 15

4.Chad Cook, 15

5. Jake Thomasson, 15

6.vDylan Hyche, 15

7. Jake Wright, 15

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Nine Limited Modifieds out next for their their 40-lap feature. Let's see how they do as it's their first time on the HMP asphalt and concrete.


Neil Manchester and Mason Mitchell jump out first and Mike Kressley and Todd Manchester not far behind.


Hey... these guys look pretty good and sound good too! Everyone behaves themselves for the first five laps as they drop into line and set sail.


With five laps in Neil Manchester opens a slight lead over Mitchell and as the laps tick down a small gap develops back to Kressley, Brian Poulter, Quentin Epler, Eric Robbins, Thomas Downey and Steven Hoppe.


Not much "dirt tracking" taking place so far. These guys look like they've been on pavement all their lives.


Opps! Lots of smoke form the Hoppe car... Ouch. Greased down the groove with fluid - must be transmission fluid - the whole way around. Doesn't cause much harm on dirt, but asphalt it's a big deal when the whole track gets oiled down...


The tracks goes red as the cleanup crew does their best to get the track race-ready again.


After a 20 delay, we're racing again! Hoppe rejoins after repairs.


N. Manchester out first, Mitchell right on his tail... Looks like the laps have been cut because there are 20laps to go..


Again the field falls into line, but several of the cars are srtarting ot get a tad loose as they throw their cars into the turns like on dirt.


N. Manchester able to fend off Mitchell as the laps click off. The lead pair has opened a sizable lead over Kressley and T. Manchester. A few car lengths back, Poulter, Epler and Downey get after it as they dice for fifth.


Manchester and Mitchell cross the line in that order with Poulter, T. Manchester, Poulter Downey Epler... the other cars were lapped I think. Remember, this is all very unofficial.


1. Neil Manchester, 28

2. Mason Mitchell, 28

3. Mike Kressley, 28

4. Todd Manchester, 28

5. Brian Poulter, 28

6. Thomas Downey, 28

7. Quentin Epler, 28

8. Steven Hoppe, 27

9. Eric Robbins, 27

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Four Legends line up for their 20 lap feature.


Zach Hausler and Zach Knowles up front. Alex Hickham and Steve Hyche in the back.. or in row two.


Hausler out first with Hickham not far behind. Knowles and Hyche drop back a bit.


Hickham slows with 15 to go and drops out of this one leaving Hausler out front.


On the next lap Knowles spins solo down the back straight for a caution.


Hausler takes off leaving Hyche and Knowles to battle for the runner-up spot. With 11 to go, Knowles works his way past Hyche, but he's got a lot of ground to make up to catch the leader.


With four to go Hyche spins coming out of turn four to bring out the caution flag.


On the restart Knowles takes a look but Hausler takes the checkered followed by Knowles and Hyche.


1. Zachary Hausler, 20

2. Zach Knowles, 20

3. Steve Hyche, 19

4. Alex Hickham, 5

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A 40-lap Pro Stock feature up next. Only seven of the fun-to-watch stockers here tonight...


Jannette Huff and Richard Smith up front. Fernando Davila and Del Harris in row two. James Huff, Evan Teal and Lynn Hardy bring up the rear. This one is totally inverted by point average.


J. Huff and Richard Smith go side by side for a lap with Huff getting the advantage after a lap. Harris moves into second as Lynn Hardy moves up to third after 2 laps. Richard Smith drops back as James Huff scoots into fifth.


The top six are all in a tight row with Janette Huff holding off Harris and Hardy with 30 to go. Everyone seems content for now to run as a pack, but Hardy goes to the outside of Harris and the pair trade a little paint but Harris holds off Hardy, at least for now. James Huff is dogging Davila a few car lengths back as the front three go at it.


With 23 to go, Janette Huff has opened a two car lead over the battle for second.


Teal - his first time at HMP - was having a tough time hanging on but, OUCH! With 22 to go he gets very loose coming off turn four, tries to correct, comes back accross the track and ends up on his side in the middle of the front straight. Everyone scatters behind him, but James Huff has no where to go and sideswipes the underside of Teals car which ends up under the flagstand up against the grandstand wall as Huff bounces off.


