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THR rained out - championships decided


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THR was rained out today, 09/20/03. As as result, the 2003 track champions were decided last week:


Late models - James Reeder #04


Street Stock - Cary Stapp #99


Hobby Stock - Tim Leonard #19


Congrats to everyone and thanks to everyone that helped us out this year. It was a great season!


BTW, I guess this is not official since I'm not a track official, but I think Kathy will back me up. :D



Crew Chief

#99 Street Stock

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Thanks Nick.


To add to the last post, congrats are also in order for the other guys that were in the running for this championship. If we would have raced tonight, any one of those 4 guys could have taken it - Doug Ayers, Bobby Teer, Marc Currey, and Bobby LaFont. I know none of those guys wanted to see the season end with a rainout, but they congradulated us anyway.


Now let's go out and have some fun at the Spectacular next week!



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Congrats to the 99 crew & family for a well deserved season. Yeah it is finally over!


C-ya next week


#99 & #05 I hear footsteps----lol

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Guest stick2it

what about the pure stocks

why did they end the season in the street stocks like that if i was 2-5 place in ss i would really be P O ED any of them could have won

no wonder they r having probs with the car count they always make the racers mad

sorry to the 02 2 3 05

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ok i did not know we were talkimg about the points thing while working on the truck and we said it would be interresting to see if they tried to do the race next weekend well congrad to ya is in order . and yes we are going to be there with the truck and doing our best to win this weekend.

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why did they end the season in the street stocks like that




I don't know what the track's reasoning was for certain, but some of the obvious considerations may have been:


- The races next week were never advertised as points races are are not formatted like the rest of the points races have been.

- Extending the season next week would have ONLY extended it for the Street Stock class since the THR late models and Hobby Stocks won't be there - that wouldn't be fair to the drivers in those classes that were hoping for a better points position.

- Extending the season beyond next weekend would be difficult due to Oktoberfast, High School Football, and the Space City 125.

- The end of the season has been scheduled as Sept. 20th all season long, and all of the points runners have known that.

- Even if the points battle were extended another week, the top 5 would still most likely remain within 50 points of one another, so why not just end it as scheduled anyway?


Like I said, I have no idea if any of these things were acutally considered, but I'd have to bet they were.


I'm not sure about the purse stocks. JR Meredith was in the lead when the class was cancelled.



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Stick2It, and everyone who is upset:

Nobody wants to end the season like this, including Brian and the rest of the THR folks.

But, look at the schedule. Next week (Sep. 27) is the Spectacular, with a split race for the Street Stocks. The following week Oct. 4) is the Space City 125 as well as the first of two OktoberFast weekends. The following week (Oct. 11) is the big OktoberFast weekend, with October 18 as a rain date.

The soonest THR could think about making up the race is October 18, and that's assuming OktoberFast doesn't get rained out. By that time, we're deep into football season and the rainy season. What are the odds we can get the race in before Thanksgiving?

It's a bummer, because any of five drivers could have won the title, and they would all have been deserving of it. But you have to stop sometime.

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You're right. The only one who's really "happy" is Cary Stapp (and I'd think he kind of has mixed emotions about it). But if you put it to a "vote," the five (or 20) guys behind him will always want to race again. As I said, it's a bummer, and any of the top five would be deserving champions, as they've all fought through problems this season.

When five drivers end a season with a 30-point spread (and only ten points between first place and a tie for second), you have to give every driver, and his team, a heckuva lot of respect. It'll be hard to top that season next year.

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Ok, how about making next week's SS race #1 be the race to settle

the championship ? It is a time trial race so odds are all of these guys

are going to be @ the front of the pack so what better to decide the

champion ?? Then in the second SS feature, that will be your race to

have fun in.

I remember in 2000 when Bobby and Larry Stein went down to the last lap of the season to decide the title (which ended up tied)

for that class. Five cars with a chance to win a track championship

would really make for some good storylines .... regardless, I'm very happy for Team Stapp, Iremember when these guys first came on the scene. Cary, Ed and Chase, you guys deserve to win this thing,

you've come a long way in real impressive fashion !!!

Enjoy it guys !!



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I think a good idea for THR to do next year is to possibly start a week earlier so that they have an extra week to work with in case of rain outs towards the end of the year its pretty difficult to guess on the weather at this time of year in Texas and it wouldnt be a bad idea to have an extra date in there just in case. I dont think it would hurt and I am sure it would get the drivers approval.

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Let's see we got rained out I believe three times this year. So, should we have three more points races to decide who the champion is.


This was our last scheduled points race of the year and everyone knew it since the first race of the year.


Come on guys.


It's not Brian's fault that it rain on any of those dates.


Mother Nature just did not cooperate with Brian's schedule this year.




And we have started earlier in the year in the past and it HAS RAINED ON US.



Each of those five guys deserve a big hand, because they all ran so great this year. That's why the points were so very close.

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Congratulations to Cary and his crew--they worked hard all year and put themselves in the position they needed to be in, at the right time. They're a hard-working bunch of guys and gals...


Also, congrats to the other 4 contenders, it's a shame things turned out as they did...but, as Kathy pointed out, you can't control Mother Nature..they deserve kudos for their hard work and efforts all season long... B)


It's too bad, too, that the Stock Car Spectacular schedule won't allow this: a 25-lap shootout just between the 5 drivers in contention for the points championship...I'm not saying that you run the race with the championship on the line; maybe it's an exhibition race....think of the publicity and the crowd you'd get for that! That's the "entertainment" side of me coming out I guess.. :D


Also, let's not forget to congratulate ALL the THR class champions!

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