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Trey Mitchell Wins First Race at SAS


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you deserve it Trey. i am disappointed that iwasn't there to see it. you have many more to come bro..........MAN i can't stress how bummed i am that i missed that.

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The youngster did an excellent job, was in the right place at the right time, and capitalized on the misfortunes of several other lead cars.


"In order to finish first, you must first finish."


His win made it three first time winners in the USRA classes in the last three races.

H E Naumann--THR, USRA Mods

Matt Merrell®---THR, USRA SLM

Trey Mitchell®---SAS, USRA Mods


And the third rookie to win a USRA race this year.

Jody Buzbee---SAS, USRA Trucks


Anyone noticed the tie between the four, or am I just reaching at 4:00am? :blink:

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