Teal crawls out of the car apparently unharmed much to the delight of the excellent crowd on hand.


With the cleanup done, the six remaining cars take the green with Janette Huff, Harris, Hardy, Davila, Hames Huff and Richard Smith.


Harris gives a long look outside but Huff hangs tough ou the inside groove. They go side by side for a couple of laps with Hardy following Harris on the outside. What a battle as they go door to door for several laps with Huff hanging very tough.


Harris swings wide with 16 to go and gets loose surrendering second to Hardy.


Suddenly Janetter Huff spins solo coming off turn two with 14 laps remaining, but a moment later Hardy looses a wheel and spins down the backstraight ending his night.


Harris inherits the lead with Davila, James Huff, Richard Smith and Janette Huff the remaining cars.


Harris takes off with Davila and James Huff in hot pursuit. Hardy rejoins the field with a new wheel and tire.


James Huff tries an inside move on Davila with 11 to go but cut it too tight and spun in turn 1-2.


Freddy Davila dives to the inside of Harris who seems to have lost the handle with 10 to go and takes Richard Smith with him. Janetter and James have their own battle for third as the top five go nose to tail.


With five to go, Davila has a three car-lenght lead over Smith who has Janette Huff and James Huff on his bumper.


Freddy Davaila hangs on for the win over Richard Smith, Janette Huff, James Huff, Del Harris and Lynn Hardy.


It was Davila's first win at HMP I believe.


1. Fernando Davila, 40

2. Richard Smith, 40

3. Janetter Huff, 40

4. James Huff, 40

5. Del Harris, 39

6. Lynn Hardy, 38

7. 5 Evan Teal, 17

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The 20 lap NasKart feature has Lyndon Kirk on the pole and Travis Roberts outside. Hard to see the numbers, but I'll do my best .


Lots of bumping at the start but it's just the norm for these drafting karts.


Steven Pepper moves into second but Brian Kuemple takes the position as they all weave around each other down the straights. Now Kaleb Kreis outpowers several cars and takes the lead with 16 to go.


Kuemple and Kirk are having a real battle for 2nd but scoots to the lead .. at the mandatory yellow with 11 to go.


Kreis, Kuemple and Mike Bell are mixing it up big-time as Kirk takes over with 7 to go.


Two karts get together in turn two, but both recover .. can't tell who is was involved by that could have been bad if they had made it to the wall...


At the finish it was Kirk, Kuemple, Mike Steinman, Stephen Pepper, Mike Bell the top five.


These guys ran really quick with lots of passing, lots of drafting, bump drafting and even a near wreck...


1. Lyndon Kirk, 20

2. Brian Kuemple, 20

3. Mike Steinman, 20

4. Stephen Pepper, 20

5. Mike Bill, 20

6. Gary Smith, 20

7. Kevin Hummel, 20

8. Marty Kreis, 20

9. Travis Roberts, 20

10, Megan Smith, 20

11. Mike Hackett, 20

12. Kaleb Kreis, 18

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Up next is the "Trucks Drive America and Terrier Transportation 60" for the Pro Modifieds.


Right now every race car running tonight is out on the front straight for a huge autograph session. Along with the race cars are a number of trucks from Trucks Drive America and Terrier Transportation. Nice rigs!


J.C. Umscheid is giving out free t-shirts and Greg "Doc" Baber is handing out some of the best beef jerky I have ever eaten from his sponsor, Williams & Conner Beef Jerky. And I see some hats flying over the catch fence. Not sure who else is giving out good stuff, but the crowd is loving this deal. There are still fans pouring out onto the front straight and the whole straight is always swarming with humanity.


Fourteen of the low-slung, fire breathing Pro Mods will line up for their 40-lapper - but not in this order because I'm doing this while the fans are still down on the straight: Brad Hudak, Jerry Schild, Jason Boyd, J. C. Umscheid, Tuffy Hudson, Jim Nides, Ian Webster, Tryan Stutes, Bob Slezinsky, Bobby Hillin, Jr., Greg "Doc" Baber and Pat Kinsey.


