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    do you still have the scale platforms available?
  2. Ford and Hailie Deegan

    As for her abilities, she was competitive in K&N West but when she went up against the East cars she was an also ran. Obviously, she has skills and backing but I think a little overhyped.
  3. 4 Wide

    I'm not convinced. Restarts were exciting but we had approx. 15 yellow flags. Without the yellows, I think it might have stretched itself out into the typical "log laps" line. As for the package, if you want to proclaim the best drivers in the world, it should be harder to drive these cars. 550hp in a car built for 900hp is boring.
  4. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    FWIW from a fan, promoters need to know how to promote. I believe with the size of Houston and the ease of access to HMP, the stands should be full. There are tons of free avenues of publicity. Some require some legwork and shaking hands instead of sending emails and facebooking. Tracks should arrange/coordinate with drivers for car shows before events early in the season. I know it is difficult to coordinate once the season is going but many drivers have backup cars that can be used for shows. For showing cars, give away some pit passes. Kids are key, if you can get the kids, the parents will come. Second, today's society is about minimal time dedication, short attention spans. SAS, longhorn and others existed with around 4 classes. If people want to race, set the classes, ENFORCE the rules and they will come. Yes, it sucks for some who's class might be eliminated. However, the current fan is there to watch one or two classes, not 10 classes with 6 cars each. If you have 12-15 cars, you have good racing and you should run heat races. They are quick and they are exciting. FINISH THE SHOW BY 1030PM!!!! Again, it is not like it used to be, folks aren't going to stay to watch a race that doesn't start until midnight! If you want to make an impression, make sure they see the race! A question for everyone, is two races a month enough? Are there enough cars to support a weekly series? Tire rules and other specialty rules are tough to enforce but do they work? Would there be more racers if there were more races? Would it be easier to find sponsorship if there were more races for both the drivers and the track? Opinions?
  5. T-STARS 2019 Race Dates at Houston Motorsports Park

    What classes are going to run? Turbotoddie
  6. Liberty Bell race thoughts

    First, great show last night and I was so happy to see racing in Houston again! Thanks to Raymond and all that made it happen! Checkered flag: Pro mods-awesome car count, great racing. Trucks were a great show also. Pro lates had a good show, more in the middle of the field, cars looked exceptional! Ecos were entertaining for everyone as well. Black flag: Too many classes, watched many people leave after the Mods (mostly those with children-10pm-ish), difficult to sit there that long. Expected a large field of Super Stocks and was disappointed, hopefully all can agree on a ruleset to get more cars out. Finally, took too long to get lineups during cautions.(don't know if transponders were in use or what) to whoever ordered the weather, PERFECT job!!!! Please don't turn this into a bash This is just a view from the seats, wish I could be on track!
  7. Not to divert this too much but I think you need to get out a little more FSAEracer. Maybe in the city, a mechanic can make 100k but first he needs 80k worth of tools to do that. When you say a guy can make 40 and go to school is because at that age he has no debt, is using your tools and probably lives at home, life is great! He graduates from TSTC, goes to work at a dealership starting at the bottom, hops on the SnapOn truck, spends beyond his means because he thinks he is about to be a rich man and ends up with a toolbox with no tools in it, bills that come with life and the reality that instant gratification is not in the cards. I repair and maintain shop equipment and I haven't been to a shop yet that some young guy asks me what we pay and are we hiring. As well, a mechanic making 200k either works 80hrs a week or has figured out to really scam the system. Not looking to argue but I am 47 years old and have been in the business my whole life. FWIW, I live 3.5hrs from SAS and pray that it will open again because it was the best time I ever had! Todd
  8. Martinsville tv ratings

    Don't care much about the ratings, it is sad to see the stands as empty as they were especially with that being one of the best Martinsville races in a long time. It was awesome to watch Busch and Keslowski go at it hard and clean!
  9. I assume some will mothball their equipment but where are the CTS drivers going to race this season? Need somewhere to go watch.
  10. I don't disagree with you but it is not instant success by doing it this way either. Any business takes time to become successful and deep pockets are required to keep it afloat. Hopefully, a tenant can be find that has good business experience and doesn't expect an instant return on investment. I keep hoping!
  11. Closest open asphalt track?

    I would add lack of reinvestment in a facility. I understand track owners aren't getting rich but to compete with all the available entertainment around, upgrades have to be made. Also, tough to say but most rulesets have appearance standards but they are rarely enforced as every track wants as many cars as possible on track. Finally, a lack of business experience with regards how to attract and retain sonsorship. My .02 turbotoddie
  12. Closest open asphalt track?

    Not trying to start a fire but I was wondering where the next closest paved track is in the event Kyle doesn't open?
  13. When Greg Biffle was running trucks, I was a tire mounter for Goodyear and just sitting outside the building when he walked up, sat down and just started talking about anything and everything. Todd Farris
  14. Snowball/Snowflake?

    Anyone there? News? Updates? Who won?
  15. Contact info for Bill Krueger?

    Can anyone get me in contact with Bill? Thanks Todd Farris