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  1. Modified for sale

    Quality ride here.
  2. Very well said. I've watched all three series for as long as i can remember and have been a cup fan since the 80's. They took away the flag and then allowed kneeling during the anthem. I will not watch any sport that allows kneeling, therefore, I am done with Nascar. Dirt track racing for me.
  3. Looking for coilovers

    Just saw this. Give me a call 361-815-7321
  4. Looking for coilovers

    I have coilovers off our dirt latemodel. Afco coilover shocks $100 each , springs $40 each and packer (helper) springs $15 each.
  5. Still have one beadlock and five non bead wheels
  6. Bilstein gas shocks rears 20/40 and 20/20 fronts 30/50 and 40/40 $50 for the set Darin 361-815-7321
  7. QA-1 Stock mount non rebuildable shocks These have about four races on them and one of the rears has a dent that doesn’t effect the shock. You can’t buy these new anymore because QA-1 discontinued the line. $250 for the set Darin 361-815-7321
  8. Pipe bender with dies from 1” to 2” Sells new for $120, plus tax. I will sell for $50. Darin 361-815-7321
  9. Beadlock 5” backspace $150 Beadlock 7” backspace $150 6 each non beadlock 5” backspace $75 each Darin 361-815-7321 If I don’t answer leave a message. can deliver to STS this weekend