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  1. A friend of mine needs a gooseneck trailer moved from South Austin to Hudson Bend Rd. He is willing to pay. You can contact him directly, his name is Jake- 513-569-4293. Call or text. Thanks for your help.
  2. 2017 Schedule

    Are there any other test and tune days available?
  3. 2014 TALMS Rookie Of The Year Criteria

    What is considered a higher asphalt class?

    the best way to honor our vets is to end these needless, senseless wars around the world!!! Semper Fi!!!
  5. CTS Rules

    Chase, With 750 to win I have to disagree. when the trucks(all 10 or so) that showed up to race(at Thr) were hardly ever Houston based trucks. Its the 10-12 Austin area based trucks that make hmps truck count great, And if you want to race a truck Hmp is the place(for now)I remember racing hmp w/ only 10 trucks or so and look now,but If Cts, Sas get on the same rules then why travel so far to race when the pay is the same, but travel expense is down and it would be about 12 races PERFECT amount for a season at 2 different tracks.Hmp or Cts have done no great justice to the truck series as far as the rules are concerned. It is no longer a drivers talent series, but a who can buy the latest greatest rebuilt crate or suspension, 125$ shocks, hundreds in lead, aftermarket chassis,now no ride height rule because no one could comply. Next thing you know the last place truck will get a trophy just as big as the winners.JMO
  6. CTS Rules

    It looks like the 305 may make a comeback at CTS. I like that!!
  7. HMP Truck rule clarification

    Doesn't matter, the trucks are so far from what they used to be, its a shame. If your worried about spring settle or whatever compensate, don't change the rules for a couple of individuals who cant measure or compensate. Might as well run an open motor for those that cant get right valve spring pressure or 1.5 rockers etc. This is the wrong way to correct a situation in the rules that people cant follow.
  8. HMP 2013 Speedway Rules

    Who's idea was it to make the trucks so heavy? And when are the 305's gonna get an upgrade like the 305 vortec heads? Or maybe a weight brake. Who is lobbying for the rules anyway?
  9. ...I am rooting for SAS and HMP to continue to give us awesome racing just like Mary Ann and H did. Thanks for your time and hard work.
  10. Need Phone #

    never mind just saw the add. DUH??
  11. Need Phone #

    anybody know how to get a hold of Mark? thanks
  12. SAS racers SO FAR

    you can add the #12 truck to the mix.
  13. Looking for a radiator shop

    that does aluminum radiator repairs and rebuilds. Any ideas or references would be appreciated. Thanks Rusty
  14. Austin Performance

    What are you looking for? there is a place on gillis rd called autotek they have recently opened back up the old B&B motorsports shop. you can give them a call.
  15. Alternator Pulley Size

    Crew chiefs always so technical......Its about this big ( ) scale: 1.23mm=1.55" Hope this helps.