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  1. Exhaust

    Ram horns, lt-1 located in corpus 361 813 1757 Make me an offer i need them gone
  2. 10" beadlock wheels various off-sets some older and 2 brand new aero's all or none located in corpus 361 813 1757 Make me an offer i need them gone
  3. 10" 5x4-3/4" Beadlocks

    100.00 dollars and a 12-pack ?
  4. 10" beadlock wheels various off-sets some older and 2 brand new aero's all or none 125.00 located in corpus 361 813 1757
  5. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    well Broc's probably a little upset cause he was told he couldn't attend the SOUTH TEXAS SHOOTOUT, I mean this post is timed perfect with him becoming aware I'm told. anyway the sport mods were teched very well this past weekend Friday night top 2 from every heat hit the TECH pad and had weight and carbs checked second round rear deck height's and weight top 8 in passing point from Friday (qualifiers) had the following checked: compression remove carb spacer scope the intake runners remove headers scope the exhaust ports heads/ valves checked for angle milling re-check carbs 1 DQ FRIDAY FROM QUALIFIERS I was in top 8 I know this to be accurate, we did not finish top 5 Saturday but when I went to get paid 3:30 am heads and one piston removed from each top 5 finisher on the table in the Turn 5 Bar STS did an awesome job all weekend, from driver intros to race procedures to tech was a very well run/managed show thanks again for making it happen! some people just love sour grapes, been there! on edit: not saying there isn't cheating happening, just that the post seemed directed at a track/show and it was in fact heavily teched
  6. Perry fanily

    Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers, the last few days have definitely been a blur!
  7. kids helmets

    I think they ended up giving away 67 helmets like in the picture attached, some different colors but you get the idea, the whole goal was to get these to/on kids who would actually use / needed them. we often see kiddo's running around on ATV's or Scooters without the protection. I tried to ride thru the pits and get every kid I saw over to the giveaway. Hopefully everyone who needed one was able to receive one ! Big Thanks again to all involved with CBRAC / Scott Barglof and Steve Whiteaker jr. and South Texas Speedway for making it happen.
  8. kids helmets

    Hello, Scott. CBRAC’s Injury Prevention Committee (IPC) would like to come to the race on July 13th and give away ATV helmets to the children in the Pit Area and in the stands as quantities allow. We have between 50-60 helmets to give in various sizes. Karen Beard, Chair of the IPC, and I will be sizing the kids to ensure they are wearing the right size helmet. We would like to set up on the tech pad and start giving away the helmets before the races start, from approximately 6:30-7:30. Once all of the children in the Pit Area have received helmets, we will make our way to the concession area and give away any helmets we have left. I am guessing we will be giving the majority of the helmets to kids in the pits, so I am not sure how best to advertise (if at all) about helmets being available to the general ticket holders. I have attached some info about CBRAC, our logo, and a picture of the ATV helmets we will be handing out. Please let me know what we need to do to in preparation. Thank you for your assistance with this! Christina Perry, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, CCCC Treasurer, CBRAC Mission Statement The Mission of the Coastal Bend Regional Advisory Council Trauma Service Area U is to reduce death/disability related to trauma, acute illness, injury and disaster through implementation of appropriate education and well-planned and coordinated disaster and emergency response systems. CBRAC-U is a non-profit 501(c)3 Trauma Service Area U (CBRAC-U) includes the following counties Aransas, Bee, Brooks, Duval, Kenedy, Kleberg, Live Oak, Jim Wells, McMullen, Nueces, Refugio, and San Patricio. This represents 12,424 square miles and over 597,800 people. TSA-U has a level II Trauma Center, a level III Children’s Hospital and seven level IV facilities as well as Primary Certified Stroke Centers and Accredited Chest Pain with PCI and Resuscitation Centers.
  9. I just came here because I saw on Facebook there was an interesting discussion happening, carry-on guys, I still say this is by far the most informative ave. for central and south Texas racing!
  10. Eldora

    There are plenty of quality dirt tracks capable of holding large crowds across the country , Nascar needs to start using them!! but yes great race !
  11. Sport Mod vs EMod

    STS is the only track CURRENTLY running an E-MOD class in central/ south texas, so depending on where you want to race that needs to be taken into consideration. but as John said basically its a spec shock ,auto transmission, (spec tire) and certain engine rules with a rev limiter . a lot of older chassis's end up as E-MODS but can be converted back very easily. good luck
  12. Weather

  13. Weather

    heard everything is looking good for saturday
  14. 2018 Street Stock Rules

    can either one of you point out what BIG changes were made by STS ? I haven't looked at every single line of the rules but from a quick look: STS: min weight 3050 @ 53% ,1 bead lock RR only, no racing transmissions I-37 : min weight 3100 @ 53.5 % , crate @ 3050 ,add 50 lbs for open motor so 3150 total? , bead locks allowed front/rear on right, bert,brinn,falcon racing transmissions allowed or mini clutches allowed. Texana: min weight 3150 @ 53%,1 bead lock RR ,only no racing transmissions I'm just trying to understand what you guys are talking about or seeing and yes we do have a street stock