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Sonny McDaniel or the Texas Racing Club?


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Posted for Marty Little:


Need a favor please. Kindly put a message on your local racing message board asking if anyone recalls 50s midget racer Sonny McDaniel or the Texas Racing Club. McDaniel was from Houston and the TRC was listed as his car owner in early 1957 when he won the second of 11 USAC midget races in a series of races in Florida called the Tangerine Tournament. His win came at Ft Pierce on 2-22-57.

Races were run at Orlando, Pensacola (not Five Flags) Jax, Hialeah, Orlando, Tampa (Plant Field) and West Palm in addition to Ft Pierce in a 30 day period from 17 Feb to 17 March. Indy's Andy Linden was the big winner, taking all three Orlando races and the sole event on the dirt at Tampa.

Thanks as always for your help.



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Nick: Having spent my first 21 years as a Houstonian, I attended quite a few races at Playland Park, the 1/4 mile clay track on Southmain Street in Houston.


Sonny McDaniel drove in both the Midget and Stock Car class in a 1940 Ford Coupe. Both cars were sponsored (or owned) by a large company in Houston. I can't remember the company name, but the cars were always painted a beautiful metallic blue and were usually the class of the field.


Sonny McDaniel was a crowd favorite and raced against legendary names like Jud Larsen, Cecil Green, Doc Cossey, Buddy Rackley and Speedy Mathaney just to name a few of the drivers I recall.



Neil Upchurch

Race & Administrative Director

Texas Pro Sedans

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The last I remember of Sonny was at Big H and he was running the old #91 midget....had a bolt on cage...Almost positive it was old edmonds car with offy..but could have been a chevy two at the end...I was soo young in those days it's hard to remember ;)

I heard that Sonny still has that 110 Offy.

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