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    dang...I came on here to respond to the dude with the 13 second mustang....I cant believe Nick would nix his post....
  2. RIP M J Burton

    Long time racer M J Burton passed last night.....
  3. Freddy Fryar by far. Been in nascar garage several times and Kyle Petty was easiest to talk to. only time he wasn't bs ing with fans was when he was in his race car
  4. Gator has you guys listed on april 16 and july 16....October date is correct
  5. To Be the Best, you have to Beat the Best!

    How many times can the same dirt racer collect the bonus in each class????? The way I read it, every week.....cool
  6. To Be the Best, you have to Beat the Best!

    since I've been dirt racing for the last two years...that makes me eligble...correct.....Denny
  7. best scales

    Don't buy anything but Longacre...Anything else will be a waste of money...I have owned and used them all
  8. Pro Trucks

    Who is going to come take the money. I heard GDR21!
  9. July 4th at Gator Motorplex

    This Saturday
  10. 360Motorsports would like to invite you to the first PTRS race. October 6,2012 GatorMotorplex 1)$1000.00 to win 2)$750.00 3)$500.00 4)$400.00 5)$300.00 6-24)$200.00 Call 281-999-RACE for more details No Shock Claim rule
  11. July 4th at Gator Motorplex

    Rescheduled for August 18, 2012
  12. This Saturday!!! GatorMotorPlex.net No entry fees!
  13. Limited Modified Purse has been increased! See second post by Trotter1T.