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  1. Modified for sale

    Quality ride here.
  2. Very well said. I've watched all three series for as long as i can remember and have been a cup fan since the 80's. They took away the flag and then allowed kneeling during the anthem. I will not watch any sport that allows kneeling, therefore, I am done with Nascar. Dirt track racing for me.
  3. Looking for coilovers

    Just saw this. Give me a call 361-815-7321
  4. Looking for coilovers

    I have coilovers off our dirt latemodel. Afco coilover shocks $100 each , springs $40 each and packer (helper) springs $15 each.
  5. Still have one beadlock and five non bead wheels
  6. Beadlock 5” backspace $150 Beadlock 7” backspace $150 6 each non beadlock 5” backspace $75 each Darin 361-815-7321 If I don’t answer leave a message. can deliver to STS this weekend
  7. Daniel Suarez

    Good to see Matt DiBenedetto get a quality ride.

    Awesome!!! Thanks CBS And sponsors.
  9. --- Racer & Fan Feedback ---

    We're just hoping the track is ran dryer than last year. Hammer down one lane around the top is not worth the drive. see ya Saturday.
  10. That was a fun track to chase. The track started out slimy and looked to stay heavy the remainder of the night but turned out very dry slick for the A mains.
  11. General Rules Question

    Maybe instead of crying about the purestock out running you in street stock you should do your homework so your not so slow. Don't know how, give me a call I'm sure you have my number. As Nathan pointed out two different drivers even though its the same car. Car count has been low for the street stocks this season and we would like to get a car to help out. If pures are off in the future we will run the car again.
  12. the emod crash

    I've got a bare chassis that's never been ran since new if your interested. Can make you a good deal.
  13. Exactly. The open motor can run the aluminum intake just like the crate. Put them all on a chip. We’re only turning 5400 RPM per our tach recall so the chip makes no difference in our car. We already had a 6300 chip to protect the motor. If you look at pics of her car you can see the box in front of the steering wheel.