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  1. The sun is shining...let’s go racing! Today is practice day. From 9am to 5pm it is $200/car. After 5pm it is $15/male and ladies get in free. Tomorrow the gates open at 10am with practices starting at noon.
  2. Only one more week until the June 8th Summer Fun Run at Houston Motorsports Park. The schedules for practicing and the races are attached. Spread the word. PRACTICE SCHEDULE SUMMER FUN RUN JUNE 8TH (2).pdf
  3. Attached is the poster for the June 8th race at Houston Motorsports Park. Spread the word.
  4. The weather forecast for Saturday isn't looking good. Unfortunately we have to to make a decision in advance for those who travel from out of town. Therefore we are cancelling this Saturday's race. The next race will be Saturday June 8th. See you then.
  5. Follow the link below for the purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP. http://tstarsracing.com/purse-payout.html
  6. This weekend’s practice and race schedule can be found on the website: http://tstarsracing.com/schedule-1.html
  7. Racers- if you are practicing at HMP tonight they are shutting down because of the rain. Please hold onto the pink tickets for rainout credit to practice for next race.
  8. Make sure to mark your calendars for the next HMP race on May 4th. It will be our Graduation Celebration Race. Spread the word.
  9. HMP Race Cancelled Due to Weather

    For tomorrow night only. It starts at 6:30. There won't be any live timing.
  10. The April 13th race at HMP has been cancelled due to weather. See you all on May 4th at the Graduation Celebration Race.
  11. No financial trouble. Sorry that you think we don't do a good job, but we are doing everything we can while we all work full time jobs. Keep in mind that the old promoter ran the track for a living. We are volunteers.
  12. Our pricing is based upon what all the other tracks in the area are charging.
  13. Posters were made for all the initial racers. After the first few races I couldn't get anyone to care to pick them up and take them around for us. We have contacted car clubs, we have contacted all kind of different groups who say they are interested and none ever follow through with working with us. We had all kinds of ideas that fizzled out because no one was interested. Please keep in mind that we are volunteers and have day jobs. We do not run the track for a living. If we did we certainly could do more, but as it is we can barely get things done from race to race. All of use spend hours everyday in our free time to just keep the series going.