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  1. New G 60's

    Where you located?
  2. New G 60's

    AR or Hoosier?
  3. Exactly. The open motor can run the aluminum intake just like the crate. Put them all on a chip. We’re only turning 5400 RPM per our tach recall so the chip makes no difference in our car. We already had a 6300 chip to protect the motor. If you look at pics of her car you can see the box in front of the steering wheel.
  4. Season Opener 4/14/2018

    Cars ready to go!!!!!!
  5. 2018 Racer Incentive Program

    Wish we could make every race. We will however make as many as we can.
  6. It's refreshing to see a positive social media post

    If you don't know Cody Smith he's friendly to everyone he meets. He's a great ambassador for our sport.
  7. And all of this is over a woman, not even related to racing.
  8. Awesome news. Hope we have our new car together in time.
  9. 2018 Season

    Sneak peek of my daughters pure stock. Still a lot to do but paint and body is complete.

    That's a sweet deal. If I had the cash we would upgrade.
  11. 2009 Chevy 3500

    Mine did the same thing. It sensed something wrong with the trailer. I cleared it with my programmer and haven't had the code since.
  12. The girl in the middle is ugly!
  13. Hows the weather looking for tonight, June 3rd?

    Yes they are racing
  14. Tech

    Thanks for having us pull the rearend covers in sport mod last week. Found we had a broken ring gear. Tech helps in more ways than you think.