Slezinsky on the pole and Nides to his outside, Pat Kinsey, Larry Hughes in row two, Brad Hudak and Tyran Stutes in row three, Mike Blood and Ian Webster in four, Tuffy Hudson and Jerry Schild in five, J. C. Umscheid and Jason Boyd in six, Greg Baber and Bobby Hillan Jr. in seven and the Limited Modified winner, Brad Dixon at the end of the pack.


Slezinsky gets the jump on Nides, but Ian Webster gets turned around in turn 2 to bring out the caution and a complete restart.


Again Slezinsdy gts a good jump and takes off. The field gets all bunched up as the fast cars are all at the rear but soon it straightens out. Slezinsky Nides, Hudak, Husdson, Unschied, Boyd make up the top seven and then a gap back to Webster in the early going. But Jerry Schild gets at tap coming off turn two and slides to a smokey stop. Stutes and Schild both to the rear for the contact to bring out the yellow.


With 53 remaining the green flies with Slezinskt again getting the jump on Nides. But Hudson and Nides make contact in turn four as Hudson tried an outside move that didn't quite work as planned. Noth Hudson and Nides to the rear. Nides pits.


It's now Slezinsky, Hudak, Umscheid, Boyd, Hillan, Webster, Blood, Baber, Dixon, Hughes, Schild, Kinsey, Stutes and Hudson...


Hudack takes a look undjer Slezinsky on the restart and gives him a big tap in turn four. No harm. The front six are again nose to tail. Unschied goes to the outside around everyone and grabs the lead with 49 to go...


But another wreck down the back straight involving Webster, Boyd, Hudak and someone I didn't see, brings out the next yellow with 46 to go. Not sure what started that one... Hudson pits under yellow for a quick chassis adjustment. Hudak and Boyd out for the night.


So it's now Unscheid, Slezinsky, Hillan, Webster, Blood, Baber, Dixon, Schild, Stutes, Hughes, Kinsey and Hudson who pulls back out on the track.


Looks like some laps were removed as the scoreboard says 38 to go


Umscheid gets a really good start and moves away from Slezinsky who finds his mirror full of Hillan. Hillan makes the pass as does Webster, dropping Slezinsky to fourth.


Hudson is working hard to get back to the front and moves Baber out of the way and takes Stutes with him, but Stutes does not clear Baber and heavy contact results. Baber and Stutes both hang on and they resume racing without needing a caution.


Hudson now moves by Slezinsky after a friendly nudge or two and sets sail for Blood.


Meanwhile, Unscheid is taking off and leaving everyone except Hillan who seems to be making up ground.


With 20 to go, it's Unschied up front and starting to lap cars, then Hillan who seems to be closing, Webster who is way back and a hard charging Hudson who is making quick work of car after car on his quest to get back to the front.


Pat Kinsey spins with 13 to go in 3-4 to bring out the yellow. Looks to me like maybe some moisture on the track somewhere as Hughes also spins. Yep.. there's a cleanup taking place on the front straight. Hillan pulls into pits dropping some sort of liquid. What a shame as he was running a strong second and looking to maybe catch Umschied. Slezinsky pits for a left rear. Hudak returns after many laps in the pits.


That makes it Umscheid, Webster, Hudson, Blood, Schild, Stutes, Baber and not too sure after than because I lost track of who Umschied had lapped as they get ready for a 10-lap shootout.


The top three take off as the rest of the field stacks up behind ... lots of banging going on in that pack.


Finally, with six to go, contact is made and Stutes, Slezinsky and Baber end up in a wad on the back stretch - may have been others who started it all, but those three ended up taking the worst of it. Slezinsky to the pits. Stutes to the rear.


Umschied, Webster and Hudson will duke this one out. Umschied pulls away leaving Hudson and Webster to fight for second. Webster holds on for second and then it's Hudson, Blood, Schild, and Baber...


Unofficial finish


1. J.C. Umscheid, 60

2. Ian Webster, 60

3. Tuffy Hudson, 60

4. Mike Blood, 60

5. Jerry Schild, 59

6. Greg Baber, 59

7. Tryan Stutes, 59

8. Pat Kinsey, 58

9. Larry Hughes, 57

10. Bob Slezlinsky, 53

11. Bobby Hillan, Jr, 46

12. Brad Dixon, 36

13. Brad Hudak, 22

14. Jayson Boyd, 11

15. Jim Nides, 6

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Quickly the eleven Pro LMs pull out on the track for the terrier Transportation 75.


Up front it's Matt Mecum who spins during hot laps, and Thad Felton, Larry Schild III and Johnny Walker in two,....


Felton takes the lead from the outside as Schild , Walker, Matt Smith all get by Mecum.


Ralph Burris, Michael Crofford, Cody Smith, Jason Young, Carl Smith, Ronnie Whitlock and Mecum who seems to be having handling issues is the running order with 70 remaining.


Felton still up front, but Walker is closing and bringing Matt Smith with him. Not far back lurks Schild. Then there's a gap back to Crofford, Cody SMith, Jason Young, Carl Smith... Burris and Whitlock about a half lap behind the leader. Mecum lapped iwth 60 to go.


As the laps go by Felton looks comfortable in the lead, but Walker, Matt Smith, Walker and Schild are all right there with him. Then the gap back to the pack.


Cody Smith takes a few looks under Crofford but can't quite make a move until 51 to go when he nudges Crofford a bit coming off turn four and scoots by for fifth. Young and Carl Smith make it by Crofford with 48 to go. Up front Felton has opened up a three car-length lead over Walker who is being pressured by Matt Smith.. .WIth 44 to go Smith gets by after trading some paint and brings Schild with him for second and third, dropping Walker to fourth.


Matt Smith seems to be making up some real estate on Felton, but not very quickly as the laps click off. WIth 35 to go Felton has a few car lengths on Matt Smith who is leaving Schild and Walker a bit each lap. Then it's Walker, Cody Smith a few car lengths behind, a gap to Young and Carl Smith. Another gap to Crofford and a gap to Burris and Whitlock.


With 28 to go, Felton is catching Whitlock and Burris...


But with 27 to go the first yellow flies as Cody Smith and Matt Mecum make contact as Mecum gets lapped.

Mecum to the pits. Burris pits, Cody Smith pits.


This puts Matt Smith and Schild on Felton's rear bumper at the re-start...


But no.. they all check up in turn four as the field accordianed behind Felton. Carl Smith and Jason Young and Michael Crofford all sustain damage and all pit. Burris pits as well and they look under his hood. Karl Smith returns after repairs. This runs the laps down to 10 to go as there is an extensive clean up taking place in turn four.


Now the track makes the call that Felton caused the pile up and Felton goes to the back


So, Matt Smith inherits the lead and Fleton goes to the rear of the field. Behind Smith it's Schild, Whitlock, Carl Smith....


Smith gets away cleanly. Felton makes a few very strong moves and is back to fourth with 7 to go.


Matt Smith opens a few car lengths on Schild who has Whitlock in his mirror. Felton catches Whitlock with four to go. Smith takes the win going away as Schild holds of Whitlock for second. Felton winds up fourth after a very strong run.


Unofficial finish


1. Matt Smith, 75

2. Larry Schild III, 75

3. Ronnie Whitlock, 75

4. Thad Felton, 75

5. Carl Smith, 75

6. Ralph Burris, jr. 71

7. Johnny Walker, 66

8. Matt Mecum, 65

9. Michael, Crofford, 55

10. Jason Young, 55

11. Cody Smith, 49

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Dang Nick, who the devil did you make mad this time! ............... OR ................ did you just trip over the extension cord again? :P

Computers are really great, ain't they? Until they screw up that is...


We had a glitch in the software that Kevin Bendele fixed for us. Kevin is the man!



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Nick...thanks for the updates saturday night. By thunderhill on the 14th...we will have BIG numbers that are easy to read....but great job at houston.!!! We really liked racing at Houston as much as Thunderhill!! was kewl to have the fans come down to the track to see all the different series cars....People of all ages just had to sit in the karts and see whats it like...was lots of fun and we had lots of stickers and posters to hand out....was just as much a treat for us, as it was for the fans!!


mike steinman


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